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crazy /goth - insane clobs
Posted on 2012.07.27 at 21:20
Sometimes, it seems that all the mundane absurdity is just a product of my wonderful and cutting imagination. Like a 9-5 job, I post my commentaries and satires and systems about follies all around us, which we like to crack a smile about. But really, these follies don't EXIST in the world THAT much - beyond my 9-5. I leave my job and don't take my LJ work home with me, and I'm supposed to relax and get on with normal people in a normal world. And nothing is really as bizarre or intense as my LJ posts make things out to be. Right? Wrong. Reality is even worse. Reality has flipped its fucking lid. Everything I write is way too polite, way too fun, way too innocuous, compared to the true CRAZY out there. Well, I had a particularly Kafkaesque day today, except more-so. And it's just too much, I can't begin to post about it tonight. I either need a vacation or a raise.

"I need THIS!..."

"... and THIS!......"

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