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xmas - snow house

on ice

Posted on 2012.07.09 at 13:14
I guess I'm in such a health state today that the best I can do is write all day. Possibly some big theme posts will start appearing soon. In the mean time, don't I need help with a question. During the heat wave, I almost lost a lot of food cuz I couldn't figure out my fridge's settings, and so it often warmed to 60 degrees. So, I need someone to resolve my confusion: I have two settings for my fridge. The one on the left is for the main fridge. It is the exposed side of a wheel, with numbers on it - and this wheel-side can be moved left or right with your fumb or thingers. (This is not a dial, and is not round. It is straight, left/right. OK... On the far left of the wheel-side is the number 8, and on the far right is the number 1. Also, the dark marking on the wheel is widest on the left, and thinner on the right. Both of these things suggest that 8, and WIDER, means COLDER. So, you move it to the right, and it gets to 8, and it should be colder. EXCEPT: OUTSIDE, there is an arrow pointing right-ward, saying, "colder." So, you assume this is referring to the direction to turn the wheel, and NOT to the right-to-LEFT numbers on the wheel itself. But if this is so, then why this: There is another wheel for the FREEZER. That wheel has the same dark markinf getting wider on the left of the wheel, and an arrow also points to the RIGHT to make it colder. BUT ON THIS WHEEL THERE IS AN "A" ON THE LEFT ON THE WHEEL AND "D" ON THE RIGHT - an OPPOSITE SCALE to the FRIDGE dial. Fridge is "8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1". FREEZER is "A,B,C,D".

Both arrows, (on outside - NOT painted on the wheels) point to the right and say, "COLDER". And here an important question: If I (figure out how to) turn the fridge to its coldest setting, will turning DOWN - or turning UP - the freezer's setting help the fridge get any colder??????

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO! I want the fridge as cold as possible, even if I need to set the freezer warmer, but I don't know which direction to move either wheel. And would it help if I turned off the, "External Moisture Control," thing? I don't know what that is either.......

unless you want to help me figure out the settings on my fridge.

Hopefully, the Ferret won't kick me off the internet today.

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