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LEEWAY - part 1

I've been "brewing wine" - making wine from juices. I add liquid trace minerals. I usually add most of this to my vinegar mix, and/or let it turn completely into vinegar and THEN add it to the mix. So tasty yum. I had a whole cuppa wine yesterday and it surprisingly drunkified me. (Because of health, whenever I eat anything with sugar in it, I need to include garlic/onion and also baking soda sold separately. Why the latter? The carbon in the BS attaches to the sugars, which is said to make it less easy for cancers, fungus, yeast, etc., to eat. Instead, it is consumed by your healthy cells. MY guess is that this also helps against insulin problems).

As long as I'm on the subject, here's 2 areas of study. 1 - Alzheimers is more & more seen as a "diabetes type THREE." I've always known there was a glucose prob in Alzh and CFS, associated with aerobic/anaerobic differential of metabolic processes, and learnt that anaerobic KETONES are good therapy for Alzh/CFS. So, this pretty much confirms my own thought, but as far as sugar metabolism being, "THE CAUSE," of these illnesses, this is somewhat simplistic. That leads to area of study #2 - Poor or dysfunctional gut bacteria seen as a cause of diabetes! (Goggle for the studies, but I'll prolly post about this some day in some longer post, w/ links). So, put 2 and 2 together: bad gut bacteria can = Alzheimers. Very true, except not necessarilly the "first cause." I do see GLUCOSE as being a primary suspect in destroying proper gut bacteria, and I have said that glucose is relevant to Alzheimers and CFS, ETC. Another suspect is the sudden rise of GMOs. Also mercury, (as in corn syrup), a many other toxins. So, wheat and corn are really dangerous things, and this may be the whole message behind crop circles WHO THE FUCK REALLY KNOWS. Don't act like you do. HOWEVER, even these may not be first causes. There really are no first causes, in real life. Science tends to take everything out of context, put a few things in rooms of fundamental logics, and then tries to reconstruct a billiard-ball universe out of these isolated, "truths." But, it's UP TO US TO SEE AND FEEL THE UNIVERSAL CONNECTIONS. That whole thing about science though - look at what farces try to ape it, like Scientology or Christian Science - or Astrology... But EVERYTHING HAS SOME TRUTH IN IT, including Well, back to gut bacteria... It is my sense that some pathogen(s) and/or toxins may lodge in certain areas of the brain, (or organs), and actually predispose areas of the gut towards being susceptible to warping by such things as glucose, bad bacteria, maybe even GMOs. So, really, in my mind, these illnesses are ultimately loops of positive feedback. In other words, they are artifical substitutes for natural body rythms, or CYCLES OF HEALTH, as occurs in parasitic or symbiotic infections and processes. Well, enough of this, have completely strayed off the theme of this post, and so maybe I'll pick that up later. The subject will be: LEEWAY. The main thought to retain is the image of me BREWING WINE.

Oh - I wanted to add. Turns out that another good thing to fight Alzheimers, in addition to turmeric/curcumin and also coffee, is resveratol found in red wine. Resveratol also fights yeast, an possible cancer. It is not merely an anti-oxidant, resveratol emerged IN ORDER TO FIGHT FUNGUS ON GRAPE/VINES. Since it only emerges in the plant as a REACTION to the fungal growth, then vines grown using PESTICIDES (most wines?) have far less resveratol in them. So, the best thing to do, when you drink dark wine or grape juices, is to drink ORGANIC!!

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