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duke of lazy dancing fish-head space-egg sandwich of earl

Posted on 2012.08.19 at 12:05
So fatigued/exhausted this morning. BTW - the CDC definition of CFS is simplistic enough, but I've been to the Mayo Clinic' site, and they're definition is really so sad it is laughable. However, one major advancement they made was by saying, "CFS is triggered or aggravated by mental or physical activity."(para) See that? It says, MENTAL ACTIVITY. (All of you know that I pour my heart out here with an abundance of MENTAL ACTIVITY). And, not only that, they put it BEFORE "physical activity"! This is so true - but try to explain this to someone seeking to merely talk your ear off! (And then going away all angry at you for some damn slip). This, despite all your graciousness, and valour, in the face of overbearing life, which is a zombie. However, Mayo fails to include digestive probs or the great range of brain/cognitive probs in w/ the symptoms. They don't list, "digestive activity," or, "certain foods, classes of foods, or chemicals - e.g., wheat, sugars, MSG, Aspartame, most oils, etc.", in with the list of triggers, because this would bother lazy minds. People w/ CFS, after all, are assumed to be the ones with the lazy minds, so we don't want anyone dozing off while they read about them). They also don't list, "stress", as a trigger - or viral load, or allergies, or GOP politicians...

Indeed, just so you out there know, people with many brain-related illnesses, (perhaps most), are absolutely determined or desperate to generate mental activity, and preserve their sense of identity, safety, and such. Why? Why would a CFS person do this, if it makes him/her sicker? BECAUSE! Because self-generated, creative, and associative thinking are VASTLY different to the processing of incoming information, especially of the abstract, directional, analytical, or mathematical sorts - (unless the person was quite expert in one of these areas prior to the onset). I was expert at writing, and pretty good at analysis. In such cases, these forms of thinking can also be very self-generated and creative/associational. But listening to someone giving directions, or telling you what they expect you SHOULD do, or blaming for no reason, or seeking to play mind-games and to control - these can be extremely stressful and injurious. Physically, PAINFULLY injurious - and therefore, these are actual forms of violence, if not hate crimes. Insidious passive aggression towards someone known to be disabled with such an illness can be considered a hate crime. But, of course, I am dreaming up my ass there aren't I, silly me!

Silly me! I'm a SILLY GIRL! I'm so GAY! You, patient reader, may be surprised to learn that the word, "silly," once meant, "BLESSED," as in, "The Silly Virgin Mary." And the word, "girl," once meant, "boy," (just as, "man," once meant both males and females!", as in, "You Democrats are such BOYISH men!" So, yes, I am a silly girl - and therefore the reason I walk to the store in Spring dresses may not be due to gender, "dysphoria," (... ahhhh.... dysPHORia!.... ), but to the fact that I am chanelling some guy who lived in the 1500's: "Gang wayth, heretofore yon fucks! I beith dear SILLY GIRL to chomp ur flippies!" And everyone responded by saying, "that's nice," (which meant something very different back then), and commenced to go into labour, with relish and wage garnishes.

Proudly a silly girl, I did my Julia Childs this morning, and cooked up what turned out to be a fishy GYROS. I didn't have cucumber sauce but I had fried zucchini and onions (yumions), plus my cray cray mustard, and garden-fresh tomato-illae. Plus some mozzarella to hold together my two somewhat fried corn tortillas. One thing I learnt today: It may possible to fry two tortillas, "as one," and the steam will stick the two touching pieces together somewhat. (That's nice for like if you want to use them for a hotdog or something). It might depend on the brand, however. Anyway, IT WAS DELICIOUS AND MADE ME SING, "BRAZIL!" - cha cha cha, cha cha cha cha-cha.... for no reason whatsoever except my fatigued mind is becoming delusional. Onions, btw, are bad for my recently-gluten-bommed intestines, and yet I always eat them cuz they are supposed to be so good in every other way than that they kill me. THE END. PS - I forgot what the point of this post was going to be. Oh... yeah... The large sardines were from ECUADOR.... TBC...

They are EcuaDORAN! NOT ECUADORIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agh!!!!!!!!!

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