I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

When nature knows, she tells you.

So I started writing this rousing essey post today. Its tentatively dumb name is, "Once Again, the Time is Now: An Essey on Circumspection." It concerns modern assholery and how we must strive to keep our minds open and free-ranging and subtle in their complex calculations. As opposed to Funda-enemism. As opposed to pretentious, bean-counting, "objectivist," "critical-thinking," IGNORANCE supporting elitism and whatnot. It touches on vulture capitalism and the crash of 2008, etc. But mostly, it focuses on FUKUSHIMA. It seems confusing, that an essey about Fukushima would say it is about CIRCUMSPECTION, but its not very scientific so there. I've taken a break from it, and spent all day fending off a clingy eyegrain, and a painful heart, in the physical sense.

Well, since beginning this essey, I've learnt even more about Fukushima than even I have thought possible to learn. Sadly, buds, the situation really is far worse than anyone is telling you. And even if we don't get that 85x-Chernobyl extinction-level explosion, the cumulative radiation is already bad enough, here in the USA. And so, many of the colds and allergies, the bleedings, the tiredness, the deaths, in you and your families, these, shall we say, have not occurred without Fukushima radiation being a factor. That really is the best way to say it, probability-wise. I am saying it is already affecting us, and there is more to come, for the next 50 years. And yes, it is likely that those Flight Attendants have been experiencing radiation sickness. It is not like me to want to monger fear about something so dire - something apparently causing people pain. But, we need to wake up. And, aside from an 85x event, and aside from this certain chronic assault, there is this: There are a little over 100 NUKES in the USA. And each one of them, if they went through what the plants in Fukushima went through, would cause 19x more radiation than the F plants. Each one of them. And so, just ONE USA plant failure would be a problem. But ALL of the USA plants could go down together, if our electrical grid and large transformers are fried by an EMP or a major solar CME. And, one more fact: All of these USA plants are aging faster than anticipated. Because they were fool's ventures, it is OUR TAX MONEY that has INSURED them, since no one else would.

This afternoon, I let the dog out and, of course, Nether Girl was coming outside at the same anointed hour. This time the reason was that she had to walk her dog, of course. Well, this time she looked at me. But it is just nonsense to me. Its a dead lusting stare she has, sporting a trace of wonderment like the final trace of neuronal firing in a dying Alzheimers patient. They call this, "association," or in some languages, "association-my-ass." In addition, a flubby white girly woman walked from behind the next door house, putting out garbage. Maybe she's related to the big tall white guy. She had the obligatory fag sticking out the front of her face, so she might be a remnant daughter of the emigrated hillbilly people. In any event, there was a quick skirt of eye movement, and then she walked away, looking like she had just eaten a horse called Sadness. And I was dismayed. All this sourness and uckiness around here. Well, down the highway comes a car. And in the car is a Japanese girl. And she looks at me. And I at her. And we understand. We understand. Upon the great, wondrous edifice of man, called civilisation, we understand together that we are looking upon something bigger now. Bigger than all our history combined. Tokyo will be evacuated. 35 million, some moving to vacant new cities in China. Some, perhaps, to our FEMA camps. If there is still time.


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