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She is the blue chip that belongs to the BIG FISH...

My mouth really hurts just from eating. The top is raw and I can't eat anything even halfway warm or crunchy. I think one cause is that I've been abusing vinegar lately, but also because I stopped eating for 10 days - plus I only ate gruel and seeds before that. Despite this, I ate my gluten-free pizza today, with a small offering to Dogness. Beyond the pain, the pizza was OK cuz it contained lots of my own toppings, but the rice crust was more like pastry and everything reeked of quiche. I suspect the butler. I've also been drinking cocoa-coffee of sorts a lot lately, including today while temps are in the 90's. I add black tea for the kick. Today I am trying to crawl out of a big normalish headache, after being inutile all yesterday. But nothing seems to Correxit. Not even the album, "Trust," by Elvis Costello... "and you look so pretty in your new lace sleeves..." I've heard maybe 6-7 albums by Elvis Costello, and three are superb: TRUST, GET HAPPY, and IMPERIAL BEDROOM. Continuing with the food theme: My oven stopped working properly, so now I use my wok-pan and a lid to act as an oven. I cooked up three dif processed stuffed-chicken pieces yesterday. Stuffed w/ broccoli/cheese; ham/cheese, and butter Kiev stylie... They were a disgrace, being meat in the first place. But they didn't even have as much stuffing as FRACKING POP-TART! And not only did the harsh breadcrumbs plow asunder my aspiring taste buds, but they revealed how serious the gluten issue remains for me, cuz today I was as fatigued as the Devil after intercourse with the Koch Brothers! And why was this? Because, I subsequently discovered, my three little stuffed chickees, Winky, Blinky and Nod, were all manufactured by KOCH'S FOODS! Well, now I have their 800-number, and I think I will start a campaign to get thousands of people to call it and leave the phone off the hook.

Speaking of dysfunction, and while Elvis sings, "http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858930434/"... Yesterday morning, while I was out with my dog on long Sunday shrift, Nether Guy came out with Nether Dog, swearing at the dog, the leash, and every mother fucker thing, which was stupid and rude. Before this, there was a big argument down there, early morning, apparently triggered by my taking a piss in my bathroom. I think their dog hears the pissing and gets the Pavlovian idea into his head that he MUST go outside, because me and my beloved super-dog will be out there soon. And Nether dog worships us. Cuz he still has a lick of sense. So, even though Nether Guy's whole big thing was to stop Nether Girl or Dog from always going, or looking, outside when I was outside, Nether Guy decides it is important to contradict himself and now let out their dog at the same time I am out with mine. Even though I have always respected HIS wish to keep our dogs from being out at the same time. The only point with him and his diminutively designed penis of narcissism, is not that he should be consistent and self-honouring, but that he gets to argue and complain about anything. Since this incident happened on Father's Day, it reinforces my belief that he has father issues, or lack thereof. Well, the PISSING TRIGGER is either responsible for this, my Nether-Dog-Urgency theory, or else it is responsible for my less likely theory, which is this: Since I no longer wear my chastity belt, and I am recovering from the CFS/fast, and I conserve water and often don't flush my toilet, I have a collection of nice frothy urine in the bathroom, where its pheromones make their way downstairs and drive Nether Girl absolutely wild with ecstasy - and she commences into uncontrollable female rutting behaviour as soon as she hears me walk into the batheroom, and this causes all sorts of problems for Nether Guy, as one might well imagine, dear reader.

I am needing to awaken and start cleaning this apartment! What do Jimmy Carter and Alex Jones have in common? Willie Nelson! And here's a meme for you: List 10 blacks you absolutely LOVE!

"She has a hook in her head..." One of the rockinest songs - ALBUMS! - EVAH!!... http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/103711/

But she'll never be a ma-a-a-a-an...
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