I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

drink like a dolphin

Struggling through the morning like an earthworm striving to become a butterfly. One little thing helped, against this gluten-paved CFS relapse, was when I listened to my radio about a woman swimming in the Antarctic, and I imagined being in a cold bath. Being in a cold bath, which I hate, really kicks in my somatotrophic hormone, (growth hormone), and either that or cortisol/adrenaline, always seemed to help. So, it kinda helped just by imagining it.. The woman was a wonder - Lynn Cox. She practiced for a mile-swim down there by swimming from one main NZ island to the other, with all of NZ cheering her on, and USA ships honking in the Cook Straits - but most wonderfully, she was spirited on by many dolphins swimming with her. Whenever she was losing hope, they were back up around her, pirouetting, and flipping, etc., and they came close-up to finally guide her into the harbour. Dolphins are smarter than us in most ways, basically having alternate brains, pronounced psychic abilities. Sonar communication. Wisdom enough not to run their own civilisations into extinction. Swimming across the ocean to get away from Fukushima. They were happy to usher in Lynn Cox, because they were excited, collectively remembering when they were first land mammals, testing out the sea again, getting away from predators. So, they were mentoring us, a species. Hoping we were beginning to change our ways, escaping into the sea in order to get away from ourselves. That was inspiring, compared to the earlier news about Rommney's VP pick. My brain is really an anal plug. I think I will only be able to do several little posts today. I had wanted to go do things today but things are really taking a toll on me. Also - great/disgusting "This American Life," - how the System targets the innocents these days - entrapping cooperative Moslum INFORMANTS. Just like the wholesome habits of profitting by destroying life for everyone else, or, what was it that Paul Ryan said, making false promises and then getting into office and breaking them - like they are going to break their promise not to repeal MediCare. I'm from Wisconsin and I oughta know. Mitt Romeny, on the other hand, "Is a man of principle... of integrity." This country is completely insane.

I just hope it comes out about Paul Ryan. He wears boys size 10 underpants.

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