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I am the person who will destroy China.

moron in(de)ductive reasoning and its consequences

Still recovering. Unable to make all the OCCUPY type posts I wanted to make. Presently, SANE right-wing JOYCE RILEY is interviewing SANE left-wing economist, CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS, and its an example of WHAT I'M SAY'N, YO.

My dog was so nice yesterday. He usually doesn't accept a carrot initially, but this time he did - though he didn't eat it. He likes to toy with such things happilly when I am singing in the same room with him, and maybe then eat it - but I was too ill yesterday. And when I went to let him out front at the anointed hour in the evening, he didn't rush around excitedly, as usual, but he pounced on the carrot and started eating it! Well, that seems dumb, but it was quite out of the norm. My dogs moods do change a bit. But I think this time it was because, after he had run up to that neighbour walking across the lawn, I sat down and told him he COULD have barked if he wanted to. I.e., it was a time when he was ALLOWED to bark. So, in his sleep, twice, later that day, he practiced barking - and they were not nightmares. So, I think he was nice today because he does want to be a good protector for me, and he was making up for not barking,and also letting me know how much he liked all the stomach-scratching lately. I sure hope I get SOME stuff done today, and nothing asinine happens.

It doesn't sound so bad that Greece might not pay back the full $500 billion debt, that the hedge/banksters got it into, (then knowing that there is no limit to consumerism, etc., greed and gullibility). But debts are used as "ASSETS" as banks, and when they write a check for $500 for Greece to borrow, they then turn around with the assumption that they now have MANY TIMES $500 billion in assets - this is "LEVERAGE". Banks and gambling banks are allowed, (i.e., dys-regulated), to LEVERAGE an "asset" 10x, or as much as 40x, the value of the asset. its PRETEND, which is the basis of money. (Remember what I said about humans ACTUALLY ONLY PLAYING BUT CALLING THEMSELVES ADULTS?) Their naive, somewhat fundamentalist scientific/statistica rationalisation for this pretense called "leveraging," or, "lying," is that they can now loan out, say, 20x the amount of the "asset," cuz:

1 - the "asset," which is really a loan to Greece, definitely will be paid back some day - that's why they call it an asset - because its money in the bank and it allows them to loan out 20x MORE money, making more interest!!!

2 - they believe that the asset (loan-out), and the interest on subsequent loans, (also "assets"), will be WAY MORE THAN enough to cover any loss that is incurred when any debtor (to them) somehow DOESN'T pay back (all of) any of their loans-out.

3 - except this: they neglect to understand that sometimes LOTS of their loans-out, ("assets"), can fail all at once, because they are all connected to each other in the same volatile economy - an economy they helped build via their pyramid-scheme, (i.e., house of cards). They do this because apparently capitalism requires banksters to be rather stupid, in their myopic, atomistic, reductionist, fundamentalist SELF-INTEREST - just like the gamblers who built up the BUBBLE which became the MORTGAGE COLLAPSE, or just like the engineers, governments, etc., who built NUKE PLANTS failing to factor in such "rare" events as the Fukushima quake+tsunami, or of a one-day-certain melt-down of a nation-wide electrical grid caused by EMP war or a massive CME hit. Instead, they pride themselves in their fine facade which they call, "critical thinking," or, "not fear-mongering," or, "PR campaign," or, "getting away with murder." They are convinced that their so-called, "critical thinking," is so objectivist that it is of the divine nature of GOD and PLATO'S ABSOLUTES, when really what it is is blinders on a horse, running back into a burning barn. It is nothing but a rationalisation for ignorant selfishness. A great Good! If it weren't for this ignorant selfishness, pretending to be, "critical thinking," just like the technocrats and bean-counters with all their beans and bullets, there could be no infinite leveraging upon leveraging upon leveraging upon leveraging based on a handful of assets which are really debts, i.e., loaned-out money. When confronted by this, they argue that those loans out, and the additional interest, and money made, all go into investment, ultimately making the house of cards into a house of bricks. This is the "INVISIBLE HAND", of their so-called "critical thinking". This sort of reasoning rationalised forcing loans and mortgages onto people, to keep up the bankster/hedgers GAMBLING ADDICTION, and then bundling up all those people's mortgages, and then telling those people that they no longer own their own homes. its all virtual bullcrap in the first place. its the same kind of reasoning which allowed UNREGULATED gamblers to create hyperspace DERIVATIVES, say, investing in the possibility that this or that investment shall FAIL, even when one does not hold said investment - only, essentially, FAILURE "INSURANCE" on it. So, you, destruction becomes a GOOD THING! What difference if we now have up to $1,000 trillion in hyperspace derivatives out there -its NOT AS IF THEY'RE ALL GOING TO COLLAPSE AT THE SAME TIME, BECAUSE WHATEVER, "I'VE GOT MINE!" its not like if a few of them collapse there might be a domino effect. (This is why, I believe, the Dimon JP MORGAN-CHASE $2 billion loss in hyperspace derivatives was so widely publicised= as a PR thing to start the ball rolling towards some real government regulation of the insane derivatives market, btw). So - similarly - banksters refuse to envision their expansive leverage being crashed ALL AT ONCE, (just like they failed to see runs on banks back in the 1930's depression). Yet, overextended financial leveraging into an interconnected, top-heavy economy, is a formula for an all-at-once crash in and of itself.

4 - related to this, bankster gamblers and hedge-fund MONSTER CYCLOPS JOB-KILLERS FROM SPACE, such as MITT FUCKING ROMNEY, fail to see that even "one" large bundle of loans-out, such as $500 to Greece, can fail, (due to things like Greece's own collapse of its own investments in derivatives or mortgages), and cause leveraging to crash. Giant European central banks are in a desperate conspiracy of need, to maintain the "MORAL FOUNDATION OR INTEGRITY" of their loans-out to be paid back. Otherwise, their conspiracy of leveraging, which is a network of loans and expectations and investments throughout the wider economy, may come tumbling down all at once. This is dangerous to just about every damn thing in the GLOBAL economy. If Greece fails to pay back its $500, then the immediate leverage-network of MORE loans-out elsewhere, to the tune of $10 TRILLION, (hypothetical number), can collapse. Then the OTHER leveragings and Wall-Street gambles, SUCH AS ON HYPERSPACE DERIVATIVES, based on this (failed) leveraging), comes down. That inevitably leads to a collapse of the $1000 trillion derivatives market ALL AT ONCE, and BINGO, because of ignorant, moralistic, blinders-on SELFISHNESS, referred to as, "critical thinking," comes crashing down, and the world is in a world of hurt, because there is not $1000 trillion+ of REAL MONEY EXISTING IN THE WORLD TO COVER THESE LOSSES.

Nevertheless, the banks are sticking to this scheme, which is a social addiction - a form of mass narcissism - requiring military backing - by insisting that world populations, such as Greeks and Spaniards and you and me, now practice AUSTERITY and watch all the social programmes and wealth we have worked to build up BE TAKEN AWAY, TO MAGICALLY PAY FOR THEIR IMPOSSIBLE GAMBLING DEBTS. Yet, once again, ignorant selfishness is blinding them to the economic reality that when you force AUSTERITY, you actually destroy economies. This in turn REQUIRES governments to borrow MERELY TO CONTINUE THEIR BARE-BONES EXISTENCES, AND ALSO TO PAY INTEREST ON PAST DEBT, and so they end up IN EVEN MORE DEBT TO THE BANKS. The banks demand more, the governments tax more, the ethic of "austerity" becomes more and more a military insistence that people actually give up their homes and food and lives and fillings and so forth, via WAR AND VIA THE MILITARY ASSAULTS AND USURPATIONS OF NATIONAL AND GLOBAL MILITARY NATIONAL SECURITY STATES.

NOW do you see the big picture? Many banksters do. That's why many of them are now fleeing their jobs. That's why many of the elites are fleeing THIS country. And that's also why the MOST EVIL of them have not only "greeced the wheels" of this massive downfall, but have planned for it - planned it - and overseen its implementation. How so? IGNORANT SELFISHNESS. Ignorant of humanity itself. Ignorant of nature. Ignorant of reality. they are little bastard babies raised in bubbles of affluence where everything is a game and they have the right - and the power - to demand that they are "RIGHT" no matter what. And they flatter themselves, sticking in their thumb, and pulling out a PLUME, by saying, "What a critical thinker am I!!"

(Hopefully, Obama, et al, are in fact seeking more regulation, as via the Dimon PR thingie mentioned above. But its a mad scramble race against time, if so).

Money is not a thing or value unto itself. It comes from people and their free-willed social and physical investments, and n their relationships of trust between each other, and in their leaders. It is connected to "psychologically-derived" realities. Therefore, healthy economies can ONLY grow from the grassroots-up. They cannot survive on centralised controls, centralised/expensive power plants, centralised hyperspace gambles, centralised financial sectors, OR CENTRALISATION OF WEALTH WITHIN THE HANDS OF A RELATIVE FEW. When these things happen, economy becomes a lie, and so stalls - because money finally matches up to the bullshit empty, funny-money, elitist, NON-SOCIETAL "REALITY" that it had been abused as, or perverted into - and so vested interests merely demand more and more political and military CONTROL, until all is destroyed.

And science? Dudes, there are faults in science as well. Some of them resemble the faults in fundamentalist religion. We don't know everything. We never will. We are not gods. We are minute beings wondering about at by the grace of a tolerant sun.

Much of the universe is humble, owning up to its uncertainty.

Why can't we?

Have you considered the universe lately? It runs like clockwork. By assuming ourselves RIGHT and IN CONTROL, we only make ourselves the pawns of nature's violent misgivings.

Hey... I was listening to Alex Jones yesterday, and he made me LOL - He was taking about one time when he was in jail for protesting. The jail was filled with dumb-ass sheeple guys, being taunted by a mentally-challenged, minimum wage jail-keeper, who refused to give them food. All the prisoners were pleading and whining to him for the food. Finally, the jail-keeper did a 180, and said, "OK! I GIVE it to you now! I give it to you now!" And all the prisoners were thanking him and loving on him, like fools.

"I felt like I had entered into the Twighlight Zone!" (or something), said Alex Jones. "I was being released, but I almost wanted to stay there just for the ANTHROPOLOGY of it!!" Ha ha - that was funny - to me...

Another thought, (unrelated to anything): GOPpers and TeaBaggers rail and refuse and bitch upon Obama, endlessly. And they pretend like he is some KING with absolutist powers. And Obama can only try to steer things around, sometimes by resorting to King-like actions. But its not only because the system has been building up the EXECUTIVE BRANCH, over the years, to become more and more powerful, (along with the military-industrial-technocrat establishmen). Its also because Obama sees no choice - the GOPpers are forcing him to become the very King they suspected and feared. Its the whole systemic ball of wax, including sick political psycho-logics.

This is not to say that I don't disagree with most of the RELEVANT things Obama has done. But at least I keep my mind open. To such things like he, like GWB, and Clinton, etc., all have a gun pointed at their heads. But, you know, ultimately, isn't that how civilisations fall? Because, in fear, they feel they have no other choice?

Kinda like AUSTERITY, huh?

Nuts. The whole world is nuts.

And I am MADMAN!


Cuz I have fantasies of being a hair-cutting Amish guy who straps his dog to the top of his car and also worships King Gunk, God of Gluten. From the Planet Prion!!!

Also: "You can't eat PR!" - (Ed Schultz)

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