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My brain has shut down again, so. Just a few notes. Rahm Emanuel, who once called progressives, "fucking retards", had every intention of busting teachers, unions, and bringing in privatisers - as I have said before he was elected. He has been trying to groom his national image as a Democrat willing to fight the unions. Actually, this image is groomed to appeal to CORPORATE MONEY, not to the people. He is so concerned about this, he isn't really dealing with the CTU. Who is? My hypothesis is that Obama is brokering the dispute - and I have high confidence on this. He needs it ended, yesterday. Ever since Rahm told union leader Karen Lewis to go fuck herself, they have NOT BEEN SPEAKING TO EACH OTHER. The problem with Obama brokering the dispute? Guess who his Education Secretary is? A Rahm ally from Chicago who SUPPORTS CHARTER (privatised) SCHOOLS. So, my prediction is the dispute will end fairly soon, but false promises will be made to Lewis, and teachers will be more screwed than it will look on the surface. Also, while there is intense popular support in Chicago for the striking teachers, a well-polished ad came out AS SOON AS THE STRIKE BEGAN, by, "EDUCATION REFORM NOW ADVOCACY" (or such) - i.e., a 501(c)4 covert PAC-type "non-profit" full of anonymous corporate money, OPPOSING THE STRIKERS. This suggests that the whole issue MIGHT have been planned ahead of time, (which is one reason why Emanuel is keeping his distance). Their aim is to turn schools over to profiteers, like the prisons, while also taking TAXPAYER MONEY, to fight the black community, punish the teachers, and squeeze the blood out of public schools, which they will eventually do to their own CHARTER SCHOOLS ONCE THEY HAVE A MONOPOLY. The "Fiduciary responsibility to stockholders" dictate makes this a certainty. Then the hedge fund raiders and vultures will come in, down the road, and bloe them uep. Its greed. This is a national, and global, agenda. The unions are now so weak that the DNC, blue-dog and neo-con/lib Dems simply don't listen to them, but do appeal to the mega-corps for their campaign money and bribes and insider info and sex toys.

Speaking of sex, I came upon info from an old girlfriend and now she is a lesbian - but I'll have to do a post on that cute little story. I already posted about her once before where I had a dream about her and then found her online revealing that she never married. Too bad she never knew that I too was a lesbian. OK I have to sleep. I expect I may be awakened by more Nether Nonsense tonight, so I'm desperate to correct my relapsing if I can... PS - went to store today. Bought eggs for my myelin sheaths. There is no better prophylactic than myelin sheaths, so long as you coat them with phosphatidal choline & serine. Forgive my spelling - I am so Tory.

Oh - and you also need Omega 3 and 6. Don't NOBODY mess w/ my FISH OIL! - http://www.naturalnews.com/037206_fish_oil_study_heart_attacks.html

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