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I am the person who will destroy China.

OCCULT MONEYISM: From chicken shit to Vain capitalism.

Make your orders now for your piping-hot GF pea-veggie spaghetti and win a free pancake. (Not responsible for syphilis or locked knees).

I gave someone a paperback book one Christmas. As usual, since he was related, he spent a lot of time looking at it, derisively, lying on his talking coffee table. Eventually, he came back to me and said,

"That book was really good."

I told him I was glad cuz I thought he would really like it. And then he found that I had gathered this opinion from reading book reviews, and that I myself had never actually read the book. Now, what better act of charity, than to give something that one would enjoy reading instead. But he was quickly returned to his smouldering conservative self, and proceeded to hate me for somehow making a fool out of him or something. Because I had never read the book. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? But, in his mind, if I did not commit the required act, then my gift was insincere or subversive - never mind that I was living in a state of destitution and grief and to be able to relax with a book was something akin to having a girlfriend made out of ice cream to me - it just wasn't something I could do, but at least I could give a GIFT. But, no, he saw me as being on some cynical mission to sucker or, how shall we say, "play", him. Mainly because he fed on seeing certain people so, like a bottom-feeder will surely eat your bottom.

This, my friends, is not exactly an example of "OCCULT MONEYISM", but it's what I was thinking about. And it's a ok lead-in, to a silly quicky theme-post that I am not really intending to do much work on. The gist of this example, though, is this: Unless you walk through certain hoops, with some people, nothing else matters, and you get turned into fodder for their fulcritude. I have no idea what fulcritude means. Let's look it up...

Fulcritude doesn't mean anything. So, here is what I say it means: A stingy, broiling spite-like need to conform people to blamable caricatures, based on some bad childhood experience with excrement. Fulcritude may serve higher purposes, such as defining the rough, shifting periphery of some otherwise rigid social morality as interpreted and executed by the peanut butter ego. (A peanut butter ego is one that gloms onto people, via poor distinction of boundaries or respect). A further higher purpose which can be served by fulcritude is this: Determining roughly where one views this morality to end, and social ECONOMICS begins - these two actually blend together and are inseparable, especially in the insect world, where human dandruff is the primary currency of exchange.

"Houston, we have a problem." That is some famous quote from some famous movie. It applies to many real and sarcastic occasions in our going-ons. You can say it, and people will know what you mean, and sometimes they may chuckle and die right there on the ground like they ate a bag of boric acid. Not really. But imagine saying, "Houston, we have a problem," to the wrong person - a person of great fulcritude. Jealous that you have, "grabbed the limelight," this person may proceed to compete with you, and perhaps quote another line from the same movie, which has nothing to do with nothing, except it is from the same movie, and makes this person appear smart and magical and hip and possibly a Pharasee. A Pharasee is a person thought to see-a-far, but who more often is a two-bit faker playing for political promotion. Mitt Romney is, for example, a Pharasee. They are useful to the top elites, cuz their assumed authority and sleight-of-hand keeps the people building pyramids, zombie-like in their chipperness. So, the Pharasee asshole guy responds with this quote, meant to test you, and maybe invite you into a wonderful world of Satanism and fermented cow dung, but most likely to trounce you with the great Albatross of Embarrassment. Prior to the extinction, wherein we ate them to death, DoDo birds once performed this ritual, rather than albatrosses, (and, in Cuba, persons name Eduardo). So, you are confused by what the guy just said, and stand there stupified - and maybe then the guy, bully-like, goads others to guffaw.

What has happened was a textbook case of, "OCCULT MONEYISM." How so? Well, even though you said a very pertinent, witty thing, "Houston, we have a problem," it is clear to everyone that you have never seen the actual movie, from witherwhere the quote sprouted. To the fulcritudinous Pharasee asshole type, you don't deserve to live - and he, and his minions, are merly being SUPER NICE to even allow you to continue breathing in his presence. Why? Because you have no authority. You never did the required HIP THING, i.e., seeing the movie. Therefore, you are basically running around irresponsible, flailing about indeterminately and recklessly, on a mission to graner credit for yourself when indeed, they think, you deserve nothing but an extra anus to wipe. Like a superstatic subatomic particle, or worldline, or cat, you have been COLLAPSED into the caricature of BEING DROLL - which is a euphemism for BEING CHEAP - which is a euphemism for BEING POOR. Squaresville, man. You never spent the required money on a movie, and therefore social ACCESS DENIED. It is as if you were the Theory of Evolution, and now you have suddenly been disproved, by the elite fundamentalists in the know. You are no longer an economic actor, to whom telemarketers cater - you with your flashy free will. Instead, you are considered a lump of old cheese to be ground away into a tasty meal of soelant green for the king's fatted cats. You are a commodity. Like a dollar bill - set in stone - and yet created out of thin fartful air. Oh, once you could have been King yourself, like all the others of the elite, but now you are just naked, a mole-rat, an Albatross.


And, so, this is how classism wheedles it's way through the crowds, through these ridiculous, third-grade games of "OCCULT MONEYISM." You are worthless cuz you didn't set your value according to the price of the required movie ticket. What if EVERYONE did this?! What mayhem should follow! The whole structure of society and authority would simply fall apart, and then it would leave the Pharasees and the KING looking naked, wouldn't it?! Albatross! Oh, no, we can't have that. So, you are now an unknown. An Unknowable and Untouchable. Nobody knows what you might do next, no longer controlled by the social invisible hand of money, which is assumed to mean, "morality." OMG what wooooooooood happen?!?!? shame shame!! You are going to Hell because you insulted Capitalism. Or, more precisely, because you flouted MONEYISM, and all the cool elite people who pave its ceilings.

"But wait!" yous shout, "I thought this was just about having fun - or, at worst, ABOUT BEING COOL!" And the dark ghostlike shades will come out of the manholes and say, "No, neo-Scrooge. This was about kissing ass. This was using rolls and rolls of dollar bills to wipe the ass of King Chase, pedophile at large, and drinker of raw milk and Labor blood."

Because: In the upper echelons, (which are really downer), "coolness," means the insistence on spending as much money as possible, in order to acquire more. The more you spend, the more godlike you become. And, when you get REALLY HIGH up there, it's more about flushing as much money down the toilet as possible, like a paranoid drug-runner, trapped like a rat. To be cool, it isn't so much that you see the most HIP movies - it's more about you seeing the most EXPENSIVE movies. And, then it becomes seeing the most CRAPPY expensive movies, cuz that's tres ironic. Then, an even MORE cool thing to do is to pay someone else to watch movies for you, and to speak for you and possibly feed you Big Macs. You can say, "Since I don't watch movies, I PAAY someone to watch them for me, then anything I say is EVEN BETTER than a movie quote, although complete gibberish!" Ooooooooh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Look at his CLOTHES!!!!!! They're made out of PEOPLE!!!!!!!

"OCCULT MONEYISM." - "Occult", by the way, doesn't really mean superstitious religions. It means, "That which is NOT SEEN. Hidden. Blocked. Smelling like a fish somewhere it shouldn't be." So, "OCCULT MONEYISM," is the elevation of money into a primary ideology or standard or morality, derived from the UNSEEN mechanisms of petty and ridiculous social interactions. However, when you get up there into the upper ELITES, then "Occult" begins to mean not only the magical creation and evacuation of great UNSEEN amounts of money, in a classy and magical Pharaseean way, but, yes, SUPERSTITIOUS RELIGIONISM. Because the more money flies by like vapour, the better. It gets so an elite can't feel "cool", i.e., CLASSY, unless he spends thousands of dollars on a bottle of wine - and winces because he's, "not in the mood for wine at the moment ACTUALLY." Or, needing to outdo his own absurdity, the addiction turns to buying entire wine cellars - and then having these all smashed. Ain't THAT rich. Or maybe today we'll litter Bordeaux with a maelstrom of Patriot missiles! Then we'll bring in some cleaning folks and that will bring up our stock. That will bring up Wall Street - and the GDP! Because we are divine, and essential to the smoot function of DISASTER CAPITALISM!!! See? That's how it works.

It starts off with the humble-sort-of conservative taking slight over some perceived disparity behind gift-giving, cuz, "It's all about VALUE. It's about WHAT'S IMPORTANT," to gangs of elites basically gambling on the evapouration of our atmosphere, Karl-Roving the streets of the world, terrorising serfs and countries with their great, all-powerful derivative hedgefunds. "Cool!" say the idiots. As they are swooshed away by the next Bainful vultures.

In THIS movie, zombie corporations transform into men, and men into gambling zombies. They all work together, in a must-be-intelligent-design, Satanic conspiracy, propping up the dead bones of capitalism by twisting the knife a little further, running around claiming to create value, and jobs, when all they are are a buch of disoriented KFC chickens with their heads chopped off, a la, Mitt Romney.


Or...no... Not a chicken!

Not an Albatross!

But, did I see the shadow of a DoDO behind that curtain?!

Mitt Romney...

Wearing no clothes?

Holy Willard...

DoDo ugly!

So - OK - I've pretty much run that topic into the ground, and now I add this post script, for the serious student of my work: Well, what TV shows you follow, what jeans or shoes you buy, what you did on your summer vacation, where you drink your coffee, what kind of car you have, what suburb you own, etc., these little tests of you coolness are all based on how much money you are willing to spend, like an idiot, to try to climb to the top of the pyramid, and how many skulls you may be willing to crush along the way. They determine how needy you are on it all, on Moneyism coolness. How rich you can pretend to be, like a drag queen down the prison yard. How MUCH CREDIT IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL. But, all of the sudden, in 2008, this kingly dream kinda collapsed, and everyone looked at each other and thought,"ALBATROSS! and proceeded to try to eat each other's head, like the zombies do on EliteTV. So, suddenly, each was collapsed no longer into favour with the elites, but into the albatross of embarrassment. Naked! Running from the Garden. So, now the test was never to show how much social and economic credit you had access to - or how much money you could magically produce - but on HOW POOR YOU ARE AND HOW MUCH YOU OWE. How much of a slave have you suddenly become? Dude. That's not cool.

Well, anyway, all of this stuff around the edges of where individual and society, or morals and economics, merge and split, it is THE place where we create economic value - as in, how cool it would be if you worked for me and I gave you a chicken and a tart?! "Awesome!" It never had to go bad. It never had to become so perverted by the fulcritudinous assholes and Pharasees into ONLY a game about proving classworthiness. In a decentralised, grassroots-up economy, it has very little to do with class - and so with vertical class division, (and horizontal groupism), or the dead-end pooling of capital, derived from labour. This is the area of gift-giving, valuation, trust, sincerity, barter, cooperation, and so forth. I think I might have posted a lot about gift-giving long ago in this journal - or else in my stolen spiral journals.

And, some other examples of what I describe above, can be found, I think, in my post about the floating tree-trimmers. I think, in that post, I described a few examples of where someone might walk up asking for my help, and they get $$$ from me so they can buy gas, and then they suddenly become angry, and decide never to return to me the change. In these instances, the personal interaction also is collapsed into money valuations, by a similar kind of egotistical judgmentalism. But, ya know, I'll have to sort out the differences and similarities later, as a giant mole is currently sucking on my shin.

"pulchritude: Great physical beauty and appeal." - ha! that's ironic. Who made this damn brain anyway?! I want a refund.

"They writhed in their chairs to gaze around and over the impending form of Tildy, that Aileen's pulchritude might season and make ambrosia of their bacon and eggs."

Also, I have no idea where, "Houston, we have a problem," comes from. It might have been from a 1980's movie. Crucify me.

I couldn't find the examples here but I'll look a little more - http://madman101.livejournal.com/947965.html
Maybe this is in a similar Vain - http://fascist-watch.livejournal.com/3529.html
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