I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"What is, 'Eugenics?', Alex."

When capitalism becomes ENTROPIC, its vested-self-interested agents ignorantly or blithely conspire in a vast demon-dance of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. Where Nature can be cruel, the DRONES will be worse.

Alex Jones reflects a sentiment I have also had: "I see these 'globalists' so driven to CONTROL everybody else, and the people they really need to control is THEMSELVES. Because, more and more it becomes clear to me that these people, pretending to know what they are doing, are really INSANE, and OUT OF CONTROL."

Well, this reminds me of many people I have known, who act in the same way, and are completely oblivious to the idea that in their lives and their careers and in their pathologies, THEY ARE A PART OF THIS CONSPIRACY OF CORRUPTION. They know not. And look at where a life of forgiving them has gotten me. A few gold stars in heaven and nothing more. You can't eat starfish. Especially if they're irradiated. I may have a big post coming, oddly, but for now: OCCUPY BILDERBERG. Do what you can to expose this crap. Talk about about the passion. I can't log into my PayPal to get iodine. Did you know the head of PayPal is a Bilderberger? And they're all talking about us between the sheets in a grand hotel in Chantilly Virginia, even as we squeak.

God bless Alex Jones and the pitter patter of his little heart's feet.

Drones Shot Down Over Texas
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