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urgent message from Planet Prion

Somewhat recovering from dreadful fatigue/Alzh-like morning. Its punishment for walking to the store yesterday. Also a continuation from reaction to gluten a week or more ago. I need to decide to completely aviod gluten forever. The correlation of my severe illness to gluten is just so obvious. I'm regaining some better brain function - whereas an hour ago I was knocking around the kitchen looking like a person w/ severe Alzheimers an FEELING it. Do you know a good predictor of who might develop dementia later in life is how they walk? I feel this is because they already have the beginnings of the bran illness, which shows as poor walking movement, but which is more pronounced as a mental cognitive fogginess, or reactivity to stress, or addictive tendencies, and such. These are mainly ACh failures. Reaching back towards the cerebellum, but also associated with impaired prefrontal cortex regulating capacity.

I decided to make my neurons a surprise breakfast. I added mushrooms to fried eggs in a torilla sandwich with lettuce and my self-made bootstraps ketchup. I used ketchup because I couldn't be bothered washing and slicing tomatoes, which I felt were needed. Same with onions - I used new onion powder instead, grown in the province of New Onion, Wales. I realised that ketchup was created because people were too lazy to cut tomatoes, which is always a pain in the neck cuz you lose half the tomatoes and also half your finger. Similarly, mustard was invented because people were tired of cutting the mustard. And cheese slices were invented because people were tired of cutting the cheese. Anyway, the surprise in all this breakfast was, first, my rounded Chinese silicon spatula broke in half with a loud snap. It is now wee. The chosen ones. The second surprise was when I cracked a second jumbo egg and TWO big yolks jumped out! This is the first time this has ever happened to me and now I am ready to die. From eating too many eggs. Jealous heart - jealous of me coddling my brain with eggs. I know it talks behind my back, my jealous heart. Calls me Egghead and shit. If I had half a mind I'd lob him all the way to Coeur d'Alene.

Now I am drinking green tea, in deference, laced with a big drop of clove oil and Texas Red Cedar oil. And bioavailable iodine. This is my diet. Natural insecticides. In Los Alamos labs, in neighbouring New Mexico, not far from New Onion, and Trannyville, Colorado, scientists are torturing trees in a lab. They are torturing Juniper trees, closely related to the Texas Red Cedar. They are raising them in high temps and low water, to see what the world will look like when global WARMING is in full swing in about like 3 years from now. They want to see how trees might manage such REAL LIFE torture. Would you refer to this as, "In the wild"? If global warming is really all caused by Homo Destructivus, then how life forms fare in it - are they in NATURE or are they in our ARTIFICIAL ENVIRONMENT? Great ball of confusion. To answer similar questions, check out this week's http://www.ttbook.org. One part of the show features Gary Snyder, who once let some Buddhist monks dangle him over a cliff, holding his ankles with their hands. Really. Is living to tell such a story real worth the idiot factor here? And if some club told me they needed to haze me in this fashion, I'd instantly realise they were full of shit, and hit the road, after releasing several white mice in their food storage facility. And I'm sure those poor trees in Los Alamos are thinking the same thing. Actually, maybe those trees are being turned into some kind of secret weapon. I'll have to get the skinny next time I go to a park. But maybe bewilderment is where you choose to find it... Anyway, the important part of Snyder's interview, IMO, was in what he said about GRACE and FOOD.

Many think that I am talking through my tin-foil hat, always complaining about Nether People from outer space. Or talking about the ways of the hood. Yes, my neocortex is not the greatest of regulating the sudden sounds of gunshots or banging doors or human idiocy - or even Cafe Saga gossip - and can end up turning me into a large green lizard wanting to bite your head off grrr. The signal goes instantly into my stress centers, and this destroys my life for days - just as much as exercise would. I have CFS. I came here to get as far away from stress as possible, including the expense of money. But this is not about me COMPLAINING. This is about me STUDYING NATURE. Humans ARE NATURE. I've been studying them, including fundamentally retarded TeaBaggers and screwed-up uncles an priests who want to play Twister replete with assorted whoopy cushions, not like you go to a park to paint pictures of sculptures there. Not like you go to church to understand the divine. I've been studying humans AS NATURE itself - warped as all hell, yes, but nature warped by nature... uh, as all hell, or something... As I said a long, long time ago: Bewilderment is where you choose to find it. And if we can't find the answers amongst ourselves, then there will be no answers. Because, damnation soup, we are killing off everything else. Faith does not come through the torture of trees, but through the teaching of proper bathroom etiquette. Stop throwing shit for long enough to take a fresh breath,and the universe shall be open to you, and then down you will go with everything else, on your journey of wonderment through the great sewage pipes of the city of god.

This is one reason why I recommend listening to the part of programme featuring a female black environmentalist, Lauret Savoy. She really speaks well of the connection between how we defile race - objectifying - and how we defile the land. I have always felt this same association, this mean egoism, this absolutism and assumed dominionism or fascist american exceptionalism - this faith in one's own hope that Invisible Hand exists, as one goes careening through nature, tearing it up, on a death-wish to fill the planet with Alzheimers Disease. Back when OCCUPY was being eaten away, they brought in race to splinter us more, saying that racial abuse was more important than economic forces of exploitation. But those who stop at either concept, choosing one or the other, are wrong. There is an association between the two, just as there is an association with environmental abuse, and war. Martin Luther King recognised these associations or correlations. That made him a conspiracy theorist who had to be destroyed. But even behind these associations are other causes and processes - attributable maybe to Monotheism, maybe to selfishness, maybe to NATURE, maybe to physics... This is no time to go Alzheimers on me, brain. I've seen too much to turn back now. Oh, wait. That was just my heart, talking behind my back again... http://www.ttbook.org/book/nature-writing
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