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what's that sound $$$ ...

Posted on 2012.10.04 at 12:12

First, I heard a doctor saying that diabetes(2) could be cut down or prevented, (partly) by going to a glucose-free diet - ad this is not simply due to the inherent reduction of carbs, (which should be 100 grams/day for males, he suggests). So, that leads to the real possibility that perhaps gluten = /bad gut bacteria = diabetes = ALZHEIMERS, ("diabetes 3"). Also: turmeric/curcumen found to regenerate damage liver. Saw palmetto and nettle also may assist turmeric/curcumin in its effectiveness.

Also, aside: I hope dear readers are aware of the intrinsic lie when Romney says, "I'm not going to pay for things like [fill_in_the_blank], when we have to BORROW FROM CHINA TO PAY FOR IT." That sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Well, aside from the fact that our borrowing from China, (not a great thing), has been keeping their Yuan currency low, so they have been able to drive a manufacturing mass-export economy, (with low worker wages), THE PROBLEM IS NOT THAT SOCIAL PROGRAMMES HAVE BEEN INCREASING THE DEBT. What has been increasing the debt has been the BANK BAIL-OUT(s), absurdly high tax-cuts to the rich, Big Pharm's Medicare Part D, and the $2 trillion wars started by George Bush. The reason why Romney is focusing on destroying social programmes is so that his DONERS & CONTROLLERS can get away with subsidising their future bailouts by STEALING FROM US, as well as by PRIVATISING THESE PROGRAMMES for their own profit, and our future loss. AND - to COVER the debt, doled away to wealthy SPECIAL INTERESTS like banks and military contractors, INCLUDING EXORBITANT INTEREST ON THE DEBT, PAID TO CHINA AND THE FED, etc., Obama had no choice but to increase the money supply, which, institutionally, is accomplished via THE FED and fiat, debt-backed "printing." Unfortunatley, with a Cabinet stacked with BANKSTER FRIENDS OF GOLDMAN-SACHS, (in accordance with a 2008 campaign donation deal behind closed doors), and via the insistence of a held-hostage Congress, Obama decided to push that newly created money into too-big-to-fail banks, Europe, etc., to help Wall Street, instead of our REAL ECONOMY, (jobs). Thus all this new money, with very little real economic production associated with it, leads to INFLATION, which further taxes the middle class and poor! (see my tags, under "economy/ics", etc.). Creating money via loaning and charging interest to small scale, local, people and businesses is a healthy Keynesian way to create money. Creating free money given to banks and gamblers, who don't loan-out to the grassroots, but instead demand AUSTERITY, and strive to cover their gambling losses with the money, is an inflationary sink-hole, diverting money to the elite winners and CHEATERS. Elite gamblers are able to throw "good" free money after bad, into a derivatives black hole, because Fed INTEREST RATES are kept low, but WE can't borrow, for basic necessities, because OUR interest rates ARE TOO HIGH. MEANWHILE, INFLATION RAPIDLY INCREASES THE COST OF THOSE BASIC NECESSITIES. We are being robbed - fleeced - and Mitt Romney is the puppet, or front man, for this rape, whereas they intend Paul Ryan to then move in with his AUSTERITY AGENDA. You'd better wake up to the possibility of CONSPIRACIES, because these people, who are junkies, "know" exactly what they are doing. They have shorn themselves of social empathy in order to rationalise their deterministic selfishness. Across the map, the wealth of the world is being, 1 - destroyed, and, 2 - the remaining portion is plundered and covetted away by the already-rich. It's all fact.

The "nice" thing about inflation is that when money is less and less valuable, then those in debt, like the government, can wait and wait, and eventually they only need to pay a FRACTION of the value of the debt, even though the amount, NUMERICALLY, of the dollars stated to be owed remains the same throughout. Easy money and low interest rates, AND A CRIMINALLY MANIPULATED LIBOR RATE, AT THE TOP, means borrowing is easy - for the rich, whereas interest rates for the poor remain prohibitive, compared to the falling value of income, and the rising expenses. And, at the top, for the rich, lending is diverted into covering their debts, often by investing in doomed-to-fail derivatives or COUNTRIES. Countries fail their loans for the same reason that poor people do, they can't afford to pay along the terms.

Now, here's the KICKER: How is the USA government, VIA THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE, "printing" this easy funny money, which is a tax upon us all, and a boon for the rich? They are buy up doomed-to-fail derivatives! Billions upon billions of them. THESE DERIVATIVES, OWNED BY THE FED, ALONG WITH MANY $TRILLIONS MORE ELSEWHERE, (SOME ILLEGALLY BEING COVERED BY FDIC IN BANK ACCOUNTS!), ARE CERTAIN TO COLLAPSE. Once the Fed relents and raised the prime rate(s), bets on many derivatives will fail, and this will COLLAPSE our vast derivatives bubble, which is all CONCEPTUAL money owed to those who hold the derivatives, which is MORE MONEY THA THE COMBINED ECONOMIES OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. So, those derivatives owned by the Fed, and held elsewhere, will collapse - and then WHO ENDS UP PAYING FOR THE LOSSES, to the holders such as the Fed? WE DO! We pay vast taxes to cover the national debt which the Fed, AND CHINA, need to call in. We lose the cash in our checking accounts when illegal derivative accounts, (under $100,000 each, now), demand compensation, and there is a rush on the banks, an there is a panic on Wall Street, and commodities exchanges, for other securities, including gold. We also pay for the suddenly collapsing dollar, and other inflations. So far, the average Brazilian or Chinese person - POOR person - has been subsidizing our debt by lending $1000-$2000 EACH, to our government - to US. When they call that in, then the national debt becomes OUR OWN PERSONAL DEBT - EACH OF US WILL HAVE TO PAY IT! Now, what do you suppose a lot of comfy Americans are going to choose to do? Pay up? Or: start a global war? And what better way, for the elites, to get our minds of the economy, prior to this collapse occurring, so to BLAME it on some enemy, THAN TO START A GLOBAL WAR BEFORE THE COLLAPSE OCCURS? Actually, (at least they feel), they have no choice. If they do not start a war, they would all be hanged.

So... I was going to talk about something else, but I'll let this post stand alone for better use of my tags.

If you want a feel for how things are really out of control at the top, just look at the debate last night. Here we have two puppets locked into imitating each other and throwing back and forth BEAN-COUNTING facts, tit-for-tat, locked in a childish ZERO-SUM GAME, offering no larger answers, because these are off the table, (by the Dem/GOP debating rules and decisions), and BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Its a charade. A diversion. There is nothing I can learn from these debates, I am only supporting Obama because I know the bigger score, and he does appear to want to TRY. Romney is a flat-out barracuda. But I don't see things really being solved. I see things being tried. But I don't see things changing. By around 2018, things will be changing but not much before then. The depressed/recessed global economy is predicted to last beyond then, however. War could happen before then. I do see a major ENVIRONMENTAL catastrophe occurring within a few decades, before Earthlings finally WAKE UP. Something as big as Greenland's ice crashing into the sea. What we are seeing, my CEOs, is a failure of the petroleum-based economy, and the environmental consequences of that. Cheap oil drove our sudden rise into wealth in the last century, including in agriculture, and now that is disappearing fast. Only in China and Brazil, where hydro-electric and coal, (and hopefully SOLAR and WIND), are a greater factor in the economy, will there be cheap enough available energy to drive the capitalisation of wealth from labour. Even so, this won't solve things, and commodities, including gold, will skyrocket, especially after every-next environmental shock. The only people OUT THERE talking about the influence of energy on wealth and wealth-production and wealth-maintenance are Jeremy Rifkin and James Davison(sp?). Krugman has some sense related to these. Bob Chapman is dead. Most of the far-right "Constitutional" economists, like Peter Shift, only deride the national debt or deficit, and can make useful predictions, but they scoff at grass-roots-type Keynesianism, AND THEY ONLY GREASE THE PALMS OF THE ELITES BY CONCLUDING THAT SOCIAL AUSTERITY IS THE ONLY ANSWER. NO, a JUBILEE is the answer. Plus small-scale and green and infrastructure investment. And re-regulating banks and Wall Street. Controlling LIBOR manipulation and bank micro-trading. Nationalising the Fed. Printing money via the Treasury, NOT based on DEBT. Proactive, preventive, COMMONS-BASED social policies. Reforming NAFTA, etc. Rational global currency adjustment. Breakup-up of media, agra, pharma, military, SECURITY STATE monopolies. Taxing the rich, including PRIVATE EQUITY INCOME. Reform off-shore rules. Reform the filibuster rule in the Senate. Campaign finance reform. Constitutional amendments. Etc. How Brazil handled it's currency problem years back was amazing - interesting to goggle.

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