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* - galaxy


Posted on 2012.11.04 at 13:56

I talk about the quantum and the psychic "realms". These are not so much realms as variations on, or varied slants or polarisations of, our present "five" dimensions. Dimensions are not really alternate worlds or universes, as is commonly thought, they are different mathematical or experiential characteristics, or powers, or equations, of our own 4D universe - it's just that we can't see them well at all, as we are caught up in the finites and materials and dualities of our basic dimensions. Similarly, the reptile brain has problems seeing the wider universe available through the more relaxed and refined neocortex, with all its nuanced associations.

Even though this is backwards, look at the first dimension, a "point," and lift that to the power of itself - you get the second dimension, a "flat universe." Then raise the flat universe to the power of itself, and you get a 3D universe, "space". Space times space equals what? "Time", the fourth dimension. What do you get when you raise time to the power of itself? Spacetime, or every point of the universe all at once, without we, the local observers. In this dimension, and beyond, particles at opposite ends of the universe may (theoretically) be connected to each other, FASTER THAN LIGHT, through, "geometrical, non-Euclidian wormholes". Similarly, we may experience instantaneous, non-local, or quantum-information events or feelings, when we touch the dimension of space time, and other dimensions beyond. Recognise, that this is merely a way of analogising.

In fact, as I said, this is backwards. In fact, it errs when it begins with a single, absolutist, "point," in the first dimension, just as we err when we assume the whole unverse began in a single, "big bang," or that a single god created everything and, is now, somehow, far removed from us in material ways. Yes, these constructs are valid ways of seeing things, and can be regarded as truth, but there are alternate constructs, which may also be called truth, though they may paradoxically deeply contradict such, "single-point starting"point," constructs. I prefer thinking that we are surrounded by an infinity of starting points, all non-definite, but which may as well be thought to be a kind-of nebulous experience of, "the whole", be that nature, the universe, or god. It is up to us, the willful OBSERVERS, to decide how we interpret nature - as something material and finite, as something spiritual and infinite/superluminal, OR EVEN AS BOTH, AN NEITHER, ALL TOGETHER. We can choose to transcend the tragic offerings of the local moment. And this is why I call myself a, "Transcendental Existentialist." (Or an Existential Transcendentalist - I forget).

So, indeed, look at a subatomic particle, in all its quantum uncertainty. We cannot measure both its time and direction simultaneously*, because we are prejudiced from our more finite, temporal, physical, dualistical, or even, "fundamentalist," perspective and existence. Our difficulty stems from the way OUR NATURE IN THIS MEDICOSM, or our mind-bodies, process information, ultimately into polar or contesting opposites, tabulated through the eyes of an assumed SINGLE OBSERVER OR EXISTENCE. As I have sai before, we are more than single individuals, although the single life also has its positives.

The uncertainty, and the queer behaviour, of subatomic particles, strongly suggests that they are not only MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, but that they sit on the cusp of enternity/infinity - (as their brothers and sisters, the VIRTUAL PARTICLES, know only too well). But, seeing them as multidimensional, they are surrounded by all manner of various possibilities or choices or world-lines all at once, forever. Quantum noise/music of the mini-spheres. To scientists: a kind of statistical, "Brownian Motion," of sorts). So, you start of with points which experience ALL POSSIBLE DIMENSIONS, and then you get up to atoms, and then molecules, and then compounds and solutions - relationships, then viruses, and then bacteria, and so on up. Each step up the rungs of the ladder reduces multi-dimensionality, and uncertainty, and etc., more and more. Larger organisms, emerging from the microcosm into our MEDICOSM, operate according to very fundamental dimensionality. (This is clearly true of TEABAGGERS, {sic}). Some of us go through life in three dimensions, along the wire of time. And these people have powerful nightmares, I'm telling ya. Others do take the time and meditation to communicate with the deeper multidimensionality, (which String-Theorists see as being 12 or more, rather than infinite), and so observe, and communicate with, the deeper meanings or phenomena or spirits in nature - in THEIR nature. Rather than being calculators and controllers, they are quantum computers and water or light. We are spirits in the material world. Or not. But, contrary to what many of us think - or paradoxically - CONSCIOUSNESS is rife throughout everything, as a primary force in nature, through the physical energy/memory dynamics of every particle. (If this is so, which I am sure it is, then it does not seem so INSANE that perhaps there is such a thing as solar consciousness, which may be related to the perfect information of crop circles, etc.) It is rife in the bonds of proteins or the memory of water.

So, lets look at the "opposite" of the 1-2-3-4 reductionism described above, and step through the looking glass. Let's take your average fear/anger, fight/flight, atomistic, perhaps sociopathic, lizard-fundamentalist. He/she acts like a billiard ball - a single point of self-referencing narcissism. He/she bangs around with other billiard balls, talking in abstracts and nightmaric terrors, but basically acting according to materialistic rules of billiard balls or Social Darwinism, vying for power or control. Well. Let there be power. Let's raise him (or her one)... RAISE THEE TO THE POWER OF YOURSELF! An suddenly, he or she is in a second dimension! Then, he or she becomes some kind of Edgar Casey or James Clerk Maxwell or Carl Jung, inspired by the psychic or associational to move in progressive directions. Raise him or her to an even higher power - NOT A TEMPORAL POWER BUT A HIGHER DIMENSIONALITY - and now he/she is a very wise ant colony, ha ha... and so on. Eventually: a subatomic particle basking in the magic of divinity, haleluja! Ain't that what death is, yo? Yeppers, I say unto you.

And, CONVERSELY, one reason for the whole dualistic ABORTION DEBATE is because everybody is caught up in the whole, "single starting point," view, when in fact, (or alternately), consciousness, or life, is already rife everywhere. We need abstractions like, "the soul," to justify these definitive perspectives. Numbers, or MEASUREMENTS, are similarly abstractions which justify the finiteness of our assumed single existence. ("Existential Bias," is involved). These govern the uncertain chaos of our emotions. Similarly, the chaos of our emotions govern the detached calculations of our fundamentalist abstractions. This is because of the way we information-process, as is the way of every finite being, of existential bias. Ultimately, we reduce our abstractions into one ultimate "TRUTH" to justify our being, though it be detached from our actual physical being or emotions, to some paradoxical extent. Yet, it governs us. However, as said, there are more multi-dimensional ways that we can process our information, including dreams, imagination, associational processing, psychic, etc. But, to some extent, we are all ultimately beholden to selfish, finite abstractionism, some degree of superstition, some degree of strife, and paradoxical learning (sic), fear and anger. Perhaps it may console you, but emotions, like numerism, are common throughout the universe. Or not.

In highschool, I told a friend that one day, scientists would find that consciousness and memory exist throughout the body, instead of just inside the brain alone. The "mind" is a body holograph, with the brain being the central processing center. (James Roger Brown argues for a new, "holographic," (associational), world-view, as opposed to our very fractious, tedious, endless dualisms of thought. See below. See also EMO HUTTEN). Well, scientist have been finding that yes, this is so. There is a map of the body upon the brain. The gut has been called, "the second brain." A body-assumed morphic field perceives phantom limbs, until the brain adjusts it otherwise. The gut has been called, "the second brain." And what next - the liver, the heart, etc.? People say their personality changes when they receive an organ implant from ANOTHER BEING. And so forth. Well, look at worms or insects or look at THE OCTOPUS. The intelligence ot the great-eyed octopus, of small brain,is dispersed throughout its body. If you cut off one of its limbs, the limb will go off hunting on its own. Needless to say, people have looked to an octopus to predict sporting events - who can say if the octopus succeeded by chance or by better association with the multifarious ocean of psychic or quantum consciousness? Do you see how wondrous this is? BY natural law, the wonder never ends, if you depart with fundamentalisms, the control, and perceive the uncertainty and greater pictures. (To whatever degree this is possible). Normally, what we think of as our, "consciousness," is in fact a negation or control of MOST MULTIDIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS available to us. Thus we live in our egos, controlling our IDs. We live in our theories, controlling the masses. We live in our constructs, assumptions, superstitions, logics, repressions, fears, angers, etc. But there is a whole ocean of unconscious and subconscious and wavering psychic experience and empathy - all available to us. We, by nature, filter most of it all out, and call the product, "consciousness." One day, hopefully, we shall see how arrogant, yet somewhat necessary, this has been.

The ancient Greeks said of the MIND that it resides in a chariot, pulled by two horses. One horse is the White Horse of Reason. I reckon this horse naturally veers to the LEFT. The other horse is the Black Horse of Passion. This horse likely veers to the right. We must manage these two horses together, or else we go off the road, of time. We govern the horses, the horses govern us. Each horse governs the other.

Well, I see it the same for the nervous system. The brain is the driver. The cenral nervous system is the horse of reason, like a computer, with its abstract numbers. The autonomic system is the horse of passion - with its fight or flight, or fall asleep, chaos. Both are represented in the modulating brain.

There is a logic I once named the, "baseline logarithm," based on my understanding of stress and the body. I later posted about the, "cycles of health," which are built on a hierarchy of loops according to the same logic. Look at my recent post about, "DESTROY/REPAIR! EXPLOIT!..." This contains the same logic. The logic is a bifurcation, where one arm continues to bifurcate further, so on down the line - like subatomic particles in their endless work to preserve their existence. Bifurcating world-lines, made real and connected to each other because one route in the infinite branchings assumes a bias towards one TIME. Get it? Well, this is not to say the other branches don't go off into other important places - it's just that we filter them out of our awareness and/or perception. Well, so it is with the two horses of the mind. One horse, the Autonomic Nervous System, bifurcates further into another two horses, with itself now as the chariot driver...

The autonomic nervous system is composed of the fight-or-flight SYMPATHETIC nervous system, and the relaxative (palliative) PARASYMPATHETIC nervous system. It is mainly the Sympathetic system which becomes THE POWERFUL FORCE WHICH OFTEN MAY OVERTAKE OUR CNS/MIND, AND MAKE US DO VIOLENT OR CRUEL OR PARADOXICAL THINGS. These things are often controlled by the higher mind, but sometimes they cannot be, and the only hope we have left is to switch over to the Parasympathetic system, as during SHOCK, or through a more refined history of having learned through body-learning via habit or meditation or assumptions, to overcome our crazy fear-driven stress and fundamentalistic blame, etc., and simply relax or go back to sleep. How is this done? I can't go into body-learning, cuz it is too vast a territory for me to master yet. But the parasympathetic system can calm us back down, or - in times where the Sympathetic system completely shorts-out the whole autonomic system, ad we end up crapping or pissing in our pants because of great fear. Or, like cockroaches, we have BDSM sex, the more we are stressed towards extinction. Or, in Narcolepsy, we fall asleep at the wrong time, etc. The Para(sympathetic) System can be thought of as our emergency, "parachute." It shouldn't have to be there, but unfortunately, it MUST be, when our AUTO(nomic) system commandeers everything into stressful, toxic overdrive.

The, "Auto-Sympathetic System" releases ADRENALIN and CORTISOL, and neurotransmitters like EPINEPHRINE, (adrenalin) and NOR-EP. Serotonin from the gut and the brain may slow it down. The "Para System," I believe, starts kicking in when endorphins are released in select areas of the brain, sometimes in the Pineal Gland, or in some dopamine centers. But I feel that the release of melatonin in the brain, (pineal), prompts sleep via the Para System, partly. If you are highly stressed, like people with CFS, reaching your para parachute is often impossible. Melatonin is preceded and initiated by a day-long rise in SEROTONIN. I have recently found that melatonin supplements not only can help me sleep at night, it can also mediate problems which seem to be due to low Acetylcholine, which present as migraines, or pockets in the brain which spiral out of control, and create anxiety spirals as soon as I awaken. These problems are exacerbated after caffeine, stress, thought, sex, sugar, etc. So, I have concluded that MELATONIN is necessary to Acetylcholine, (ACh), release early in the day, (which then leads to serotonin releases later). I have taken eggs, etc., in the morning, to build up ACh - but now I find that A SLIGHT AMOUNT OF MELATONIN SUPPLEMENT, (whether the night before or in the morning), can help mitigate this awful problem, and possibly allow me to avoid having my Autonomic Nervous System taking over my body and "consciousness," (as it similarly does in PTSD, or in things like OCD [cerebellum] or phobias in the brain). It thus facilitates both CNS and Para mitigation of stress and illness, and allows me to think and feel more dynamically or such. I have long felt, strongly, that prescription of SSRIs for CFS, and many other illnesses, is just plain destructive, when it might be better to confront problems in melatonin and/or Acetylcholine. Even CONVENTIONAL, or true, depression, has more to do with immune-related inflamation than it does with serotonin dysregulation.

This all jibes with my thoughts of endorphins and CFS, and Alzheimers, etc.

Similar to endorphin events in the brain, a successful kick-in of the Para System is like an experience of reward. When based on a habitually and/or overcharged Auto-Sympathetic system, it can often result in rewards which are paradoxical or perverse or destructive. It can also save your life. But if you are highly stressed, and yet can never reach your Parachute, you only get more ill.

PS-1 - In my case, at least in the past, melatonin supplements proved to be "addictive" in the sense that when I stopped taking it, the problems were even worse than before I had started.

PS-2 - Melatonin is the light-influenced hormone and neurotransmitter. It best home is next to serotonin in the pineal gland, which is paved with tissue very similar to retinal tissue, and where quantum dynamics of internally-generated PHOTONS are in play, but less so, if the pineal gland has been calcified via SODIUM FLUORIDE in our water, or fluoride in SSRIs. The pineal gland is also called, "THE THIRD EYE," as well as,"THE SEAT OF THE SOUL."

PS-3 - Re: the baseline logarithm logic or branching. Think also of CYCLES. (Or particle and WAVES). See a circle. The circle wishes to recreate itself, yet remain connected to itself. Thus, it must SPIRAL - but it can only spin in one rotating direction and it can only proceed linearly towards one goal or place or direction. The direction it takes is like the biased branching into one world-line, of the baseline logarithm logic. Various other circles may emanate behind or before, but these are filtered out, and are given names of other entities, as particles are named separately to each other. That is necessary to existence within a finite locality and time. The direction chosen in order to fulfill one particular direction or branch, (which is in fact related to momentum or habit or history of PAST CIRCLES, and to all other branchings (world-lines) into spacetime, etc.), is something I call the, "existential bias." One must choose one existence in one place and according to one time, but one may also be, "INFLUENCED," by the infinity and eternity also abounding, but which is filtered out to a great degree.

PS-4 - Some discussion on Left and Right Fundamentally retarded people, on NPR's, "THIS AMERICAN LIFE"...

Here ends the discussion in this post. Ya. Some of the organisation of this post was inspired by today's WPR http://ttbook.org on CONSCIOUSNESS. http://thesociologycenter.com, which might be relevant, I don't know, but sounds good.


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