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tiny dog go bark bark

a dog in this fight?

Posted on 2012.10.01 at 17:49
Yay, manufacturing has gone up and Wall Street loves us again! Don't get me wrong, I am a big champion of manufacturing in the USA, prior to any revolutionary revamping of our economic model, but at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, MOST AMERICANS CAN'T AFFORD THE THINGS BEING MANUFACTURED HERE. That's because NAFTA CAPTA GAPPTA GAFF, and the bankster and QE and rating agencies and BRIIC countries, and the falling dollar, has been reserving for us MOST FAVOURED BANANA REPUBLIC STATUS. Watch as not only most good jobs go overseas, but as loans and land and UNSUSPECTING PROPERTY-OWNERS' MORTGAGES get gobbled up by China, and wealth goes overseas, and CORN AND WHEAT AND SOYBEANS AND OIL GO OVERSEAS. Just like in a banana republic! And Wall Street loves it! Hey, if you really want a job - I mean a good job with a secure future - just get yourself thrown into a prison, where you will work in competition with civilian workers, making money for your prison, making healthy veggies which people should have grown for themselves in the first place. One day, we will all be making bread for China, which is way too expensive for us, and if you are too hungry and you steal a loaf, you will get sent to Australia, which spies on its citizens something like 18 times more than America spies on its citizens! ha! btw - today, I was thinking about a scenario of leaving to Australia, via Canada - and then I read the news, "US & Canada to share more info on legal residents." Cuz we pack bananas and maybe someone could trip on our Emma Peels.

PS - I guess I'll be devoting time to contacting the state Atty General about one of my banks blocking access to my account. I already have another issue about the gas company way overestimating, and when they go in to correct, they don't correct the actual amount, but other things. That's easier for them and also probably makes them a little more money, but I'd have to spend a day doing the math and usually math does a number on me.

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