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Also gogle for "junk DNA diseases"
diabetes - http://www.naturalnews.com/037217_diabetics_foods_glycemic_index.html

uh... Feels good to feel good sorta. I could go out today but I'm actually staying home to catch up on my LJ writing, hopefully.

PS - SUPPLEMENTS CAN KILL YOU?!?!?! - http://www.myhealthnewsdaily.com/2341-vitamins-supplements-earlier-death.html. People who take supplements often do so out of a sense of being ill. Also, many if not most supplements out there are synthetic, non-biovailable, wrong-handed and even somewhat toxic. I do agree with this article in saying that too much iron and/or copper can lead to health problems, especially since iron in supplements may be bad for you per se. Taking supplements also can give people the illusion of proper self-care, allowing them to avoid truly healthy food like live green veggies, and so ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENTS LIKE TRACE MINERALS. Also, notice how these anti-organic, anti-fish-oil, anti-supplements, etc., articles and meta-studies are encouraging the actual FEAR MONGERING, but they are not coming out of tin-foil hat, "Natural News," and such, are they. They are being nicely placed into the mainstream. Hmmmm... I wonder why? Because Big Agra loves us, clearly. As Pink Floyd says, I shall follow in the valley of "critical thinking" bleeting and babbling, or something to that effect... (Re: problems in science: Sample was SELF-SELECTIVE).

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