You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

lest we forget

I would like us all to pause now to remember this day cuz I pretty much have forgotten it. Oh - this is the day we lost 3,000 people and great national shrines, and then countless more firefighters and victims of cancer and stress following the bomming, and then thousands more in wars and various harassments all over the planet and in the privacy of our homes. I just want to say that no amount of sexual abuse from the TSA; or radiation poisoning; or monitoring of phone calls; or sniffing and hacking and controlling of the internet; or militarised police abuse of OCCUPY protesters; or arrests and abuse and tazering of mentally ill, elderly, or juvenile citizens; or prying questions or glaring glances or bureaucratic detainments or manipulation of the democratic process or drones and military and CIA within our borders or fake underwear bommers or wars against unions or women or raw milk and so on and so forth - WILL EVER LESSEN THE GREAT FEELINGS AND RESPECT I HAVE FOR THIS INFAMOUS DAY - the day when King Assad of Syria, and France, waged their evil holy war on us and bommed those great pillars of modernism and free trade and democracy, so important to the Cheney/Bush presidency, which, "kept us safe for 8 years." I say we still need to make those responsible PAY!!!!!! Even if it takes gambling away $1.5 quadrillion in derivatives and forcing the populations of all Western countries into poverty and destitution, where they should be HAPPY to grovel at the feet of feudal lords and priests and drug smugglers and banksters. Because that's the free market. Amen.

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