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I am the person who will destroy China.

"brother you can't go to jail for what you're thinking..."

The following information is imperfect and requires your own research/confirmation. Chris Hedges has sued concerning the NDAA - that's an Obama-signed act which had a bit of crafty drama behind it, which renews a war act by FDR, to strengthen our current state of benign martial law as voted in through the 9/11 PATRIOT ACT. Many believe it implies that it allows arrest of anyone deemed, "terriblist," even innocent people or American Citizens, such as journalists. That is, arrest without judge and jury, plus indefinite detention without trial, (or even complete disappearance, taken to the extreme). It is against this clause that Hedges has sued. A circuit court judge now has ruled in his favour and has imposed an injunction against exercise of that clause, (if not the entire act???)

A more certain provision of the NDAA is that it violates the American legal tradition of Posse Comitatus, allowing our military and intelligence to go active WITHIN American borders, as with drones, spying, OCCUPY control, police training, etc. (The NDAA is just one, but an important, reason why there is a rush to buy gnns and ambo-nition, both on the right, and by government. However, I see the Administration's action here to be PARTLY an effort to bolster the economy through massive purchases - as it did when buying meat to keep the price from dropping immediately after the drought). Many city and state police officers are rather irritated by the government stepping in where they are accustomed to being the authorities on handling crimes, crowd control, etc. However, the top brass love to receive new war toys from our military, and those at the top enjoy the bribes. (See also, "fasst and feurious" (spell correct).

I believe Chris Hedges will be on Thom Hartmann TV show tonight, possibly with Daniel Ellsberg and/or Noam Chomsky - (can't remember the network's name - "free speech TV"??). Now, here are three guys from the left, also beloved by the patriot crazies of the far right. They are willing to call things into question, and call out real conspiracies where they exist, in the spirit of Gore Vidal, Seymour Hersh, Matt Taibbi, Howard Zinn, Matt Rothschild, Ruth Conniff, Ellen Goodman, Molly Ivins and even Kurt Vonnegut. I stand with these pillars of progressivism. And get nothing but grief cuz I ain't no famous person, ha. Well, Thom Hartmann, even though he often bothers me, has been more willing that most liberal and progressive talkers/etc., to come out against the madness of "Federal" Reserve (banksters) policies, and even the Fed itself. (Presidents and other players who have opposed such central banks taking over our government's management of the economy have all been destroyed in one way or another. And that's not theory). In this, he shares views with both me and the sane right-wing crazies. Also, my beloved Norman Goldman, his heart trusting in the reason of LAW, thinks the concerns over potential abuses of the NDAA have been unfounded, but he is incorrect.

Today is a good day, because of this legal ruling. But it now goes to the Supreme Court. That is to say, the Obama Administration has decided to pursue. And guess how the Supreme Court is going to rule, unless we get one "more" progressive in there)?! It's pretty much in the bag, like the Citizens' United ruling. The Octopus is world-wide. And here we go with angry social ignitions throughout the Middle East - which you need to study, because I can tell you right now... This was no accident. Anyway, more on that sort of stuff later, if I ever do said conspiracy post. My brain has been eating me alive and I just want to make the best of this fine rainy day. I wish I could catch Chris Hedges, but I can't. Maybe you can.

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