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This is one of my rare public posts - just to let you aliens who read my journal know that you can't read most of this jnl because it is hidden from people who are not signed aboard. That means if you want to be in on the really interesting naughty bits, and if you want to make comments anywhere herein, you must: 1 - have your own jnl, 2 - list me as a friend, and 3 - wait for me to realise I am listed with you so I can add you to MY friend's list. That's when the fun begins. Now, on to a regular post....

I've see parts or all of some interesting movies lately. The Anime "Cowboy Bebop" is a fascinatingly done piece of art and fun. I need to wait til I can watch the whole thing in its entirety.

I saw "The Dream Catcher" which was another great movie, although the writer seemed to be from the 70's, and not really aware of how kids are right now. One tell-tale sign - the swear words and phrases were all antique and lame. But still a good "ponderous" movie. Fun travel stuff.

Haven't been taking notes, so I don't remember other movies at the moment. They were prolly the bad ones anyway. I remember there was one with a lot of violence...

Music - advice: never listen to Jet or the Charlatans UK together with the Dandy Warhols - they just don't mix, and the DWs come out way ahead. However, the first two go OK together, and sometimes I think I like Jet more, then sometimes I think I like the C-UK.

I've really been into TFF "The Hurting", esp. the song "Change", because that's how I feel right now.

There's some great songs destined for the pop charts, like Teagan and Sarah's (?) WALKING WITH THE GHOST, a totally 80's yet new-sounding thingy; and another great plush song called WE BECOME SILOUETTES(sp?) by who knows whom; and a song called MR.BRIGHTSIDE, which is a whiney energetic and ALMOST-boring yet cool song about jealousy.

That's all I can remember about mx right now.

I've noted a few new ads for/by musicians which I'll follow up. Plus, there is a guy in Dekalb who wants to get together after the semester is over. The problem, though, is he's not interested in ska, and he likes bands I haven't even heard of. So, I am asking your help - if you've heard any of these bands, please tell me what they're like?!?!?....

Oh - wait - I've actually heard of some - so the one's I haven't heard of are in caps. Except the strokes, which I've heard of, but need to be reminded about. Wait - haven't they played in Rkfd?!.......

wilco, the beatles, NADA SURF, weezer, the beach boys, OZMA, pedro the lion, PHANTOM PLANET, THE SHINS, THE STROKES, and many more.


Well, there's still that guy up in S. Beloit who asked me to get together w/ him in December, but I never got back to him. He has a studio and keyboards, etc. But although he loves Depeche Mode, he's a little elitist about non-danceable techno, and he hates ska. So. I dunno. Whatever.


oh - I prolly feel like drinking tonight so call me or email PLEASE

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