You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

assassination nation

People who don't compete for success, efficiency or to benefit others, compete for the sake of ego. Therefore, they don't compete rationally - they select those in society who are the easiest "competitors," (i.e., victims), to beat. They use up their precious time obsessing over their selected enemies, who are but the handicapped, minorities, the vulnerable, the ill, the elderly, the foreign, the abstract. It's more important to win the war in their heads than to REALISTICALLY get ahead, and so they try to topple these GREAT THREATS, who are nothing but their own straw men or voodoo dolls. Once they confirm that they have, "won," they feel they have appeased the parents and priests in their heads, and all that remains is to dispose of the bodies. This was once called aberrant or psycho-pathological behaviour, and was studied in Abnormal Psychology classes, and frowned upon in religion classes. Unfortunately, when a whole society becomes predominated by such bullies, (aka, cowards or idiots), and sanctifies bullying behaviour, (in the same way as when Democrats stay home and don't vote, while a cabal of Kochs and Romneys get into office and commence to rape the planet), then it is a great day when the disabled or the marginalised or the transgendered or gay are bulldozed over. Victory! (For, of course, everyone fears being selected as a victim, all being eaten away by the same private fears and self-loathings). This was once called, "mob behaviour," or, "NAZIsm."

When I was a kid, I lived in a conservative environment where shame, shame, was the name of the game. Sometimes, I have pondered how my/our psychology was so dif then to what it is now. We were all so confined, so defined, so full of negative thoughts, so dwelling on trivial things - and also abstracting a few salient events, and generalising them into WONDROUS EXAMPLES OF LOVE OR MAGIC. But really, all it was all dysfunction, i.e., crappified conservatism - where we mistook pain for pleasure and vice versa. It was an environment which sanctified bullyism as the final authority. (Of course, it was not ALL this way - I am painting an extreme pic). You stay with your abusers because of higher laws and bonds and such. And you promote a profusion of passive aggression wherever you can get away with it, while also doing what you can to look strong, authoritative, tough - in order to avoid becoming the next target for bullying. Everyone competing for dysfunctional reasons. That's not really "competition," it is slow death. So, thigns like going to the bathroom become horrible and shameful nasty, why? Because when you go to the bathroom, you are in a vulnerable position. Instantly, there may be ears to the wall, people giggling, people tapping or banging on the walls - people throwing something through the window, demanding you chase them while your pants are still down. This whole stultifying passive aggressive atmosphere of shame and blame - this is what spanks little religious children away from all the nasties and the monsters, and into good and saintly behaviour, whereforth they shall go out into the world and sacrifice small animals for the parents in their heads. This is what makes the illogical, pompous morality of the fanatical fundamentalists. All of the CRAP.

Before my dog takes a crap outside, he has to look here, and look there, just making sure no one is approaching who might mess with him. When I take a crap, sometimes I hear someone tapping on the walls. Also, even after - perhaps BECAUSE - I didn't tolerate the increasing passive aggression lately, Nether girl is back to being out with her dog, waiting for me. Cuz, apparently, I am such an AWESOME "competitor" for her boyfriend, I MUST have magical sexual powers, and she can't resist being attracted to me, and creating a stupid FIGHT eventually, a DUEL, to defend honour, for the southern belle. Ugh!!!!! Supposed to make me feel so NASTY!

Once you have found the Way, and do everything you can to avoid all idiots in your life completely, you will no longer be an idiot, grasshopper. For the essence of being an idiot is NOT KNOWING HOW TO MIND YOUR OWN FRIK-KEN BUSINESS. Which is precisely the problem with the country today. The opposite of anarchy leads to the conventional idea of anarchy, which is a massive crap-shoot. When immitation turns to ass-ass-ination, it ain't so flattering anymore.

"Lead by example."

Disclaimer: Dear Big Brother, this post has nothing to do with threatening violence or being illegal or sinister towards anyone in any way so please put your time to more responsible use. In fact, I have pretty much decided that, unless something convinces me otherwise, I now support Obama. And one of the reasons for this is that I like how he is trying to put to more responsible use the FBI, IRS and Justice Department, while his other battles are not so obvious. I have have had MAJOR misgivings about Obama, but I never gave Romney a millisecond of thought. Fortunately, he is quite adept at his own self-character-ass-ass-ination, so. PS, thank you for not destroying my computer, that was really nice of you.

See me jump through hoops for you
You stand there watching me performing
What exactly do you do?
Have you ever thought it's you that's boring?
Who the hell are you?

I am extraordinary
I am just your ordinary, average, everyday, sane, psycho, supergoddess

- Liz Phair

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