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santa's pyramid found

Posted on 2012.07.27 at 22:04
"I’m sitting there in the Orderly Room with about 40 other people and we were waiting for the last formation of the day. We’re watching the TV (Channel 13), a news program was on and they started talking about this Chinese detonation of an underground nuclear bomb that was set off earlier that year (May 22, 1992, at 1 AM EDT). OK, and they were talking about that – how big it was and then there was a byline... And the story was about geologists around the world had been informed through the U. N. because China had told the U. N. they were going to do this. And so these geologists got together and said let’s get the best recordings of the Earth's crust and mantle using the vibrations from this explosion. What the geologists said they found in this byline (Anchorage TV Channel 13) story was under Alaska, they found a pyramid bigger than the one in Egypt. They said they did not know if it were solid or hollow. They could not tell that, but they had the distinct outline of a pyramid." - http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2000&category=Environment

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