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eek - bleh!

arrogance for the masses

Posted on 2012.11.07 at 18:26
Many of you know of when GOP "leader," Eric Cantor, said their attack on Obama would be Obama's, "Waterloo," and it would ruin him. Or when Mitch McConnell said the whole goal of the GOP was to make Obama a one-term president - (ergo, everything else on their agenda or lack thereof was subservient to this). Then there was the guy who shouted, "YOU LIE!" during the Presidential STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, perhaps meaning to inoculate us to when they would be running the biggest liar of all, Mitt Romney, who, disgustingly, GOT ALMOST HALF THE FIRCKIN VOTE... Or, the infamous Grover Norquist said he wanted to shrink the government down so that it was small enough to drown in a bathtub. Then, there was abusing the Senate FILIBUSTER rule, I don't know, what about 90 times, 130 times? And all that legislation in the House concerning pointless issues, just to stall everything out. All of this is deliberate arrogance and racism and privilege and dutiful duty for their bankrolling overlords. The sad thing is, after Obama stupidly said he wants to WORK WITH ROMNEY TO FIX THE ECONOMY - HUHHHHHH!!!!!, THE GOP IS ALL TALKING ABOUT HOW AMERICANS WANT THEM TO DISMANTLE ENTITLEMENTS, ETC. They are austerity ZOMBIES! They keep on coming and never stop!......

Well, before the election, I read or heard one of the GOPpers saying that Democrat HOWARD DEAN, "Is already predicting a landslide for Obama," or some such thing... And it bothered me because, once again, they step over the issues and the facts and go right to BLAMING. THAT DAMN HOWARD DEAN AND OOOOO - HOW HE IS SOOOOO WRONG!!!!! ABOUT HIS FRICKIN CORNFLAKES IN THE MORNING AND HOW HE PARTS HIS HAIR AND HOW HE WANTS TO SOCIALISE THE MOON!!!!

It just gets so pathetic. Endlessly wearing us down with this negativity of theirs, shifting attention away from the people picking our pockets.

Well, funny thing was, that GOP genius CARL ROVE, always seen roving about at every Democratic Party Convention, the damn leech, was, himself, predicting a Romney landslide just before, or during, yesterday's election. Posturing? To dupe more idiots into voting against their own self-interest, for the same-old same-old GOP lies? Or just plain STUPIDITY OF ARROGANCE? He who lives by the lie dies by the lie. "YOU LIE!" When will the greed stop? When will the projections of their perversions upon us end? So - I have more to write but what I really want tonight is to sleep. That's what my melatonin and chocolate therapy is doing to me.

Oh - I also hate how Dems are now talking like this is a mandate, and so on. They are highly elated and talking about running Michelle Obama for president - cuz, yes, we really need 4-8 more years of a GRIDLOCKED GOVERNMENT DUE TO GOP HATE, BASED ON RACISM AND SEXISM. Yes, very smart. When will either of these partisans grow up and get work done the way it needs and CAN be done? I am personally tired of all the fighting - it is only making my neighbours into monsters and it is making me ill.


liveonearth at 2012-11-08 17:12 (UTC) (Lien)
Yeah, it is disgusting, I totally agree. Obama only said that about sitting down with Romney to try to win over the people that voted for him. He's trying to bridge the gap so that America can actually start functioning. I don't know if he can do it, but I'm proud of him for still trying, in spite of the abuse he has taken. The guy is a bright light in an otherwise dark time. At least we can be grateful of the outcome.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2012-11-08 18:00 (UTC) (Lien)
I have a gradually improved opinion of Obama, moreso than a few years ago. I do believe he is trying in many directions, despite many huge constraints most are not even aware of. He may have known ahead of time about the coming GOP intransigence, and that's one reason why he put health-care on the table, instead of failing on more urgent issues. In this way, he also gratified big pharma and so forth. In the same way, his ground-level campaign has been expert and tight.

His move to cooperate, though, has taken a LONG time to get through to public awareness, through all the blame and racism and ignorance. Note, however, finally, after this election, non-partisan Norman Ornstein comes out on NPR's, "Fresh Air," to say that the Republicans have been the problem(!)

It's just been an amazing game to watch, so far.

I do decry most of his national security and pro-bank moves, etc., but he's up against huge forces. However, I still maintain an alternate hypothesis that he is, partly, a willing puppet. But my personal sense is that he may need to be ad he's working his way away from that, and he is partly using legal moves, (& f/bb/i, & the Justice Department, to do so).
liveonearth at 2012-11-08 18:32 (UTC) (Lien)
That Obama is a puppet of the system and the Dems there is no doubt. I detect that his willingness is partial. He struggles against it, then gives in. He didn't want to sell out to insurance on the healthcare bill, but that was the only way congress would pass it. The fact that the people are harshly divided, and the parties are both corrupt, is not his doing. Obama's efforts to unify us have been persistent since the beginning.

I didn't hear that Fresh Aire. Maybe I can pull it up. I think both dominant parties are responsible. The Dems orchestrated the 2008 financial bailout. The Reps are usually the pro-bank/spend thru megabiz ones, but now we know they are both on the same side.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2012-11-08 18:38 (UTC) (Lien)
i agree
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