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a little about ETHICS

(And empathy. And entropy)...


Finally feeling betterish. Figuring out day. Heard New York Times "Dear Abby" type columnist on NPR Diane Ream Show. Found his social demeanour or approach pretty similar to mine, except he sounded gay. That suggested to me that I could be amongst like-minded people if I only got to hang with people in the NYC cultural upper crust, except the snobby bankster parasites, of course. Of course, I am barely well enough to keep from hanging myself, so. Anyway, I liked how he spoke about sleaze and corruption being common throughout the history of this country. But then he adde that indeed it has been getting worse since the Reagan era, and mainly Republican/TeaBaggers were to blame. Ha! He came right out and said that and got away with it fine. What else did I like? ...

Oh, here: He described being presented with the question of an office worker finding an email open on-screen of a work-mate dissing her, so she asked for advice from Mr. Ethics Guy. Should she pour coffee on the keyboard? A lot of problems do arise from physical/destructive retaliation from people over NON-Physical problems or insults, as I hath written. He suggested to go to the boss and propose ways of improving the workplace, not mentioning the issue, but taking care of it. That's how statesmanly Clintons or Obamas take care of things, ya know, when they aren't being goaded into invading countries. It's hard to come up with a creative choice like this when you are angry, but this is how I try to be, often successfully.

Similarly, a mother beats her child at the store. You want to reprimand her or possibly throw ammonia on her face but the best thing to do is realise that her big ego is overwhelmed by cruel life, and so you offer TO HELP HER. You don't help her beat the child, although this might actually solve the problem. You help her with her groceries, divert the kid's attention, or provide a month of free sex. That, too, is not an easy choice to make - but it reminded me of how I dealt with Nether Girl the other day: I realised her stress, and so I offered to help by giving her anti-roach spray, and asking her how she was. It worked. And now she is downstairs spraying anti-roach spray all over her boyfriend, (jk). And my long-term strategy of dealing with Nether Guy has been working, frm the time I gave him barbeque utensiles. He is nearly out of the picture, hopefully forever. And nary a tooth was lost. But it's been sheer hell for me.

In one case, Mr. Ethics Guy described how he learnt to change his view on one question, and was convinced by his readers to take another view: Is it OK to sneak your own food into a movie theatre? His readers insisted that it was. And I decided a long time ago that, yes, it is OK to sneek food in. Because it is OK to break unfair rules, even if the owner of the "private property" which you are on demands that you buy their EXPENSIVE candy! There is no right for such coercion by landlording privateers, and much of the struggle for our rights has been through opposing such rapage, once referred to as, "USURPATIONS." There should be no right for illegal search and seizure, invasion of privacy, ownership of email content, refusal to allow protests at malls, OUR INDECENT FRISKING AND IRRADIATION FROM TSA THUGS, who don't even have the same training AND LEGAL RESTRAINTS as police officers. There should be no right for Apple to control our iPods/phones, no right for sniffers and hackers to own our information, no right for parents to abuse children or animals on their property, no right for unlimitted government seizure or taxation of property to serve the expansive cravings of OUR PUBLICALLY-CHARTERED corporations, no government right for absolute control of the roads or the land, as when random searches are performed, and so forth. And OWNERSHIP of an animal does not grant one the right to torture, harm or kill that animal, just as slavery once permitted such against slaves. If I own a factory I do not have the right to pollute the commons. Fracking is a abomination. Monsanto is an abomination. We own TRANSCENDENT RIGHTS which are higher than ownership and higher than property - and should man's temporal laws, ethics or even morals fail us on these, WE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXERCISE THEM. Some feel the philosophical need that there be a God to prove or underwrite or authorise such transcendent rights, but I see no such need, other than in pedantic arguments with petty bureaucrats.

GOOD is good enough for me. I have the transcendent right to feel good, be good, and live a good life. And everyone needs the leeway to choose as much. For without choice, life is naught. Memory is lost and civilisations fall. We are all the cornerstone of a greater age, if we would only stand up and act it. Represent.

For how do we love, and how do we give, and how does humanity thrive, if we are not free?

The road to hell is paved by "privatisation." Which is something of a misnomer, cuz it's really more about welfare corporations and gangs parasiting off of the wealth created from the public commons and the sweat of our hearts. Until our OWN privacies, our own well-eth, become declared nothing but expensive PRIVILEGED got through the force of ownership, money or corporate, "free speech."

Even though they work on the property and products of some corporate lord, and even though they may be compelled by vast hunger and unemployment to work in this factory or plantation, the grit of a union to stand up for it's own HUMAN IDENTITY and rights, and so succeed, through struggle and compromise, to advance it's workers' conditions and wages - in so far as it steps up and hold itself as a cornerstone, it benefits all the commons. And all workers and families gain directly through an authorisation of the idea of higher living standards, and indirectly in the idea of human worth and inherent power - and CIVIL DIGNITY. Ethics tell economics to take a hike, and one day economics returns like a prodigal son, much the better, and much the fairer for it, and all stand to gain. Standing even in the closing jaws of hunger to defend one's rights, eventually: hunger is vanquished from the land, as it was in the last century. An, not only this, but capital and investment stand to gain from the advances in the wealth of LABOR. For labor comprises the physical strivings of the soul, and, as I have said, how should that fare unless kept free?

When you step forth for the justice in your heart, there is a Liberty Bell that rings all around you in society, beginning silently at first, and then perhaps at last issuing forth in great waves of triumph and relief - for that bell is the heart of human kindness - empathy. Know that we are all the same in our humanity, and that is our one saving grace. I felt the bell muffle a ring when Nether Girl, while talking to me on her porch, turned around to stop her dog from whining excitedly, but this time, she spoke a communication to him - she REASONED with him, and signalled compassion - just as she has been hearing me do with MY dog, though considering me crazy for many a month. She did the same thing while bringing in her dog from the bike yesterday, when the dog suddenly sat down. She said, "I didn't tell you to sit down." Something as simple and innocuous as that, I hear the bell of liberty in that. Of liberation. Of connection back to the commons and the good nature that enfolds and cradles it. I heard the bell of liberty when listening to a crass campaign snippet from Mitt Romney, blaming Obama for today's unemployment. It was all bluster and lie, and he was naming the numbers of unemployed here or there, (leaving out, btw, such cities as Janesville or Freeport), and he said, "These aren't just numbers - these are... these are REAL PEOPLE!" Now, that s complete hogwash political spin - another lie he didn't mean. But I can't believe he beat that blonde student down or strapped his dog to his car without a twinge of feeling. I heard some trepidation in his voice, when he said, "...real... real PEOPLE..." Echoing quietly through the hollow universe of his heart and that, to me, was the swing of the hammer in the bell of liberty. So, I hear that sound, and that silent touch of metal on metal, and then a little ring now and then - I hear the musterings of empathy throughout the land, and through the middle east, and I know that one day, this rancid, ugly world will turn, back to the favour of democracy - back to the dignity and the rights of man. I know the Republicans, and their Democratic puppetry, and the banksters, will all be subsumed and swallowed up by a din so wise and loving and yes, revolutionary, that there will be no resisting the light of justice breaking out of our common heart. I see only beginnings. I see potentials. I know what is possible. Tolerance. Association. Empathy and ethics.

But as far as us fighting back the gross consequences of our adolescent mys-civilisation, here on Earth, in the real world, I don't know if beginnings will be enough. Words do not transcend reality. Humans cannot extinguish the vicissitudes of the Sun. Nor the rage at our folly. But life is in beginning, isn't it? Hope springs eternal. That is our bias, upon which we rest these rights.

But, you know, since when is there NOT trepidation in "Multiple-Choice" Romney's voice? ha ha... SO, I feel is is not one worth an ounce of trust, btw. Like Walker was trusted, only to trounce unions and pensions and women and teachers and farmers and students...



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