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On rising from the dead...

Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hut:

well, so far, the effects of my 10 day fast+ therapy have been great, and each day I recover more energy and cognitive normalcy. Even though some of my therapy was derived from invaluable info via the "Natural-News" right-wing, it is nice to feel my Reptile brain seriously fading into it's proper place, quietly hidden in the murk of my Id. I just don't know when it might all flare back up again - after exertion, stress, sugar, GLUTEN??!?!??????? I haven't REALLY had gluten in more than 2 weeks - and so maybe that's the only reason I feel better - but I don't think so, and this shall soon be put to the test. Of course, gluten wearing down my intestines again takes a while before it shows dangerous signs of me turning into a Mormon. Whatever - it's nice to be taking a break, and enjoying food. Lots of food... Anyway, even though my cognitive capacities are returning, I had a ridiculous crazy time figuring out dates yesterday! It was insane. But I'm all right now. I am just needing to think about taking another trip out to SHOPPING LAND to buy giant dog food, etc., on Sunday instead of next Thursday. I probably COULD physically, (even though I've been planning to devote coming days to apartment cleaning), but probably the only way to get a ride home would be through the same guy I used last time - and he is kind of seriously frickin annoying. He has no decal on his car, no taxi meter, he asks me to pay him whatever I want, he does this REALLY BAD impersonation of some damn urban character, he's full of himself and he is almost INCAPABLE of listening. He's one of those out-lier-yet-moderate/"independent" Republicans, (I'd peg him as). I really don't want to go through that bullshit again. And he doesn't deserve my business because he was also something of a jerk business-wise. What does that mean? For one thing, he knew I was disabled, but he didn't help me with my groceries, even though I had paid him $10 instead of the $5 he was expecting. Am I right or paranoid? - that's right, I'm RIGHT. For another thing, I joked, "You know I overpaid you, right? So, the next time, I can pay you less, right?" And he looks at me in the rear view mirror and just says, "No." Oh ah ha ha ha so funny I'm dying laughing here - serious fucktard, give me a human answer - as long as I'm being decent enough to humour you! But, no, he just used the occasion to compliment himself on his shitty service. So, once again, I ask you: Is madman right or is he PARANOID? - RIGHT, again. That's right, I am right. I'm fucking tired of everyone telling me I wear a tin foil hat when it's Kevlar. I know more about the world IN MY LEFT LITTLE PINKY FINGER than anyone else knows in their BOTH of their frickin ear-lobes! Some people don't even HAVE ear-lobes, frickin MORMONS!

That wasn't the point of this post. This post was suppost to be really tiny. Like this:

We all know that, in many cases, Policia are out of control. They kinda over-react w/ too much drama - of the violent nature. This may be a sign of rising class struggle, or a conspiracy of the elites, or a government design to prepare us for forced Armageddon. But, really, I attribute it to the fact that the Policia are hired from a great mass population which is largely composed of idiots. So, let's just put THAT Policia issue aside for now, shall we? The issue at hand presently is: The Paranormal. More specifically, the Psychic. In the same way that I spend a lot of time doing other pointless things, I spend a lot of time describing how psychic phenomena are POSSIBLE. This is because so many people believe they are NOT possible. I much less often argue the other side of the psychic 50/50 coin: That psychic phenomena are ALSO a pile of garbage. 50/50. They exist, they don't exist. Just like a quanta, it's neither here nor there. It isn't available to us to pin down. That's the whole so-called-frickin point of it. Anyone who tries to convert a quanta into the BIG world, and use it - like they might use "god" - to rationalise CONTROLLING OTHER PEOPLE, as a religionist or a NAZI Uberman might attempt, are simply fools and false prophets. You want to nail Jello to the wall go nail Jello to the wall and not your fellow citizens, yo. You want a psychic experience go stare at your navel and get the hell out of Afghanistan or wut... so here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/09/us/09psychic.html

Fundamentalists left and right - they may be inspired by some little demon whispering about some damn magical thing and maybe that floats their boat and their ego, but I'll tell ya... The person they are attacking isn't exactly thinking about your god at the moment. They aren't exactly in awe of Martin Luther or Martin Luther King, believing that is the reason to force someone else to get abortions or coffee enemas. And you know what? Their existence and their inspirations are JUST AS VALID as the attacker's so bugger off boys! Nothing to see here!

Santa Clause ergo I'm right, punk!
Tags: all * consciousness, fundamentalism / fundamentalists, my cfs - (and see health - cfs...), police / abuse and police brutality, psychic / psychic realm

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