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I am the person who will destroy China.

they're gonna get cha!

I hear so many lies from the right, it's insane. Ed Schultz has been covering well the Lyin'-Ryan / Romney / Walker / Kochs lie that the Janesville Wisconsin GM plant shut-down was due to Barack Obama, which is completely absurd. I don't need to document why, when you can go listen to the show yourself, it was hour #1. When I stick to far-right, Constitutionalist radio, I learn a lot of good things - and you would be SURPRISED at how many positions they hold which are identical to independent progressives. (And that is not referring to the fundamentalist, identity-politics liberals at all - the neo-Puritans). It's too bad they just aren't learning to hook up and hang the bloody banksters. But, a lot of times, the fundamentalism of the far right gets just too much to wade through - and so do the lies handed down from the corporate libertarians, neo-cons and libertines, and taken up as bible, like boric acid by ants seeking sugar. One such lie was espoused by Alex Jones: Rush Limbaugh's whole anti-Fluke rant. Another Alex Jones lie: The "decency" of the illegal voter-culling in Florida. Another: Global warming can't possibly exist, or else it isn't caused or even influenced by man. (On the other hand, the fundamentalist liberals are busy negating, and claiming that ONLY man causes global warming). Another such lie goes like this...

Another major lie, which has a MAJORITY of Americans polled, (supposedly), saying that Rawmoney would be better than Obama at, "saving Medicare,"... The lie that Obama-care steals $750 million, (or, "half-a-trillion"), from Medicare. If you look into the actual facts, with a mind in more than 2 dimensions, you will see how this is untrue. The money is being RECYCLED to SAVE MONEY, and improve services, IN BOTH PROGRAMMES. But nobody ever said that GOPpers ever graduated from 4th grade thinking, and blaming, and stealing or lying.

A nice old guy, very prominent in U.S. LABOR, is Leo Gerard. He is often invited on the Ed Schultz show, talking abut labor and politics in PA and OH, and in the wider USA. All he's doing is advocating some semblance of fairness and justice, whilst jobs are methodically being shafted by ALEC, USCOC, Kochs, Vulture/Disaster Capitalists and the GOP. He barely stands a chance, when pitted against the flood of GOP cash - and lies - coming in, thanks to CITIZENS' UNITED. But I actually heard it said that Leo Gerard was leading a communist take-over of the entire country, along with Hussein Obama and, I dunno - the Velvet Underground?! (ha) They just go out and target these voices to be SMEARED, in the grandest possible fashion, so people will believe THE BIGGEST FATTEST LIES. It's insane and tragic and sad and evil - but, for me, it can be more fun than science fiction. It leaves me no TIME for science fiction. In every case, no matter how insane the lie, I have to sit back in wonderment and say to myself, "Oh, my. IMAGINE if that were actually TRUE! What would the world be like if that were actually TRUE?!" Believe me, this leads mostly to negations, and false positives rejected, many, many times. But I do keep my mind open, even to conspiracy theories like 9/11, and so forth, cuz you can learn how the pieces may fit together either wholistically or completely idiotically - and this helps you discern what may possibly be true, since it may appear valid in many dimensions, or what may be false, and where even the more obscure lies, or scaffolds for lies, lie. This is why they are called lies. Because they are non-living. They just lie there, dead, existing only to APPEAR to be evidence for greater lies and so injustices. So, it's all fine - but a bother and a waste of my precious brain. I wish all the crap politics could resolve themselves soon so I could be on to more productive things. But democracy is important. Things will be a lot different when I am king.

More fun later: "The primary purpose of religion is to tell us what to eat." PS - I'll get back to commenting yous guys soon. I do have a MIGRAINE, plus I need to mix poisons, clean under fridge/stove, apply poisons, etc., but the worst thing is that it will be up past 90 again and I might turn into a lizard.

Many great stories here lately: http://www.democraticunderground.com/

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