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hot superheroes

stirrings from the bat cave

Posted on 2012.06.14 at 17:34
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Yay yay yay! YES!!!! This is what I'm TALKIN about! See - I've had this 'belief' all along - (hypothesis): NEADERTALS MADE THE CAVE PANTINGS IN SPAIN! I KNEW this from my own study/thought, even though everyone else was convinced that they were too young to have been made by Neandertals! And they believed Neandertals "DIED OUT" much more than 35,000 years ago. These people were all authoritative scientists impressed by their own "critical thinking", god bless them. For the info and insight which has been useful... BUT THEY WERE NOT NECESSARILLY RIGHT! Even paintings of 22,000 years ago may have been painted by Neandertals. Certainly INSPIRED BY.

I may not necessarilly be right, but I probably am. And scientific revelations like these often coincide with epochs of great political change - just as physics is being reconsidered today. My whole idea of Neandertal has evolved for years, holding that they were artistic, shy, language-endowed, extremely mathematical, and of such sophisticated spirituality that they became leaders of small bands of Sapiens. They may have started grain agriculture, which was later co-opted. And I believe they had a small coastal trading route with the Sapiens in South Africa as much as 100,000 years ago, but probably by 75,000 years ago. Not a lot of trade of weaponry however. Anyway, yay for me...



A big problem coming to grips with the Michaelangelo nature of Neandertal has been the RACISM - or species-ism - held against him by chicken-necked scientists who saw him as brutish and dumb. And this characterisation became widespread pop fiction. It wasn't true at all - Neandertal brains were BIGGER THAN OUR BRAINS TODAY! (For what THAT'S worth!) Plus, chicken-necked scientists had their own linear or logical or hierarchical idea of how evolution occurs, and of how migration has occurred in the past. Like the views on discoveries/settlements in North America, it has always been SIMPLISTIC - and a tad fundamentalist. SCIENCE IS DRIVEN BY IGNORANCE. Most scientist are completely unaware of the presumptions and misses they make. But they are mostly little kings of toyland. SOME of them do have the wisdom of science in their blood, though, and they can say something like I heard last night, "We can do experiments showing that the Earth may be solid. But until we directly prove that is not hollow, then there always remains the possibility that the Earth is hollow. JUST BECAUSE I INSIST IN KEEPING MINDS OPEN TO ALTERNATE POSSIBILITIES AND HYPOTHESES DOES NOT MAKE ME A TIN-FOIL-HAT-WEARING CONSPIRACY THEORIST INCAPABLE OF CRITICAL THINKING! It is those who truly do not respect the meaning of the scientific method and the limitations of science, or logic or of measurement itself - these are the persons who fail in their thinking and substitute instead ego and politics and religion. Damn them all - we are still free to think as we will!

What do you take us for? A bunch of frickin Neanderthals?!

I boiled water for 18 eggs. As I placed the eggs in the water, one by one, the birds in my closet chirped nervously.

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