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HELP! - If anyone can discern a sudden problem of continuity in this post, please let me know where it lies!!! While writing this, my cursor jumped to a wrong area in the text and I never corrected it. So, there may be blocks of text clashing somewhere. THANK YOU! I need to rest now and then go out.

Listened to a repeat radio show on coconut oil a Alzheimers/Autism. Sparked many memories, as in, where'd I leave my shoes. Ketones via coconut oil are an alternate fuel for cells, as opposed to glucose (carbs). In Alzh, there is a problem metabolising glucose, and this seems to be related to immuno-related INFLAMATION. So, this author, and other crazies, has been alerting people to this connection between sugar metabolism dysfunction and Alzh, and only relatively recently has the scientific community come to imagine Alzh as a kind of, "Diabetes 3".

Well, CFS is a chronic immune system activation severely effecting the brain w/ neurotoxic cytokines and immunoglobulins, plus there is prostaglandin irregularities. The longer I have CFS, the more it acts like Alzheimers. Like exertion/stress-provoked Alzheimers.

Well, thinking back several years, I remember myself, speaking from little more than selfish PAIN and personal experiential science, that the neurons in my CFS brain were, "trying to burn glucose but they are out of oxygen." That, my friends, is a failure of AEROBIC metabolism, whereby the body then switches over to ANAEROBIC metabolism, in which case KETONES are utilised. Anyway, it needs to be figured out WHAT may be inciting the probable chronic immune reaction and inflamation in Alzh, which I imagine may be responsible for the twisted prions. Some pathogen, like fungus/yeast or spirochetes, may be it, while also starving the brain of oxygen, (which may PERHAPS also twist the prions). Or, it may be an immune attack on gluten/casein, or particles allowed in via gluten leaky gut, and then switching over to an auto-immune attack on similar protein receptors in the brain, probably involving 5ht and/or endorphin receptors. I strongly believe that there is neuronal ACh disregulation as well, (mostly being deficient in the brain, and thereby stalling gut motility or peristalsis, thinning the wall via acidosis).

Resveratol also very helpful in treating Alzheimers. Resv is an antifungal anti-oxidant. This suggests funags/yeat pathogen may be present in Alzh, as it may be in CFS. Garlic and other anti-fungals have helped me and others w/ CFS, but fungus isn't the whole picture. Fungus, or other, lodging in the body can deprive that area of oxygen and so promote other pathogens, inflamation, AND CANCER.

However, while any of the above may still be true, it may happen that the PRIMARY immune reaction could most often be against a heavy metal toxin such as mercury, (or some other toxin). So, I want to focus generally on this, now. People with CFS often have had mercury fillings. I don't know if (non-contageous) CFS outbreaks, as the famous one in Incline Village, were associated with an addition introduction of, e.g., mercury via some flu vaccine, or some secret release of nuclear test dust. Mercury is also high in some fish, and also around or down-wind from coal plants and operations, and also Oil refineries. (There appears to be a correlation between something like the most sleep-deprived states and proximity to such industrial uses). Back to vaccines: There are adjuvants in them which may permanently cause chronic immune system activation, which I will call, "CIA". CIA can go unnoticed until directed towards some common virus or allergen, as during Epstein Barr or CMV flu. It may even fixate on any number of coincidental proteins, external, OR BELONGING TO THE BODY'S CELLS. So, add mercury and CIA together, and anything is possible. Now, as far as the "bio-unavailable" mercury in vaccines harmlessly passing through the body like frickin neutrinos, I no longer give that argument full merit. This debate is an old one and can be goggled, but you probably won't find a satisfactory resolution that way, and I'm not about to get into it now. I just no longer believe the claim is correct. I gave it long, fair hearing.

Children with Autism often have a correlation of the amount of mercury in their hair, and the presence of mercury fillings in their mothers' mouths prior to their births. Add to this the various other "vectors" of mercury, PLUS the possibility that OTHER heavy metals may cause the same symptoms and processes, and that does make it very difficult to conclude mercury causes Autism. I do think it is highly possible that mercury or heavy metal or radiation contamination is a strong predisposer for Autism, and it may be more prevalent as well in those more genetically predisposed - or altered. The fact that Autism an Alzh both seem to have a similar need for KETONES as a replacement fuel, i.e., they are immune/glucose problems - and CFS/ME suggests this as well - and, by extension, so would FMS, GWS, MCS/EI, and possibly PPFS - then they all may be related to similar "causes" mentioned. CFS often follows such traumas as: TOXIC POISONING; FRACTURED SKULL; EXCESSIVE DRINKING (gluten+); SERIOUS VIRAL INFECTION/FLU, and/or EMOTIONAL DEVASTATION. (The latter involves the Ach/limbic fight/flight circuitry, related to the gut, and serotonin regulation. Stupidly, SSRIs are often prescribe for CFS "depression" when it is more a 5ht gating problem caused by Ach dysregulation).

(Serious flu may simply relate back to a flu shot containing a similar antigen, now fixation the CIA, and provoking CFS or other. Also, in CFS, there is a chronic overload of common viruses in a semi-dormant state).

Excluding other vectors like flu shots, coal plants, fish and viruses... Hypthesis, for testing: People with long-term mercury fillings are predisposed for Alzheimers. Children of people with mercury fillings, and/or having fillings themselves, are predisposed to mild Alzheimers, and/or AUTISM and/or CFS type illnesses. Many brain symptoms of thee illnesses are similar, as in VPC failure. All may be treated with ketone therapy or fasting. Flue shots may turn mild Alzheimers into Autism or CFS type illnesses, which can become more like true Alzheimers later in life. This hypothesis may be applied to other sources, or all sources combined, of mercury, or of heavy metals, or of radiation poisoning.

Thyroid problems in CFS, in my experience, are mainly related to the metabolic failures. However, hypothyroidism, as caused by radiation exposure, may also be a predisposing factor to CFS, to immune deregulation in the face of some successful infection, or to the other illnesses mentioned. This is my own assumption. Whether or not MS can be included in this discussion is not known, since there is a divergence in symptoms involving evidence of prion problems vs evidence of myelin sheath problems, as suggested in treatments addressing either of these. This divergence is a major difficulty for me in discerning with better certainty the kind of neuronal damage/processeses involved in CFS, and other. I can never be certain, personally, that I experience prion-related probs, of demylenation, or both. Probably one or the other. I am presently swayed towards seeing CFS as more like Alzh, but it is not impossible that MS may also be included.

Whatever your health: read more about coconut oil, ketone bodies, and fasting!!!

Bruce Fife, N.D. - http://www.thepowermall.com/thecenterforhealth/bio/fife.htm

Search http://thepowerhour.com/past_shows.htm for past show(s) on coconut oil.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5OweuLlgXU

Coconut Research Ctr - http://www.coconutresearchcenter.com/
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