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I've been eating about 4x as much chocolate as I planned, back when I was chocolate deprived. Also in my life: two big brown Rots were lollygagging around the house, and my dog was all attentive, but I just brushed him off. He was just doing his job. Maybe they were here cuz they were females sensing his maleness on the front guard-railing to the steps by the sidewalk - where I've extended his reach so he'll stop pissing on my porch steps. Also, I went out the other night and there was a girl sitting on those steps chatting on her cellphone. She just looked and didn't bother to leave when me and my dog went out. So. She might have sensed my maleness though, even though I was dressed in frills and eating chocolate not really. Anyway, this morning, there were voices across the street yelling, and two cop cars and everyone was trying to catch the two brown Rots. They belonged to this skinny middle aged white guy with no shirts and no muscles and I now understand why the Nether People think of me as attractive cuz look at the alternative. Other dogs in the hood were barking, but my dog was quite proper and happy. He only barks when he plays or communicates to me, or when there is big trouble.

Well, the point of this post is to harken you towards today's (repeat) http://www.ttbook.org. It starts talking all about arsenic poisoning. But 20 minutes in, it gets into quantum physics and UFO's - a good presentation on my idea of open-mindedness. Mentions, "The Dancing Woo-Li Masters", etc. I meant to sleep a lot last night, but was awakened a bit to hear a guest on, Coast-to-Coast, and he fits into the theme of this post, because he insisted he means to present science and observational facts, and accounts - not that he, e.g., believes in extraterrestrials, or anything. That's how I operate - always on HYPOTHESES - but get blamed for wearing a tinfoil hat simply for presenting more than one view, i.e., the conventional view, or the left view, or the right view. Let's see - oh, one mistake is when a ttbook guest was discussing the,"difference between science and sci-fi, or fantasy, or conspiracy theory, or pseudo-science or whatnot, he refers to the great Karl Popper, the inventor of popcorn, not really. Popper felt there must be objective rules or tests or absolutes which could separate out the difference, before experimentation. The ttbook guest was correct - no, there are no guides to do this, and so science is messy, (in this respect at least). What he was wrong about was saying that something like ASTROLOGY is recognizably unscientific, and should not be studied scientifically. Wrong. Astrology goes back to times when humanoids were far more versed at mathematical astronomical calculations than we are now, without computers, apparently, possibly. There may indeed be correlative effects via astrology which NEED to be studied scientifically, IMO. Because planets and stars do hold influence which we do not yet understand, especially considering that relativity theory will be replaced by a more appropriate plasma-electromagnetic type theory within the next 100 years. Probably within the next 30. We are SOOOOOoooooooo ignorant, and when we based decisions on conventional theory, rejecting things to study, we are only reinforcing conventional "scientific" superstitions. Similarly, the idea that, "the heart burns off blood," was rejected, even though it held some truth if it were analyzed in more associational, imaginative or allegorical ways. But no great harm done, in this latter case. Anyway, I am preaching to the choir to refer people who believe in Astrology or Ghosts to this ttbook episode - they'll like it. But I want more scientific types to go listen, and keep their minds open. Also noted in another post: please also see ttbook about, "the extinguishment effect", (my term), as well, f you wish to follow these ideas, and be prepared for more crazy madman ideas.

"The truth is: WE DON'T KNOW."

As far as ghosts on the stairs, and people being statistically more able to predict the next card to be drawn, and assorted, these things are both TRUE PSYCHICALLY, and true in the sense that science may be capable of pursuing and understanding them, even as,"non-psychic," once science has a better understanding of holistic spatial-type pattern-recognition concepts, (or MEMORY/consciousness), which won't be any time soon. IMO, the psychic ad the natural are intricately related - the same thing. Insperable.

OK - I can't locate the "extinguishment", or "counter-placebo" effect, story - and maybe that was on RADIOLAB or T.A.L...

My computer also can't access the coasttocoastam.com site, so I don't know the name of that guess last night!! (???)

I can give you some following fun...

Important follow-up to gluten post - http://www.naturalnews.com/037034_gluten-free_celiac_disease_wheat.html

World bank warns world of hunger due to droughts - http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/2012/aug/30/world-bank-global-hunger-warning-drought

Food & politics, included one of my top-10 blacks today, Will Allen - http://ttbook.org/book/food-and-politics

Free university education for THE PEOPLE - http://www.uopeople.org/

On Thoreau - http://ttbook.org/book/henry-david-thoreau

Into the WOODS - http://ttbook.org/book/woods

Many ttbook.org episodes on SCIENCE and Nature! - http://ttbook.org/book/interview-archives/science-%2B-nature

Other great ttbook.org episodes - http://ttbook.org/shows-by-year

Science and consciousness - http://ttbook.org/book/transcript/transcript-stanislav-grof-uncut

"HEARING VOICES" (NPR) supposed to be good this week but my glucose-overdoes hippocampus has already forgotten what it was

T.A.L. - all about money/2008 - http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/355/the-giant-pool-of-money

ALL T.A.L.! - http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives
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