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Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami as police shoot naked, mindless man literally eating the face off another man - http://www.naturalnews.com/035990_zombie_apocalypse_Miami_police.html

i am also becoming a zombie again. i ran out of iodine, and since i don't take thyroid meds presently, i am slipping back into hypothyroid tierdness and thyroiditus. thus i will be falling off on posting and commenting here. i need to work on ordering some more iodine, although that takes a while due to how my banks transfer money back and forth like europe. i need iodine to do anything, like go to the hospital or avoid nuclear radiation.

you too may qualify for one of my zombie studies. all you have to do is eat tuna from california or mexico, which has 10x the normal amount of radiation (cesium from Nukushima). but that's OK since Fukushima has completely stopped being a problem forever. or am i being too critical?

you know where zombies came from? they started from the voodoo practice of doping up people til they seemed dead and then burying them. then they climb out of their graves asking for spaghetti. ADDED to this idea was the tribe in new guinee who ate human brains and many consequently died from PRION diseases. now prion diseases are very popular. mad cow. CJS. chronic wasting disease. scrapies. maybe cfs. ALZHEIMERS. we are truly in the zombie apocalypse, and all those alzheimer boomers are like the living dead.

but they have feelings too, which can be lumped into one word: PAIN.

you know how single animals go off alone to die, "so they won't be a bother"? the real reason is that their pack members become ABSURD now, in the context of the PAIN. they become annoying and idiotic. JUST GOTTA GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM. this is what alzheimers people do. as well as madmen101. they're basically feeling like relatives contribute to their being eaten alive by prions, when they say things equivalent to this: "Oh, you have no legs? Why don't you walk to he store and buy some legs?"

zombie do, of course walk, and this is especially true after a sudden release of radiation, as in john hersey's book, "HIROSHIMA." suddenly, the zombies have an intense CRAVING for something, they're not sure what, it just kills them dead like cockroaches.

did you know that "racism" may "be" a kind of CRAVING? this craving, apparently can be cured by the drug propranalol, which i once took. and if you don't believe this then you can eat my brains. that's ok i wasn't using them anyway.
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