I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Was the Universe once a Big Chili Dog?

You know, I long ago considered the Big Bang perhaps to be a kind of phase-change. This was mainly because I was very into phase-changes at the time - (and I need to get back to that!) It was a phase. And I have changed. But I am posting this article not for what it says, but just to point out a few quirky things, having to do with scientists not knowing a hole in the ground from another hole in the ground, mainly. OK. The Big Bang. You can't get there from here, (ha). But, listen, the universe popped out of nowhere, which the common man is not supposed to be able to comprehend? OK. Where did your math pop out of? Your ass? (jk). No really, first it came out of a tiny dot in a space which didn't exist, and then had an infinitely gigantic explosion which quickly cooled down, and brought us essential elements, including lithium to keep us from getting too depressed about what they mean. A giant fart? Now, they envision a phase-shift. A phase shift FROM WHAT? Why can't they say that the universe began from a virtual particle, an infinity of which now exist in our present universe - which would be a less theo-centric way of looking at it. Not one creation, but vast, perpetual creation. It would clear up dark energy like very effective acne medication. And what's the deal with Super-Strings? Are they action heroes? If they are the essence of reality, all vibrating, musically, wtf are they vibrating IN? Yo heead?! Where is the TIME coming from, within which they vibrate? Believe me, even lots of well-endowed scientists are also impatient with string theory, which has at least 9 heads. Possibly 12. They want to string it up and treat it like the byotch that it is. Anyway, my main motivation to post this article: Scientist ultimately understand things only by ANALOGY. Metaphor. Pretty visualisations. Art. Bowling balls on sheets of rubber. Vibrating frickin strings. Trains of light shooting through space. But they don't know the mind of god cuz god don't even know the mind of god which is why he is currently is vacationing in Hawaii. Along with all us other virtual gods - in our heeads. - http://www.livescience.com/22573-big-bang-water-freezing.html

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