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kitty sundae

the pen is mightier than a custard bowl

Posted on 2012.05.27 at 09:47
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Trying to recover from relapse, made difficult cuz of being awakened last night. Well, proof is in the pudding: The Nether People are trying to make me, "the problem." Always helps solidarity when you target some "enemy." When I took out my dog this morning, a custard bowl was sitting on my porch, not far from the bullet casing. Now, sometimes it IS appropriate to use the word, "retarded," cuz this is retarded. Retarded social and moral development. I don't know what a custard bowl was doing there. Anyone on the sidewalk would have had to have gone well out of their way to leave it. Why is it prolly from the Nether People? Um, because they are pathologically passive aggressive? Well, do you know what this suggests? It suggests that, yes, the bullet casing as well did not get there by accident, but was indeed left there on purpose. And do you know what that implies? It implies that Nether Guy is the shooter. Only implies. Well, I saw the custard bowl and said, "What the hell is that?" and threw it in the dirt which the Nether People claim as their dog territory, even though it should equally be mine. And if Nether Guy actually asks me what this is doing there, I may talk about strange idiot things that happen, and hey, maybe I should call the police about this whole bullet casing thing, whatta ya think, Nether Guy? Hmmmm? OK - what is it supposed to MEAN? -

1 - "I'm not picking up this bullet casing, you pick it up with this bowl!"
2 - "This is part of the kitchenware I was throwing at my girlfriend last night and I am not a bit ashamed of it!"
3 - "I'm sorry I left a bullet casing, (and shot off my gun?), so this is my gift of peace and sorrow."
4 - "See, this proves I DELIBERATELY put the casing there, since this GLASS bowl could only have been placed here deliberately."
5 - Maybe a relative of mine drove dozens of miles here to leave this bowl cuz, "Remember when we ate custard?" - um - no
6 - It floated out of the sky.
7 - Some dorky girl likes me and this is some dorky thing.
8 - Nether girl secretly wanted them to invite me to Memorial Day Eatage, but could only gift me with this lonely bowl.
9 - "You're so thin, white boy, you need to EAT!"
11-Revenge for something else that happened to them involving kitchenware, which they are now blaming on me.
--Anyway, it comes right after the fight last night, so whatever it is DUH supposed to mean, it's an attempt to extend their problem(s) to me, as I predicted. UNLESS it came from someone else, which is a much smaller probability. Also, if it were some Nether Girl gift, in appreciation of the Barbeque Implements which I gave Nether Guy, it would have been near my door and mailbox, instead of near the bullet casing. It more probably was an attempt to get me to notice the bullet case and therefore quake in my boots like a... LIKE A... UH!! LIKE A BOWL FULLY OF JELLY!!!!!!!!!!!

"I don't have time anymore for revenge." - Morrissey

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