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I am the person who will destroy China.


See how well-planned the GOPpers can be? That stunt Romney pulled, where he was booed by the NAACP for saying he would oppose "Obamacare," was a wnner in their eyes, cuz:

1 - Timed perfectly, it backed the GOP House's 33rd VOTE TO RUIN OBAMACARE, which is part of their war on women, minorities and the poor - tucking themselves into the pocket of BIG PHARM, KOCHS, etc., and all their campaign money. (It can also be their new straw-man issue, to replace ABORTION).

2 - It garnered Romney favour from important conservative southern states.

3 - Most important: It made big news and made Romney look like he was CONSISTENT, PRINCIPLED and STRONG-WILLED, no longer the wishy-washy, flippy-floppy, lying NITWIT ROB-ME we have come to know and dismiss as a shoe-out.

4 - It also reaffirmed his religious beliefs, as in strapping dogs to the top of his car and bullying gay people and all that nonsense, which he knows is impossible for him to escape, so, eh. It's faddy to be insensitive.

5 - It took away the cameras and reporters from the story about him refusing to release info on taxes, hidden money overseas, ~15% taxation on carried interest (income), or bastardly BAIN in general. In fact, the whole "Obamacare" issue kinda eclipses the whole debate about secret money in the Cayman Islands, i.e., STEALING FROM US ALL BY NOT PAYING TAXES. Romney's tax shelters, etc., may be legal, but they are probably also highly peppered with ILLEGALITY.
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