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chance encounters written in stone

SO much to do, online and off. So I want to make this pretty quick, but comment on latest NPR shows for you to check out for my future theme posts which I usually fail to make...

Uh - yesterday pretty CFS bad. I am still very tired w/ low brain BP. The other day I talked to Nether Girl and asked her if she owned the pretty billfold, which she didn't. I then pulled out a note I made about how to kill cockroaches - she has them, I no longer do. She wants more bomming and I sure as hell don't. I think she got irritated cuz she was possibly hoping for official initiation of flirting behaviour, (as described on page 385 of the manual). But, more on all this later, maybe. After this, she blasted her stereo and TV - first time in about 3 weeks. Then, yesterday morning, there was extreme/intense banging. I didn't know if this was passive aggression from one of them, or her boyfriend knocking, or what, really. That afternoon, I went ahead and left her a 32 OZ bottle of the natural anti-roach spray I made anyway, unfettered. This was followed by no noise downstairs all day yesterday. I was pretty stressed, in a downward CFS spiral. And I didn't know if she would angrilly return the bottle, or if jealous controlling drunk Nether Guy would show up shouting on my porch at midnight, etc. These sorts of things seriously affect the health of people w/ CFS. The relapse has been clearing, but not completely better by this morning, when I went out with dog. Nether Girl appeared on her porch and actually started talking to me, meaning to thank me, etc. Now, that what the real me was once accustomed to - girls trying to get my attention from their porches, competing with each other, throwing flowers, sacrificing small animals, etc. I showed sympathy and asked how she felt, seeing as she was in a robe. She had had a sickle-cell relapse, so we talked about that. What I'm thinking is that she is still holding on to Nether Guy only to walk her dog at times - and so he was knocking on the door yesterday morning, for the dog, but in usual inconsideration. I also think it is possible she was hoping to ellicit me to walk her dog THIS morning, instead. There was no discussion of the banging or spousal abuse. She was glad to have talked to me though - and I can tell because she didn't blast her stereo afterwards. A main gripe she has against Nether guy is that he doesn't show more care about her. Showing that I care, which I do, (but I still think she is messed up), will increase the chance that Nether Guy will one day disappear. But I really am not getting any more involved than being a decent neighbour. - Got to make doggie dinner now - damn I'm tired...

[later that very tired day]: Made corn pancakes; also fried cuc, onion, potatoes. I used 2 drops of my insecticide oil on the latter, plus nutmeg, cuz I wanted the taste of clove. Possibly, ether Girl just now shot out of her house giggling, being chased by Nether Guy - not sure - but it would not be a surprise. WHY this happenned, if it did, was because of many combining factors, an is something I might study at a later date - I am only recording it here in the record for my philosophical enquiries.

Do not feel strength to go on... Washing dishes seems like a distant dream... But if I don't then the cockroaches will... come marching home again...

Now, before I proceed with my mini theme post, I will insert an aside. It is pretty common currency to believe that, once fairly safe and civilised, mankind transferred its former fears of big monster beasties inwards towards itself, in the form of groupism, racism, wars, capitalism, etc. Still, our young children have terrified dreams of giant reptiles, we have innate fears of spiders and snakes, and we instinctively fear going out in the dark at night. Recall, some believe that religion itself evolved out of our fear of the dark. Could have happened when we were bathed in the blindness of roaring campfires at the mouth of the caves in which we huddled, playing Bingo. Mainly, fire gave us the power to push back scary animalia, and Thomas Edison pretty much made this delusion complete. And then along came TV with all its cop shows. Cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians. Battles of Late Night Talk Show Hosts. Group against group, one group fearing the absolutely overwheming terror of the other group, and vice versa, times 100 when you factor in beer and pot. So, the Saber Tooth Tiger is now perhaps the New World Order, or a neighbouring high schools football team, the saber tooth tigers. And, forgive us, but we allowed these fears to grow up and materialise in our midsts, transforming into Monsanto, Hitler, etc. This is merely because, within our midsts, there will always be opportunistic and contrarian people who are will to do or try ANYTHING if they can get away with it, much less succeed at it. Far better if they can be honoured as sainst and priests for the dazzling magic of the mechanics of what basically is nothing more than the institutionalisation of BULLYISM. Woo hoo - what terrified 12 year old wouldn't grow into a lifetime of sociopathy and genocide knowing that he would command such power and attention, from now-superstitious masses, afraid of some fictional Godzilla painted for them in their reptilian imaginations, all marching together on their buttocks in obeyance and giving alms building more churches and bureaucracies...? ("what did he just say?!")

[even later]: Groupism. Simmering fears. Unwitting passive aggression. Testing and tethering. According to simple natural laws. Making a muck of our society, and so furthering the progress of divine capitalism. Who has this bling or that bling. These superstitious tokens hung about our necks warding off, or beckoning the spirits of god-animals long dead and gone. It's how he looks. He wears a tank top, so he carries the truth, (see future post). He in with the in gang, he's out with yesterday's fish and chips paper. Like Al Gore. He's now an eyesore. And Mitt Romey will one day be on the pop no-fly list, for reminding everyone of Easter Island. Tokens and tolmens and dolmens and domes. Oh my! And nothing works better than turtle penis soup. Today, I heard people at a Chinese Zoo, (NPR), all ape over live chickens being fed to a lion, and a story was told about a squirrel falling into a panther cage, and the panther chased and cornered it about, but the squirrel got away, and a little girl said, "I was rooting for the panther!" Why? Cuz better that the squirrel - or the chicken - or the minority - gets eaten than YOU. Animals hunting and eating animals in Nature, or in some PBS facsimile: you are witnessing an OBJECT LESSON: A cool thing to watch that teaches you how not to be eaten, OR ELSE. Lust for blood, lust for bling. And this is why sheep fall behind the bullies in society. The TSA, and NSA, and NDAA, and Hamland Security, and so on - these bullies shove their hands down our pants and into our facebook and through our registers, suing and reprimanding and spooking, making sheeple of people, and then sheep of sheeple, ready for the slaughter. Sheep, they creep. And sheep, they peep. And sheep, they keep in line behind those we edify into bullies, into man-made monsters, and they root for those useful eaters. Because better them than you. This is how we project our fears of our jungle and savannah past onto each other - onto the tools of Big Brother, onto those all-threatening minorities, onto the Black Panthers, or the Weather Underground, or the Chicago Bears. We make game of it. Our society is a mock-up. It is all a game, and all the world is staged, enter Hitler, stage right. Enter Stalin, stage left. See the jaws drop in awe as the great jaws of Dark Night close upon us all. You pays your money and yous take your chances...

I walk down the street, and I pass the drunk, now sober, who had tried to run into my front door one morning, to get away from another drunk brandishing a silly stick. MORTAL FEAR! I keep as clear from him as possible. I want no intercourse. A youngish black dude is approaching after I pass. I try to read his T-shirt, which says, "Wisconsin," and my natural urge is to cheer out about Wisconsin. But that's dorky honky and Wisconsin has fallen to Walker, so I buried the cheer in my gullet, and went on. Really, I was too tired to talk, especially with drunk guy so nigh. So, I pass. But before I do, the youngish black dude is half-smiling and looking over my head, and reading my cap, which says, "Walking Tall," (another gift from Ashley). But, there was no intercourse, and we WALKED ON BY... For these are the days, my friend, and we walk on, we zombies. Like two proud animals, we decided that the distance was now just too great to cross. There was his species. Here was mine. And we both accepted that the distance was too great, and we stepped back from that mirror of consciousness, back into the prisons of each of our mortal, animal bodies. Walking, stalking away. And drunk guy says to him, "Hey, Shotty!" And they begin to talk. For they are of THAT species, hanging together. And the distance is now great. And nobody knows how tired I am. The distance is great. Too great for the vulnerable to fall. I get home and am greeted by my dog. Dogs prefer humans over dogs. And so it has been since the days of fire. Of fire and chariots of the gods...

So. Highly recommended: the story of how a young, stuttering boy went to a zoo, to see a big strong Jaguar pacing back and forth in his cage, eyes dimmed. And the boy promised to one day free that animal... I don't think I will ruin the story for you here, just now. I just want to urge you to go listen to this AMAZING ANIMAL STORY. For in it, you will see that divinity rides a wild wave through our hearts, and connects us all, during that moment of light, when two ships pass in the night, and then go off to ports of opposite species, or opposing groups. Like the pause when the German and American WWI soldiers paused their fighting to join together to sing "Silent Night" in the trenches, on Christmas Eve. Steely nacht. A candle. A flare in the mouth of a cave. Huddled against the wind. Against the jaws of Dark Night. Rejoice. Grace shall fall when we heed the call of our own song here, once and once alone, on Earth, before we turn to fodder. A man stalks a jaguar who is stalking him, a saviour. And none but magic happens. And you could judge by this that there is a god. And you could judge that all of Animalia is awake and rife with wonder, as seen through wise, wild, stalking eyes. Do not profane and project the mondane on this realm. Noble souls know. THIS IS NOT A GAME. So, please go listen, here... http://www.radiolab.org/2007/jun/04/wild-eyes/

Next: The right to privacy, as heard on NPR... ttbook.org. You can hear the important and excellent interview here: http://ttbook.org/book/garret-keizer-privacy - (or you can listen to the whole show, for the entire important topic of PRIVACY, here: http://ttbook.org/book/privacy). The interview is RECOMMENDED. And, somehow, it is a good lead in for the next topic: "Religion for Atheists."

In the privacy interview, it is noted that there has been a cooptation by religion of our natural, holy SPIRITUALITY. And, sorry, I also believe that RELIGION DOES NOT OWN THE CONCEPTS OF SPIRIT, SOUL, TRUTH, DIVINITY, MUSIC, AND ALL ELSE WONDROUS OR HUMANE. But, secular and left-wing society has naively helped remove much of these dynamic values from the COMMONS, as written into LAWS, and so FORCE, and so, AWAY FROM NATURAL INDIVIDUAL IMAGINATION AND FREEDOM, out of a felt need to keep religion out of the public sphere. Well, let me connect to this idea another: The idea that the invasion of privacy has crept in where these values have diminished. For, according to the fundamentalist left, certain members of certain GROUPS do not have the right to brandish such concepts as SOUL, or RIGHT, and so the right of privacy has fast become but a PRIVILEGE only available to the elites, hey? Meanwhile, the right-wingers don't get off the hook: Their simplistic absolutes and covetous concepts have left the left no choice but to respond in this manner. But they are both blind, in similar, temporal ways. Oh - there is so much to this discussion I wish to have - I am just sooooooo tired! In the blink of an eye, I have forgotten another important point I was going to make...

So, for your own benefit, and before I possibly get around to posting more on this, I urge you to see this EXCELLENT discussion on the topic, "Religion for Atheists." Here: http://www.onbeing.org/program/alain-de-botton-school-life-atheists/4821

That's all for now.

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