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I'm just not in the mood for more 90 degree weather. It slows everything down here - significantly. Then, more cockroaches come around early trick-or-treating. I got all ready to finally go to the store today, but by 3:30pm I realised it would be a fool's errand - still too ill. Actually, after eating so many eggs and sleeping a lot, my brain isn't so much ill, but trying to repair - and that can't happen with me using it for anything concurrently. So, stayed home, but called lady of the land and told her the cockroaches were gone and I want chocolate.

I'm going to sleep early again. Being on my laptop or writing just gets in the way of recovering, and so can also trigger eyegraines and/or relapses. One thing I was going to post about was the current lies from the GOPpers. And I was going to inform you of something you might now know: The corporate GOP was trying to pass a rule to allow whatever Pres nominee to throw out any state's delegates who didn't support him, and then replace them with delegates who would vote for him. Thus, they wanted to throw out the Maine people, who supported Ron Paul, etc. So, John Boner put it to a vote tonight and there was wide dissension - goggle for the video. This is something the mainstream whore media doesn't want to publicise much - dissent within the sham of a party called the GOP. Well, the opposition would have been so much more dominant, but all the Ron Paul supporters have been tucked out of the way, way away in the nosebleed sections. And, if you don't know or believe it, the GOP engineered election fraud within their OWN PRIMARIES, so that Ron Paul would lose - and they call anyone who calls them out on this, "PEOPLE WITH TINFOIL HATS". It's full crap, dude. This is HITLERISM right in front of you. A continuing train-wreck COUP. What are you going to do about it? They are going to slide Romney in no matter what the REAL vote, because electronic voting machines are vastly manipulable and in their control. This is what billions in illicit, "legal, free speech," corporate cash is getting us. When the ice is all melted, and it's not there to cool us anymore, just imagine how HOT it will be then. Same thing with this political crap. You don't know what you've got until you lose it. And now China, after Britain and even BRAZIL, and India, is dumping $TRILLIONS of out-of-thin-air, funny money YUANS into circulation as a fiscal stimulus. And so EVERYBODY IS DUMPING WORTHLESS CASH INTO THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, forestalling, just as they are dumping it into campaigns, the likes of Romney's. We are headed into deep SHIT, which you, we, and all the animals have not seen since creation began. Hold on, Newt, cuz we're goin' 'round the corner!

Who am I to blow against the wind?
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