I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

have another piece of cardboard cake

First: what bad food does to people:

The yard people just came through and finally cleared my walk of imperial weeds. I had doused them w/ vinegar yesterday morning or so, and now I'll douse the remaining stems. This morning, Nether Guy is walking all about with his dog, taking wut - maybe 30-60 minutes, just so he can walk by me when I ever DO happen to be out with my dog, (no longer on a fixed schedule). Now, if that isn't being a pathetic idiot, I don't know what is. He comes walking from the far-away south, yelling. I don't know if he was yelling at me about my dog, like, "get out of our way," for no reason, (which is a cowardly thing they do here - yelling at great distances but not talking up close), OR if he was yelling to one of the many idiot friends he has. I honestly don't and didn't care, we just went about our business. And when they passed, and his dog tried to run up the incline to my dog, I say firmly and loudly, "GET up here!" Like, it sounded like I was commanding HIS dog, and even HIM - ha ha! - but I was talking to my dog, who was pretty responsible. Well, I hope I frightened that fool. But really, I don't care. If he gives me trouble, I've got plenty enough on them, mainly the truth, which is they are local yocal idiots. A little later, he is doubling back with his dog, just as I'm going inside. It's very important to him to own the sidewalk, I suppose. But the main thing is this: I have heard hardly a noise from them downstairs for about 3 weeks. I was thinking she had ACTUALLY kicked him out. But no. And so, knowing that he is still around pretty much dashes whatever hope I had for Nether Girl and her pretty billfold.

I need to mail a check soon, but my CFS isn't cooperating. So, I am posting this. There was a little radio news blip about how organic foods contain less pesticides than mass-produced, petrochemical foods, but, "Gollywonkers! They both have pretty much the same amount of nutrition!" OMG, how disgusting to hear that propaganda. It's just not true. By very virtue of the fact that organic foods have less toxins, their nutrients are more bioavailable! Organic foods pull trace minerals and bioavailable sulpher out of the soil, as opposed to McFood which is starved of these things due to nitrogen fertilizer famishing the soil and killing soil mycorrhizal fungi, etc., essential to making minerals, etc., available, via plants' roots. Then they ADD a few vitamins and minerals to processed foods, to compensate, when these few nutrients are often NOT in bioavailable form. Ad the enzymes and mRNA are killed off! How can you digest meat without the help of enzymes? So, they look at maybe 10-20 MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS of some vitamins and minerals, and say that both types of foods meet the minimum requirements, basically. That's what they're doing. They are judging by referring to their own idiocy. Well, sorry but minimum daily requirements don't cut it, especially if your ill. We need more, and often massive amounts of, certain bioavailable nutrients like D2, B12, selenium, thiamine, an all those trace minerals like natural arsenic, and gold, and molybdenum. Plus we need flavinoids, and anti-oxidants, and so on. What we don't need are GMO TOXINS MUTATING OUR CELLS, and pesticides, and wheat that contains 10x as much gluten as it did 50 years ago, or mercury in corn syrup, etc.

Alzheimers could come down to something very simple: gluten irritates intestines in virtually everyone. Gluten gets in and is attacked by the immune system. The immune system goes and attacks similar, b-amyloid proteins in the brain. But I think endorphin receptors are also involved. And I do suspect pathogens, in CFS as well. By gluten is a serious problem either way, for people with these chronic illnesses, for people with sensitivity, with allergies, with intolerance, with Celiacs or Crohns... Well, look at the fine McWheat we are eating now. It is pygmies wheat, hybrid, through conventional breeding techniques, to increase wheat's gluten content from 5% to 50% in just a handful of decades. NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE GETTING ALZHEIMERS AND AUTISM AND CFS AND DIABETES! THEIR GUTS, AND GUT BACTERIA, ARE BEING DASHED TO HELL, AND THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS ARE HYPED UP AND OUT OF WHACK. And this is not to mention immune-stimulating ADJUVANTS in flu shots, HPV shots, etc., OR GMO genes, or bovine growth hormones, or anti-biotic-resistent bacteria - OR E-COLI SPRAYED ON FRICKEN MANGO OR BROCCOLI FIELDS TO SCARE US AWAY FROM EATING ORGANIC FOODS AND INTO THE DEATH-JAWS OF BIG AGRA.

"Is it possible for the E-coli to enter into the roots and travel inside the plant up into the mangoes??"

"Um, yes, yes this is entirely possible. The bacteria can flow through the VEINS of the SPECIES and enter the EDIBLE PORTIONS, yes this is very possible."


And they're going to start spraying fruits and veggies with a special plastic to keep them fresh... (And the longer they are stored, and the farther they are NAFTA-transported, THE MORE NUTRIENTS THEY LOSE)... They originally thought of using beeswax for this, but something went wrong with bees apparently...

But you won't comprehend cuz you got some kind of prion wasting disease...

"Please be quiet. Please trust us. Please stop eating eggs, and take these statin drugs, which we GUESS MIGHT help your circulation, but which we are AWARE: are eating away people's brains and GIVING THEM ALL ALZHEIMERS. We know what we are doing, since the beginning of Roman times, for it is written, and we own the genes of your mutated descendents, 7 generations down the line, who look like little grey space aliens, hungry for healthy DNA - so, give up, we've got you surrounded. WE OWN YOU PUNK. Please. Feel safe."

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