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what I don't need

So, another case of an LJer advertising themselves via an add_me community... and getting added, but never commenting, or being a halfway decent friend. spiffyfunpants. So, she makes this post where she's getting grey hairs at 27. The thing is, because of a CFS migraine, I was thinking she was 34, just about 15 minutes earlier. So I said that. "I thought you were 34." That is neither a compliment or an insult - and I can't construe how it could be taken either way. Anyway, she comments back, "rude," and then I say I was serious. I wasn't trying to be rude. Then someone else comments, "still rude." So I tell them to go fuck themselves. Because frankly, I am sick of idiots coming out of nowhere to tell me what to think or do. Like we are in a fucking church or something.

Well - "spiffyfunpants" then calls me a troll, and I guess she dropped me. Wait a minute. SHE ASKED PEOPLE TO ADD HER. SHE DOESN'T COMMENT THEM. WHEN THEY COMMENT SHE CALLS THEM TROLLS. And apparently her journal is "locked" to "avoid stalkers." Did she say she was 27? Try 12.... So, this was a comment I was going to leave her, but I'll just leave it here...

"Hello - I think you might have mistaken my comment as meant for you. I didn't appreciate someone else rudely trolling in and accusing me of being rude, when that was none of their business. There is nothing rude about me saying that I thought you were 34, even if I DIDN'T have an illness which causes some cognitive impairment, which I do.

No one has the right to question my integrity when I am merely communicating sincerely. I have been a fair LJ friend to you. If you do want to view me as a troll then I'll need to drop you. That would be a shame because I thought you were nice. I also thought you were 34. pfft"

All this for someone who hasn't proved themselves worth the time of day. And as for the crapster ACTUAL troll who couldn't mind his/her own business, electrelux, this is how I feel about such people:

"I thought she was 34 - how is that any of your fucking business?! There is nothing rude about me saying so, even if I DIDN'T have an illness which causes some cognitive impairment, which I do. Again, HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT INVOLVE YOU?! You want to know what rude is look at yourself, kissing up, anointing yourself the judge of other peoples actions and morals. Seriously, take your fucking head and keep it up your own ass where it belongs, you fucking prick-ass cunt. I'm getting god damn sick of you neo-Puritan fundamentalists going around preaching freedom or fairness and doing nothing but bean counting, back-stabbing, nay-saying and putting people off from simply talking. Fucking god damn passive-aggressive fascist hypocrits. YOU MAKE ME PUKE."

If I'm being accused of being "rude" for nothing, then these people have no idea of what rude can be. Yo.

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