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Are you a zombie for Gluten, the King of Gunk?

Back when I was drinking beer like an IRISHMAN, my health, of course, suffered. More than a few cups, and alcohol messes with your cellular biochemistry - and I think it makes cells walls and the B-B-Barrier more permeable to toxins - toxins like those who hang out around alcohol, like aldehydes. Aldehydes destroy the brain, and can also be found in cooked or rancid oils, vinegar, ants, and FEMA trailers. Aldehydes, and the hydroxyl radical, are two big reasons why we have anti-oxidants, usually found in colourful veggies, fruits, spices, herbs, and concerts by the Russian rock group, "The Free Radical Scavengers." If you have even the slightest glimmer of psychic abilities, you will notice that alcohol, and aldehydes, have some odd correlation to YEAST.

Yeast is something we animals have been fighting against for millions of years, and is one big reason why we have PRO-BIOTIC gut bacteria, introduced to us by mother's milk, but first making it's appearance as SOIL MICROBES. Since we have fallen off in eating soil and mother's milk, and the government has made RAW MILK FRIKIN ILLEGAL, and because we eat sugars and refine carbs and meat and bread, we get too much yeast. A little beer and wine may help steer this problem towards more friendly yeast.

But sometimes a yeast problem can be introduced through the gut lining and into the blood, and into the heart, and into the brain. And even if they don't reach the brain, their aldehyde, etc., toxins do, which can set off a firestorm of immune problems making your brain insane. Candida yeast has proteins on it which resemble the brain neurotransmitter SEROTONIN - so imagine the confusions IN YO HEEAD - along with the mistakes by your immune system. Luckilly, yeast only eat dead tissue, but that's no help cuz sometimes ya just wanna die.

Yeast can entrench themselves, as well, in your sinuses, and cause, at the least, a lifetime of exhausting allergies up there. Some yeasts breath oxygen, some not - the latter are called, "anaerobic." If you have some trouble in a region of your body, and oxygen is blocked there, well, these yeast may slip in and take up permanent residence, in the company of other pathogens. And/or, other yeasts who breath oxygen can steal away O2 from some regions. This predisposes you to illnesses and diseases - the worst being CANCER. Many have compared cancer to a fungus, (which includes yeast). And some even feel that cancer IS a fungus. So, something so silly as yeast can be a big, big problem for you one day, and not a lot of allopathic doctors are hip to this, baby.

But the main topic of this post is not yeast, it is the great god of the Mormans: Gluten. Ever notice gluten and yest like to hang together all the time, in bread, e.g.? Yeast like to eat gluten and fart, I think, and this raises dough for their special outings, protected by the gunky scaffolding erected by gluten. Yeast also eat sugars. Sugars encourage cancer, if your body is out-of-whack, as when it has the wrong gut bacteria, from eating gluten and beer, i.e., pizza and beer.

What is gluten? Gluten is a fucked up, twisted up long protein chain, encouraged to form through the twisting and kneading of amino acids in flour. But it is also intrinsic to some flours such as wheat, bulgar, barley, couscous, wheat BRAN, bran flakes, wheaties, etc., and may also be found in some oats - via contact with wheat machinery, or as natural oat gluten, which some say is toxic, but some say not. (The following are gluten free unless processed near gluten: Buckwheat, wheat-grass, lemon-grass, barley-grass, sorghum, quinoa, corn/maize, "some oats", flax-seed, rice, rice-bran, chia seeds, etc.).

The problem with toxic gluten, other than it being the Antichrist, is that it can VERY OFTEN silently irritate peoples intestines, inflaming them, and making them leaky, aka, "leaky gut syndrome." This does not only occur in Celiac Disease or Chrones Colitis, but MOST CERTAINLY to an even greater number of apparently normal/healthy folks. Red hair does not ward off any gluten problems, and may even be correlated to them. And this is not merely limitted to GLUTEN INTOLERANCE - OR EVEN TO GLUTEN SENSITIVITY - this may simply be a common occurrence in the nether regions of the bowels of mankind: Gluten is attacking our guts. We become predisposed to this when yeast increases in response to ANTI-BIOTICS, or poor eating/drinking, or stress, or EVEN TO IMMUNE SYSTEM ADJUVANTS FOUND IN IMMUNISATION AND BOOSTER SHOTS. (A link to chronic illness has been found there).

So, we eat wheat and bread all the time, we feed the yeast with sugars an refined carbs like flour, and pretty soon our gut is dysfunctional, letting in yeast and gluten toxins into the bloodstream. Not only that, if our exhausted enzymes, (and acidophiles), fail to break those big twisted up gluten molecules, strangely reminiscence of twisted up prions, (plaque, or, "gunk", in Alzheimers), back down into little usable amino acids, then entire - or sufficiently undigested - gluten molecules can proceed to march through our inflamed, leaky guts, reeking havoc on our immune system.

Our immune system did not evolve to deal with this perverse molecule, introduced to civilisation a mere 10,000-20,000 years ago. During those years, many humans have been dying off due to resulting chronic diseases, cancers, malnourishment, erratic behaviour, drunk driving, and possibly wars, all associated with gluten and yeast brought to us by the infamous SEED, wheat or barley, in bread, in beer, in cake, etc., and often in affiliation with overindulgence in liquids fermented from those seeds. Please note, however, that FERMENTED FOODS ARE EXTREMELY HEALTHY IN MODERATION. These include beer, wine, cheese, sourkrauet, vinegar, cider, borsch, and many bizarre Asian dishes, (UNLESS THEY CONTAIN GLUTEN). This is because they contain wonderful enzymes for digestion, and other stuff, (also a little aldehydes, so).

So - you think you have been getting a little too chubby around the midriff? Maybe you don't have a beer belly, so much as you have a parasitic zombie WHEAT BELLY! Or BARLEY BELLY!! And maybe you drink too much, or act too crazy, not because of beer - so much as because GLUTEN is FUCKING WITH YOUR ALREADY DRUNKEN MIND. The more you ignore my warnings, the closer you may come to looking exactly like me, or else perishing, which would be preferable than looking like me.

I no longer have a "beer" belly, but I live a quiet life in the bowels of Satan, wishing I had gone further in life as something better like maybe a wino or something. And, note how terribly sick I have been this past week. Note also how I was suckin on the gluten just before that. I hate to admit this, but gluten inflames my CFS and Alzheimers like symptoms - even encouraging diabetes-like, and hypothyroid, problems, because of the screwed up metabolic processes. It's hell.

Note that CFS may be more closely related to Alzheimers than has generally been thought - AND - Alzheimers is being shown to be more closely related to diabetes than was thought only a few years ago. Well, anyway... read about...

WHEAT BELLY! - http://www.naturalnews.com/036845_wheat_belly_weight_gain_gluten.html

10 Good Reasons to Give Up Gluten = http://buzz.naturalnews.com/000287-gluten-nutrition-diet.html

GLUTEN SENSITIVITY - http://www.naturalnews.com/036455_gluten_sensitivity_flour.html

CELIAC - http://www.livescience.com/21993-americans-with-celiac-disease-unaware.html

WikiPedia - https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Gluten-free,_casein-free_diet

There is also an article somewhere about the link between flu shots (adjuvants) correlated to chronic illnesses.

Well, listen, there is a lot more going on inside your almost infinite, multi-dimensional body. There are ten times more alien lifeforms on your body than there are cells which belong to you - perhaps this is by weight - in which case if you weigh 100 pounds now, you only weigh ten pounds with all these other guys removed, ha! Science spends a lot of time figuring out the basic relationships of but a few isolated subjects or factors. Meanwhile, multi-factoral interactions are occurring inside of you all the time, which science has yet to even DREAM of - for example, the interactions of 60,000 unstudied chemicals approved for release into the environment.

The interaction of just two or three toxins can bring down Goliath, but science has yet to study the interaction, and so anyone who suggests as much is not, "thinking critically." Which reminds me, background radiation, found in an abundance of places, lowers people's health threshold, and encourages illness, as pullutants encourage the weakening of immune systems in animals, and so invite fungal and viral diseases, often interactive, as in Mad Bat Disease, or Mad Bee Disease, or Mad Man 101 Disease, and so forth.

Well, what good is it to fight off the great devil of GLUTEN, when GMO's are probably already making you chronically ill?! That's right. GMO's are in 80% of our crops, many which fortunately perished in a lucky-as-hell drought, hey? GMO's are BAD NEWS. And I can't even go there right now. But your body does not even need 90 (trace) minerals and vitamins, carbs, amino acids, etc., it also need LIFE.

It needs LIGHT. It needs natural RHYTHM. It needs HEALTHY WATER. It needs good BIOTA. It needs LIVING RNA - from live food, intermingling with it's own DNA, repairing, communicating. These are living COMMUNITIES going on down there, and if all of them get it wrong because you are eating dead food, or GMOs, you will probably die young. GMOs have been shown to insert themselves into our genes, or into the genes of gut bacteria, where they can, and do, produce mutations and toxins - for the rest of our lives.

GMO technology is insane - and only exists because of greedy vulture people - it has nothing to do with feeding you - but duping and coercing you into buying their products of failure. So, check this...

goggle for full link: www.sciencedaily.com/…medicine/chronic_illness/397/

I'll have more on gmos later. (Be sure to check my tags). But what good does it do going to General Mill's GLUTEN FREE website, when General Mills is lobbying to save GMO in foods, (http://buzz.naturalnews.com/000484-Proposition_37-GMO_labeling-GMO.html), and has GMO in their GF foods? It is currently against the law to even label non GMO foods as being non-GMO. All you can do is buy CERTIFIED ORGANIC, and these will be non-GMO. But, anyway, here are some Gluten-Free sites, INCLUDING GMO GENERAL MILLS. You be the decider.


schar gluten free - goggle


I forgot what this is - http://danmahony.com/bigfood2.htm

I haven't gone searching for better GF sites - Bob's Red Mill is one. I find most of mine via http://www.azurestandard.com.

Gluten-free BEER - Red Bridge (sorghum beer), and...

GF and wise food LJ communities:

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