I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

or just WALK ON BURNING ROCKS! Yeah!!!

The question was,

"How do you become successful?"

My answer was going to be:

"You destroy ice-caps and mega-fauna."

ha ha

But - I didn't get any WRITER'S BLOCK BECAUSE: "The Writer's Block feature has been disabled. It is no longer possible to answer a Writer's Block question, and as of July 12, 2012, no further questions will be posted. Thank you for your previous participation in this feature. We hope to bring back Writer's Block in the future, though there is no timeline for that as yet."

Yeah, that's smart. Remove one of LJ's most popular thingies. They want to attract new users and they ruin one simple thingie that lets even SIMPLETONS feel at home here. Russians!

So - I'm sucking on salted peanut butter pretending it's the old days when I was high. And this is my definition of the virtual-reality experience of success. However, to get to the PB, I first had to accidentally knock some water and send it flying. My dog came into the kitchen to see if I was all right - (just like I used to do for my mother). I said I was OK, but he still wanted to know, and then I told him I made some "water falling down," and he completely comprehended, looked about for water on the floor, and walked back to his bed. From downstairs, come the noise of the Nether People retaliating at me for the noise, making some banging sound. Which do you prefer, paper dog or plastic human?

I'm just waiting for the day they win the lottery...

"""""Actress Shannen Doherty once quit her hit TV series Charmed after she was duped into thinking she won the lottery.

She recalls, “Every once and while when the lotto was really big, the cast would all go in and buy everybody on the crew and ourselves lottery tickets… The next day comes around (so)… I grab my lotto ticket, go back to the make-up trailer, sit there, look through the newspaper – and I’ve won. It was like $42-52 million, somewhere in that range.

“I jump up – I’m screaming hysterically – I run out of the make-up trailer, I run to my trailer, I gather up all my stuff, I run to my car, jump in, put it in drive, and start peeling out of the lot.

“(The cast and crew) come running after my car screaming, I stop really quick, and I’m like, ‘What?’ And they’re like, ‘Where are you going?’ and I’m like, ‘I won the lottery, I quit!’ They had to tell me that I did not win the lottery and I was still broke and I still had to work. I actually cried hysterically, I had tears pouring down my face.”


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