I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A lament to Father Sun

How can it be, dear people of the Earth, that you think your things? You KNOW your things? These things you know, they are as sure footed as the land beneath your mortal feet. And even as you hold these truths, you are seen throwing a chair, at the latest odd man out, happening through? How is it that this chair is thrown, when you know your things? And how is it that all your generation are throwing and brandishing assorted types of furniture, and various appliances, many fashioned in the shape of artillery? I see a bubbling cauldron of things being thrown, all about the land, and yet you know your things. A heave goes up and suddenly it's war. War of the furniture. And you are throwing your things at people who are throwing things at you. And you know your things. And they know their things. And, sometimes, you are both knowing the same things, and yet you throw your things. How did it get to this, when the land below was never in doubt, until you stumbled, and grumbled about? What does one have to do with another? This chair - and that head. Knowing the truth, all that's fit to know, versus throwing a fit, fitting for war, when all you claim to know is IT - but all you really know is shit. How can you stand there preaching to me all the logics of a universe of bricks, and you are bomming homes of sticks, and of stones? And, before you know, you are bomming your own. How so, please tell, dear people of the Earth, how so far have you come to this?

And, in a semi-unrelated thought, everybody knows we need to manage our money. But how can it be that those who manage money, the banks, have come to have enemies? How has it come to be that the banks have come to need enemies? To bleed them? To run the presses at full speed in order to finance and defeat those enemies - those enemies of the mere, "management of money"? What, here as well, does one have to do with the other? And they are buying up our politics and our souls, just to be able to trounce those foes around the globe? For the management of money? Then - what is this "money" they are managing? Is it some vampiric attachment, commandeering the behaviour of banks? Is money a living breathing, dictating parasite?! What if it were so?! Can you imagine - how could it be?! And the banks are bankrolling our prescriptions, like mad doctors for Merck - prescriptions for military service, but what is in our head - the management of money? Does it make sense, dear proles? Is there a turn of sense of this, in the shallows of your heads? Or do you roll over and over like new asphalt on old, blanketing the previous enrolled, the last great wave of unknowns, all for the love of, and duty to, depleted uranium? Is this the management of money? Where is the oil so often referenced in all of this? Do you even know? Do you know why we are in Afghanistan? Iran? And yet you demand adherence to you fall to genocide by money-management - and yet you say you know. You will slaughter those wishing to save your sanity, as you brandish a ghost of liberty, oh. I say, oh - it is a haunting loss into a lost abyss, this so called, "management of money," isn't it - whatever it is?

Nether Guy steps out, lands his dog in the middle of the yard, waiting for me to show. And then he goes, "Oh, do you want to get your dog now? Ok..." and he takes his dog inside, saying, "That's OK - he's been out for a WHILE..." A WHILE? You've been spending twenty minutes of your life trying to be out here when I finally appeared, just to prove you own the time, and are IN CONTROL? What is that? Can anybody tell me what the fuck is that? He goes out of his way, to create the problem - and then he is suddenly there to solve the problem for me? What is that and who needs it? Its as vain as spite.

But, I'll tell you what it is - as our empire turns to a mound of dried penguin beaks - it is the point of human dysfunction, and is apparently the better part of male human nature. Ever notice how most males these days act this way - possibly you do not. Many females are equally immersed in the dysfunction, an so do not see this baiting and controlling, especially in the males they love, in their way. I, personally, am sick of it - I grew up around some coward-bully who practiced this crap and I know it like the bottom of my god-forsaken skull. And, willi-woo, all the world begins to turn on this ethic contrived and conspired by the great American male, en masse: DESTROY AND DEFEND! DESTROY AND DEFEND! Disaster capitalism. The shock doctrine. (goggle those last two terms). We all need a good - nay, better yet: A PERPETUAL - manufactured crisis, for the coward-bullies to step in and save us from. To bolster their control. To build up the National Security State. We need those coward-bully banksters building us proles all up for the next war. Looks like the Moslem Brotherhood is taking over Egypt! Don't worry, we'll save the day with American troops, bribe bribe bribe... Good god, I could wander off into infinite examples here, but I feel that you all know what I am talking about, even if it's a new concept to you. False flags. Proxy wars. Puppet governments. Expendancy. This - this, y'all - this is how we print our money. Money from thin blood, for oil - that we may languish long in liberty, each his mandibles locked in the mandibles of some other pathetic ant, clasped in a death dance, while all the world burns. This, somehow, we called, "the management of money." This, we thought, was somehow an ethic of morality. How is it so that we know some things, and this is the way we go?

Ashes. Ashes. Stretch out your arm to hold, and we are ashes, oh, Father Sun.

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