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I am the person who will destroy China.

"ah, go make your own salt, ya parasites"

Slightly Cajun-styled fried rice w/ onions, mushrooms, cucumber and carrot. Oil used: grape-seed/coconut. Spices: Cumin, onion, Cajun pepper, salt. This was to be for tomorrow, for "tacos," but I couldn't stop eating it. I'd make it a regular thing but fried rice uses too much oil. Dog liked it too. Man - I have to write, some time, about some cute wonderful things my big tough dog has been doing.


ARSENIC in rice: Mainly comes from Asia. Not a big problem here. Like the arsenic in apples study, they seem to be failing to distinguish between NATURAL ARSENIC, which we actually need as a trace element, and non-natural arsenic, which is what kills. Lots of elements or chemicals have this same good/bad dichotomy - e.g., sodium fluoride, (bad, in our water), vs. calcium fluoride, (good). When the world is running down well then yes, spend a lot of time ATTACKING FOOD in the news.

TUNGSTEN in gold: Tungsten weighs the same as gold. Alex Jones has been warning about this for years, being called a conspiracy theorist. But now the major media has confirmed: Tungsten is being inserted into regular (larger) gold bars, and these are being sold as 100% gold. You can avoid this by buying coins, and also not investing in the market. I've written about the crazy gold market before. One way of pretending the price of gold is low, and we have enough to cover investors' claims, is by illegally counterfeiting it with tungsten. Jones claims the gold in Fort Knox is being tampered with: tungsten goes in, and gold comes out. This brings the price of gold down, artificially keeping the dollar up. This conspiracy theory is entirely possible.

FALLING OIL PRICES: Why would the price of oil drop when war in the Middle East is looming?! Because major players are manipulating the markets? Yes. But the official explanation is that multi-billion, ultra-fast bank computer microtrades have automatically gone chaotic. But there is more to this topic, which is too much for now. Anyway, the nifty thing is that oil is pulling all other commodities down in price. This may be manipulation in anticipation of QE3-driven inflation looming, benefitting a few investors.

GMOs kill rats: More on this subject, "the Thalidomide of our times." Like Mitt Romney, GMO's can't be brushed off as nasty but still a, "nice guy." They are evil. Feel OK with saying that. Good and evil were concepts created by man for their survival value - so use these concepts, (wisely and fairly). This is not actually NEWS since it is reported at THIS source of ill repute, according to im-posters paid by the Heritage Foundation: http://www.naturalnews.com/037249_GMO_study_cancer_tumors_organ_damage.html , WHAT ARE GMOs? - http://www.naturalnews.com/037245_GMOs_labeling_GM_crops.html

"Bad science" was used in GMO rat tumour study - http://www.livescience.com/23385-gm-corn-tumor-study.html - - The jury is still out. Not that I am saying bad science was NOT used, but there are $billions are vested in disproving the study. But, more than this, there is plenty of good evidence that GMOs are seriously BAD for health and environment. Much of this info can be found via my tags. (Unfortunately, my gm / gmo and related tags are not very coordinated, though). France launches enquiry - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9553423/GM-crop-enquiry-launched-by-French-government.html

HOME SALES ARE UP! Yay! Never mind that most of these homes were foreclosed upon other people, many of whom are ow homeless. It's great for Wall Street. Trapped rats and leaping lemmings - which side are you on?

FEDERAL RESERVE initiates QE-INFINITY by buying up $40-$85 bad mortgage-backed derivatives each month. I have yet to discern if these are FAILED derivatives, or likely-to-fail derivatives. I think the later. If the later, then Katie bar the doors, we'll end up paying in taxes for trillion lost when the derivatives crash comes. And GOODBYE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. (Also, apparently it has been made legal for banks to usurp the money in your account. But research/confirmation needs to be done on this). This is another exhaustive topic I can't cover briefly.

47% of Americans are blood-sucking parasites. This is probably true in their personal relationships, but no, most of them work, and virtually all of them pay lots of other taxes. (Granted, a whopping 7% of Americans are SENOIR CITIZENS and disabled who don't pay taxes because they are dirt poor and deserve a little dignity). That's so cool, destroy the economy, force lots of people out of work, and then ACCUSE THOSE PEOPLE OF BEING LEECHES. Have I not been documenting this awful trend? Meanwhile, 100 of the top 400 craperations pay no taxes, and are often PAID to come into towns from other countries to destroy local economies, cuz local politicians like having greasy palms.

SPACE SHUTTLE gobbles up 500 wonderful trees in Los Angeles. This has been rendered a non-issue by such liberal media as NPR. Hopefully, the topic will be in a brief post I will do on NPR biases.

After a decade of denial, US government finally admits 9/11 toxic dust causes cancer - http://www.naturalnews.com/037246_9-11_toxic_dust_cancer.html

Sheryl Crow says cell phone radiation may have caused her brain tumor - http://www.naturalnews.com/037238_Sheryl_Crow_cell_phone_radiation_brain_tumor.html

Julian Assange speech at the Ecuadorian embassy August 19, 2012 - http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=A8D97B0FFE5382DB229DF5A4BD629150

OCCUPY CELEBRATES its anniversary, "in disarray." Um - look at all the changed minds it has produced. Look at the courts striking down Scott Walker, and pro-election-fraud attempts by the GOP, or GOP swing states LIKE WISCONSIN AND MICHIGAN, (ahem), moving towards Obama, or Corporations dropping out of ALEC, or the fucking amazing CTU strike, and all the ways we have yet to go - AND WILL GO. Ha! LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE! It ain't much but it's a beginning and IT'S WORLD-WIDE, btw. You want disarray - talk to the GOP. Talk to European central banks. Talk to BP or Bank of America. Dudes, it's THE OLD WORLD THAT IS FALLING INTO DISARRAY. That's the real scoop here. Nobody said it would be easy.

*** More when I do a post on Alex Jones: US purchase of 1.6 billion hollow-point bullllets. Why? // Peaceful protesters at the Dem convention arrested by police, told to remain in jail by US military. // "United Nation Agenda 21" is taking over the country, when in fact most of this is privatisation caused by rampant sadistic corporate libertarian mania forced upon "bankrupted" cities with corrupt Christy-like politicians. Toll roads. Parking meters. Municipal projects. Teachers pensions. Charter Schools. Prisons. Prisoners. Your momma.

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