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eat kochs

surviving the crashing folds of my own neocortex

Posted on 2012.09.18 at 18:58
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I have approximated the taste of chocolate. Includes small amounts of the ff: (in coffee), rice lecithin, vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast, cinnamon, bicarb, apple cider vinegar. I'm thinking its mainly the vanilla + the cinnamon + creaminess resembling fat.

I think I've had a virus, possibly from the grocery store. This has extended the stay of my relapse beyond its welcome. Or maybe it came from Nether Girl. She had been out on her porch in a robe saying she didn't feel well but I assumed it was the sickle cell.

I want to write a few notes about how NPR has been biased lately, but the only thing I'm posting about now is Alex Jones. As usual, he realised his blunder yesterday, and spent the whole show today trying to prove he is not liberal. His ideas were really tripping over each other - and he later used a metaphor of the NWO sticking its foot out to trip sheeple zombie people. So, I feel he was aware that he was flailing about. Then he found his grounding by declaring that, much as he hates Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney should come right out with what he said in private about the 47%, and shout that proudly out in the open as part of his campaign. Then, for sure, he would win the Presidency. (Just like Ron Paul won the GOP nomination, eh?) Just as Jones swallowed Limbaugh's whole BS story about fluke, which was full of lies and blame, Jones now took the bait that, since 47% don't pay FEDERAL income taxes, not only are they all avoiding all OTHER TAXES, like state sales, property, FICA (not really a tax), etc., but that whole 47% were victims sucking off of government welfare. Which is patently absurd. Very irresponsible show today. But he was in Standard lizard Republican BLAME-ANYONE-AND-EVERYONE-FOR-ANYTHING-UNTIL-YOU-MAKE-IT-OUT-WITH-THE-STASH mode. And yet, sometimes, as when he's talking to Ed Asner, he's fairly sympathetic to the poorer/middle-class. It's a shame. One day he will be thrown out as a shifty anachronism, as is happening to Limbaugh. BUT, Jones is pretty influential to a lot of the GOP base right now, and that's prolly why Mitt Romney was instructed to double down on his loose trickle down statements, and basically say that he had said nothing wrong. This whole thing about people refusing to admit they are wrong, it is extremely annoying to a lot of people. But politicians, including Emanual, and certainly Walker and Christy, are convinced that it's the way to be: a bully asshat. Like Nether Guy and lots and lots of other people. Alex Jones is certainly guilty of the same sin. So are the entitlement banksters. What a bunch of fools. Blind leading blind.

Oh - another thing... The insane GOP is in a circular loop of reasoning, and they believe they can't lose, nomatter what happens. If they get in, then all the crap they said in the campaign becomes seen as a mandate by the people - to attack Social Security, the poor, etc. And, believe me, they have a chance of getting in, because not only are big changes happening, many manipulated deliberately, which could swing to their advantage, they are busy trying to steal the election illegally, cuz since the 47% don't count, then they don't deserve to have their votes counted. Yeppers... OR - if the GOP loses, they only amplify their blame and blocking of the Dems, appealing to the climate of fear and anger descending on this country, and certain to get intense, once interest rates go up AND DERIVATIVES CRASH.


My conclusion is this, btw: Romney is being pushed and handled by a massive moneyed conspiracy, which I'll call the Neocon-Bankster Cabal. Conservative-Israel has also swung in his favour. They are behind the goading of the Middle East into anti-American protests, AND I DON'T SAY THIS LIGHTLY, as well as the war with Syria-Iran, which I predicted about 2 years ago, yes? The problem is this: Mitt ROMNEY is a truly INCOMPETENT politician, his own golden ego being his Achilles heal. SO - he COULD have taken advantage of the whole Middle East uprising by sticking blame for it to Obama, but he failed. Ready for all this, Obama's Dems had a little videotape all their own, (as a response to the Anti-Muslim videotape), and now Romney is drowning in the repercussions of that. I'll say it again, the Obama campaign is being run like a very tight military machine. Even more impressive than Clinton's. And - yo - look what: the CTU strike has ended, hasn't it. I don't like being right, cuz the things I am right about are never deep enough for my own satisfaction. I am FAR more interested in the wonders of the physical universe, consciousness, etc.

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