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Getting a good start on my writing day - finally.

Meanwhile, my bedroom is become a danger zone, and the deadline to submit documents to the IL Dept of Revenue for property tax refunds is - sometime around now.

Music -

Jet - GET BORN - I was surprised when first listening to this CD that I had heard 4 of the songs already on the radio. The CD is put together well, and there are some very good songs, but they are mostly standard hard rock. Yes, they put new energy into, but it still bores me.

Rachel Yamagata - HAPPENSTANCE - She's the hot new talent from Chicago, with a hit song, Wore Me Down. A GREAT SONG. She is somewhere between Dido and Nora Jones, and someone else. And that's the prob - she doesn't sound especially original. Except there's one song where they combine Mississippi bottle neck with piano, which sounds fresh. I would say this CD is worth buying if you want a moody mellow jazzy CD about losing love. Not me. And the little tiger thing she does with her voice is really irritating. But still, it's not a BAD CD.

Dandy Warhols - WELCOME TO THE MONKEY HOUSE - This is definitely get-high music, and the fourth song is so make-out music, that you'll start making out whether you want to or not. Psychadelic pop from the sixties, yet original. However, the thing that makes it get-high mx is the same thing that can make it boring, they fix on one beat and paint around it. No change, not much melody change either. But this is a REALLY GOOD CD. Reminds my sometimes of Wilco, and one song also reminds me of TFF Mad World! Another song I can almost taste the pot on my breath.

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