I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

various forms of torture

Back when I was running from the law, I saw a tiny ad for some new age community in the desert in Arizona seeking new members. I wrote and asked if I could like clean and stuff would they give me free rent? So they wrote back and said, "yes!" I'd get an apartment, could shop in town, if I'd just do some cleaning and stuff. However, I would have to do it in the nude.

"This is a naturist camp!"

Hmmm. What's in Annie's Mailbox today?!?!?

Taji, Iraq: For years, my wife told me I had this "cheap salami" smell. I tried many things, including internal breath and body odor remedies, but nothing worked. When I came home on leave from Iraq, she joked that the trip had been good for me, because I no longer smelled like cheap salami. The next day, we went to our favorite deli, where I ordered my usual pastrami on rye. Within hours, the smell was back. It turned out to be the fennel seeds in the rye bread. I now eat only wheat, and the smell is gone for good.

Now, ending on a serious note>>>

My novel will have a lot to do with the psychology behind Abu Ghraib. At least, I hope it will...

The Torture Papers - read the whole thing if you can!::::::::::



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