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round and about the deadly sins

Lying is a form of theft. It renders respect into a form of credit, which the thief plans to never repay. It is based on something like an elitist or narcissistic presumption that one's wants are rather "needs", and are more important than the wants or needs of others. This is also a deficiency of empathy. (However, lying to a real abuser can be a proper act of self-defense, or defense of honour).

Those who would thieve, unless in true physical need, do not appreciate well the feelings or value of other human beings, (or animals, or nature). They may have lost the magical ability to know that consciousness exists in others, and have replaced it instead with a view of the world as a give-and-take, dog-eat-dog game. They see ethics or morals, (often handed down by true hypocrites), as being silly strictures, easilly violable, rather than be naturally connected to life in the universe. Those who do feel others - who empathise and wish, in their natural heart, that none should suffer - simply grow to be unable to take from others. The possibility of stealing simply becomes not a part of them - and impossibility - a non sequitur.

Respect and empathy are the stuff of honour. If person feels that you will steal his/her spirit by snapping a picture of them - you will not honour them by doing so, and posting their picture into National Geographic. You have dishonoured them. If a Native American tribe feels dishonoured by your use of their likeness in your school's sports mascot, a la, Chief Illiniwek, then you do dishonour that tribe if you employ that mascot. If the tribe feels honoured, instead, then you are honouring them in so doing. Honour is not a thing or a quantity - like a dollar bill - it is respect + empathy. It depends on you recognising the feelings of the other. There is no honour in holding ceremonies commemorating 9/11 First-Responders, or Veterans, when those very people are treated like dirt by media, or health systems, or legal mechanisms, or lack of government assistance, etc.

Each being requires honour. It needs its space. It needs things it can count on. It needs to know that the efforts it has heretofore invested shall not be undermined by bastardly injustice, especially not from those of KIND. Honour, kindness - we need these things, just as we have a basic human desire to be liked. Which we are very good at mucking up.

But honour can be as much a monster as envy. As honour stabilises our place in the social machine, or hierarchy, it also feeds the egos of those naked kings and sycophants who mean to control the wants and needs of others, rather than to honour and respect in kind. It can be taken advantage of - stolen. Under pretense. Heaped upon the elites, honour so often becomes dishonourable, and then we end up with problems, sometimes of genocidal proportions.

Those who abuse honour, respect, or the benefit-of-the-doubt afforded by empathy or the desire to be liked, or to be honest, or decent - they see their wants as needs, and this an aberration, of an addictive nature. Why? All take and no give warps perception and consciousness, like cocaine, or a gambler's wheel. "THE INABILITY TO FEEL COMPASSION." With no end in site, these abusers go from converting their wants into "needs," to controlling the wants and then needs of others - and then to converting the true NEEDS of others into mere wants, that can easilly be cut from the budget - via cost-benefit analyses, and such. This is an example of, "Mitt Romney Syndrome," where the elites detach from understanding what is real in humanity, and themselves, and so instead run off into the land of hyperspace and gamble away the fruits of our labour, diluting and diluting into homeopathic solutions...

Until all of Hyperspace needs only be rescued by a single molecule - a single man - a superman. An honourable tyrant.

Well, two Southerners, in the 1800's, are in a huff over being apparently abused by the other. They call a dual, to defend their honour. Well, how did it come to this. Life so meaningful, now become a fourth-grade farce? A Three Stooges movie. "I know you are but what am I?!?" This is HONOURABLE? Honestly, better systems need be made that resolve such manly bottlenecks, yes? You say wants, I say needs. You went here, I was looking there. He said, she said. And it comes to one man falling. It comes to dozens being shot each weekend in Chicago. It comes to a virtual bulldozing of innocent lives in the Middle East. An millions or perhaps billion one day dying of radiation poisoning. For we let our natural honour trip us up and catch us in a dual.

Oh, Southern Belle, I say to you, stop playing out this game amongst men. Learn now that there must be more. More to this existence than lies and thieving, and resolving the dishonour through crises of frightening and sexually stimulating absurdity. Leave behind these primate strivings and for once become a woman of your own direction. Integrity.

Those who would lie would thieve. Those who would thieve would passively aggress. Those who would dishonour would applaud the ushering in of a bully who destroys us all, dual by dual, left vs right, black vs white.


A large measure of the fundamental inability to dishonour sufficiently, or to DYSHONOUR, which is the perversion of empathy and respect, (and of personal wants and needs), is caused by one thing. And its name is:


These trivial sins can become deadly, in great accumulation. By a thousand cuts. I know about these things.

Those who would dishonour would destroy.
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