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On animals, economic slavery, and fundamentalist donkey farts ...

That was pretty amazing. It proves me correct - Alex Jones DOES listen to Joyce Riley's POWER HOUR, before he does his own show. Because he called into her show today. Pretty cool. And the POWER HOUR is part of the reason that I was starting this post. Of all things, this out-there yet wonderful "conservative" programme did an hour about the thoughts and feelings of ANIMALS. That shows how open-minded some of those "out-there right wing nuts" can be, mislabelled as TeaBaggers, (second wave - the puppets), especially compared to a lot of the fundamentalist out-there LIBERALS - the neoPuritans. Nevertheless, and OF COURSE, lots of lunatic calls came in...

A week or so ago, Joyce Riley was remarking upon the deer - including bucks - who were coming up to her house, to be hand-fed. Because of the drought, they were too hungry to fear humans - OR EVEN THE DOGS! So, this is probably one reason why she went and did the animals show. Even her - (almost everything positive ANY conservative does is a direct result of some actual personal experience). (This is how most people, but not all people, such as the self-actualised, multi-dimensional, empathic, imaginative, associative, progressive, cool people, are).

But it's great that she did the show, featuring the author of, "What About Animals?" Unfortunately, my shortwave reception has been not the greatest today. But the guy's point was that animals have legitimate thoughts and feelings. And, of which I have always been certain, creatures such as hummingbirds have a different experience of TIME to us. Insects, according to me, rush about very fast, not appearing to deliberate, and so we deem them, "instinctual," when the fact is their time is very much sped up, and we are just dumb giant sloths, as far as they are concerned. Seriously - do you really think any ant thinks we have any sort of useful intelligence. No. They just see us as being programmed by the great GOD ANT to bring about the end of creation - or maybe a kind of liberation or rapture for all of Insectdom... Anyway, poor wee humingbird, zipping about through a world full of sloths, eh?...

Yes, scientists are amazed at HOW QUICKLY HUMMINGBIRDS LEARN. Imagine that. We once thought of them as bird brains, with pre-programmed songs, unable to deliberate. Because they relied more on a swelled cerebellum, rather than upon a swelled frontal/neocortext, such as upon which we rely, (oh, English, you fuck)...

Well, ok - there have been callers and even guests before who have been brandishing this whole "HUMANS ARE NOT ANIMALS" rights thing, and it's bonkers. Like, APES. Man. If something in law says, "this vaccine," or, "this environmental measure," "applies to man and other animals," then the SOVEREIGN types argue that it is a violation of their religion, since the bible says that man is separate from the animals, meant to lord over them. PLUS, laws of government are subservient to laws of God. God says, as far as humans and animals go, not only sperate-but-equal, but humans get all the privileges and rights, and animals take what they can get. They be slaves. Because, unlike humans, THEY HAVE NO SOUL. All they have is soil on the souls of their shoes. You don't feel you could love me but I feel you could.

Likewise, several callers to this programme exclaimed that the author was trying to take their rights away, by declaring that animals have feelings. I guess the author doesn't get the same rights as other humans, like to think and write what he wants, cuz if he does that, LIKE AN EVIL LIBERAL COMMIE, that means he is attacking religious people. Sometimes, crazy fundamentally retarded religious people WILL ATTACK PEOPLE JUST FOR BREATHING, or, JUST FOR LIVING UPSTAIRS...


Think of all the years black people had to prove that they weren't like, a 3/5th splice of a person, but actually had, "SOULS," with all their gospel and all their soul music and all their Whoopie Goldberg on, "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Blacks were treated as animals, partly because they were black, partly because they were so different, with black skin, partly because they lived in NATURE, partly because they were easy to control at the time, but also because this was the dictated need of Imperial Capitalism, which is often a ship who's passenger is racism anyway. More on that stuff later. But, lest we forget, blacks were also treated like animals because slavery began as INDENTURED SERVITUDE LEVIED LIKE A TAX UPON POOR WHITES SEEKING, (some hoping for a new life in the colonies, some just coerced away), BY MONOPOLISTIC COMPANIES UNDERWRITTEN BY CHURCH AND OR GOVERNMENT. And the socially-sanctioned, assumed HABIT of indenturing servitude was apparently a handed-down type of bigotry from the days when the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC EMPIRE would hand out indulgences to egt people off the hook for being so evil in all manner of petty ways. Mercantile capitalism just kinda ran with this habit of bigotry, in a more subtle, active, Protestant way. To many Protestants, including Calvinists, if you were poor, then that essentially meant you were sinful and destined for Hell - no lie. So, indentured servitude was a nascent form of racism embedded in so-called-Capitalism, (quite against the humours of Adam Smith), which was not simply directed towards the poor, but against those poor classes, who were of DIFFERING RACE - as defined by the original, European meaning for, "Race," which would refer to Slavs, or Franks, or Celts, or Jews, or Arabs, or Gypsies, or Tinkers, etc. At the same time this was going on, poor people of "inferior (white) race" were being sent to Australian prison colonies for such crimes as stealing a loaf of bread. Which would you choose, a prison colony in an exotic land, or promised, eventual (?!) freedom in a safe English or Dutch colony, (where simple religious people were also, coincidentally, fleeing too cuz they also had to get away from all the oppressive moralism being sanctioned by the state)? You'd choose the modern version of serfdom, the precurser of a slavery which went beyond the pale Greek version, i.e., indentured servitude - an encoded, economic practice derived from religious presumptions of self-superiority above the lesser, animal-like souls of others, yes?

Here's a funny thing... Why were poor people stealing loaves of bread at the time? Because they were hungry. Why were they hungry? Because like rice in Egypt these days, (or grain in our future America), bread was not readilly available - IT WAS VIRTUALLY SCARCE, made so by the wealth-extractive elites, through the licence of Monopolies. The freedom-extractive elites. The very prim, very proper, very righteously religious, SOUL-EXTRACTING ELITES. Poor people, of lesser, animal souls, had no ENTITLEMENT TO BREAD! THOSE WORTHLESS EATERS. THOSE WELFARE PARASITES! Those filthy "Barbarian," "SMALL PEOPLES." They needed to LEARN how to SHARE SACRIFICE, so the big loving banks would not fail. In other words, the relative price of available bread was too high, meaning: either high inflation, or virtual inflation. Well, when you have a nation full of the chasteed racin' and chasin' after the flight of inflation, it won't stop, no matter how much authority or emaciated bodies or indentured SLAVES you throw at the fire. So, what happened, then to the institution of INDENTURED SERVITUDE, the original economic mechanism of racism - or a brutish form of intra-species SPECIESISM? Well, because of insane inflation, in a failing Monopolistic, moralistically-propped-up economy, IT NOT ONLY FAILED - IT WAS REPLACED WITH RANK OR PATENT SLAVERY, flat-out. The body-snatchers went south, into the heart of darkness. The Imperial Economy demanded it, and it needed the bigoted behaviour inherent in it IN ORDER TO UNDERWRITE IT'S VERY POWER AND AUTHORITY... I said something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, just there, so please go back and be sure you've caught it - thanks.

OK - enough of my history lesson, there. Except to say that Capitalism ultimately needs slavery in some form, from animals, from the indentured, from slaves, from the abused and marginalised, from the deliberately IMPOVERISHED or RAPED or PLUNDERED - and that often happens via technology and via ANIMALS these days. When technology fails to keep pace with dysfunction economic demands or waste, then animals and humans become more the fodder for the institution of slavery. Very simply, without such labour-savings, how else would they be able to throw around great abstract balls of funny money capital at the top? Think about it. If everyone got real, capital would scarcely be as possible as it is today - well, yeah, so that's what's happening - and that's why the Fed is "printing" trillions of funny money for WE THE PEOPLE to borrow, an therefore be taxed or imprisoned for, as a kind of forestalling of the inevitable slide towards a SLAVERY STATE... OK, where was I going with this?... (need to take a break...)...

OK - adding a little to the above first:

I have an incomplete series about "INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE" started I don't know how far back in my LJ. I also hope to continue that series. Either way, RIGHT HERE would be a good place to link into that series.

I also need to expand on what I mean by the neo-Puritans, (fundamentalist far-left liberals, as opposed to progressive liberals), and how they compare to evangelicals or right-wing Puritan types - cuz yes, there is such a thing as "POLITICALLY CORRECT" on the right, too. That discussion will scatter into various posts on fundamentalism or such. But RIGHT HERE would be another good place to link into that discussion.

Finally, there are other ways of dealing with runaway inflation or a failing economy, other than moving towards more blatantly obvious forms of slavery - or else fully collapsing. And now I'm going to list some of these because, let's face it, I am pretty anal when it comes to my theme posts - which this post turned out to be...

1 - decimate the population with a plague or war. This is something China has surely considered by now. What this does is reduce the availability of labour, which brings up wages! In an export economy especially, this is good because it eventually leads to a middle class which can buy (demand) home-made goods. This effect does not happen over night.

2 - on the other hand, increase the population through immigration. Like from Mexico. What this does is drive down wages but also increases demand. The lower labour costs are an immediate boon to business, especially big business. This is a shorter-term type of growth stimulus, advanced by (yes) Republicans who do big business lots of favours, and by Democrats, who want more Hispanic voters.

3 - smart, progressive investment strategies, as into alternative energy, inventions, grassroots businesses, NEW TECHNOLOGIES, etc. This is the best way to grow an economy, but it is a ship which sailed away maybe at about the same time as the Titanic. It requires wise REGULATION BY GOVERNMENT.

4 - corruption; shipping jobs overseas; disaster capitalism; vulture capitalism; cronie capitalism; ponzie schemes; Libor Scandals; stock-market bubbles... These are all short term spurs for an illusion of growth. Bubbles may, however, buy time or leeway for investments to pour into the next bubble, which SHOULD be a productive one, but usually isn't. Having in common: these stragedies benefit only select groups, certainly in the mid/long-term, mainly the elites.

5 - trust in inflation, over deflation. This is what the elites want. In a deflation, their investments fail. But in an inflation, everbody is deluded into thinking that real values are always going up, so they throw their money into bubbles, and such. Wall Street rides high, but only as a chimera.

6 - devalue the currency. This has vast, mostly bad effects, but can be a good move too - even as a last resort. A devalued dollar spurns agriculture and/or internal manufacturing towards an increasing EXPORT MARKET, just like in a third-world plantation country!! But it has many losers too.

7 - pump the upper-crust economy full of funny money. This means more inflation, self-delusion, and postponement of the inevitable. It also means more soveriegn debt, according to the crappy fiat FED system we have now. The FED was one of the first installations of what was meant to be a century-log coup by the central banksters, centered in London and Basel Switzerland.

8 - pump the grassroots economy, and public commons, and national infrastructure, with funny money and actaully get a real, robust return on your SMART, ACTUAL KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS!! This is the JOBS alternative, commonly mistaken for Godless Communism.

9 - base you currency on nothing but oil, which is defended by military MIGHT-MAKES-RIGHT, and throwing tanks and missiles and drones into giant garbage bins, basically. Yeah, well, how's that been workin for ya so far?

10- Create a massive 1984 theme park where everyone is told they are free and safe, via computerised goggles and microchips. Um - I think the Martians tried that and look where they are now.

Ok - back to whatever it was I was talking about earlier...

The main point of some earlier paragraphs is this: Many crazy right-wingers are just about as insane and condemnatory about animals rights as they are against blacks. It's kinda related. They don't see it in themselves, of course. They just see some threat from an enemy, and so it is incomprehensible that they themselves, willfully, and deliberately in a subsconscious sense - i.e., SUPERSTITIOUSLY - constructed bigotted, injust, unfair, uncomely behaviour which has been,itself, an INSTIGATOR of strife or oppression, (in reality), rather than a reaction to such, (as they see it).

Where does this come from, thinking that if you care about animals, then you are some kind of militant atheist secretly trying to take away their rights and their guns? It comes from the nature of fundamentalism. Reactionary fundamentalism. Sometimes aka evangelicalism. (Sometimes known as radical feminism, radical animal rights advocacy, Earth First, neo-Black Panthers, etc.). With right-wing fundamentalism, human souls are completely separated from the beingness of anything else in nature, like big scary bears or earwigs. It's we, the God people over here, and they, the soul-less anti-christians over there. So, only humans have souls, and are all-important, and animals have THE BEASTINESS and are rude and are always wanting to eat us. Until science came along, beasties were, at best, haunted by spirits, and at worst were INSTINCTUAL MAN-EATING ROBOTS, meant to be mowed away into extinction - which is called, "Stewardship." Actually, it is the infamous, "DOMINIONISM," (goggle).

Similarly, everything is basically dead and soul-less - except when a sperm hooks up with an egg, and then suddenly it is human life, part of the all-important christian human club, and must be defended, and eh... On the other hand, those who see, "meat is murder," as a similar crime are of a similar fundamentalism. If they feel that murder is an awful evil anti-christian-like thing to do to a soulful animal. It sort of is, and pain sucks, even for a human fetus. But my own view is that murder is a human construct derived from Judeo-Christian common law, but it should be understood to encompass about everything in the universe because, come on kids, EXISTENCE ITSELF IS FRICKIN MURDER. Murder is everywhere, every day. My feet, for example, are killing me.

Well, even neo-Puritans pull the same logical phallus-ies of fundamentalism, like when they insist that global warming is only caused by MAN, the evil doer. Or, if you make a Stephanie-Miller-like-joke that a loudly Homophobic Republican probably listens to show tunes, then some damn wheedling neo-Puritan will come in and say, "In other words, all gays listen to show tunes. I FEEL THIS IS VERY, VERY INSULTING!" Well, for christ's sake, nobody is under contract to present a ten page excuse to some damn fundamentalist stranger for every damn statement they make. That is the same anti-freedom that took rights away from gays and blacks. But, again, the fundamentalists don't see the aggressiveness of their stances - they only see themselves as DOING GOD'S WORK - even if they are so-called Atheists, on a mission. Well, this is certainly true of the right-wing fundamentalists, who forever refuse to admit that any animals are like unto humans in any way, even if it means denying Evolution Theory. An, "SOULS"? What makes them think they own the concept, or know anything about what is a soul?! I tell you, they're always getting the hell in the way of mine. Always branding others as saying absolutist and generalising things, when they are, a priori, the absolutists and the generalisers. They never let society settle down and relax enough, it seems, so that anyone, man or beast, stands a chance of enjoying one minute of life which is as fine as heaven on earth. They're the biggest impediment to real spirituality in this world, and they brandish so proud their own reptilian mark of the beast, don't they. Gadzooks.

I guess I'm about done with this for now. Too hot. Possibly more later. ta ta lovers.

better paragraph editing later, tags, etc...

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