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itsy bitsy spider

Posted on 2005.02.07 at 15:14
I have a lot to say.


psychostalker9 at 2005-02-07 22:35 (UTC) (Lien)


If you have alot to say, then why not say it?

and what happened to titanic_madgirl? her journal is gone....
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-02-07 23:03 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: ....

Just posted!

Wow - that's weird. I noticed she hasn't commented in the last few days. Maybe her mother caught her and all the ehem flirting she was doing. Or maybe she realised I was just too crazy for her. We shall probably never know.

hoo boo!
psychostalker9 at 2005-02-08 23:16 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: ....

damn... and she was pretty cool. well, the titanic stuff kinda bugged me *shudders*...

and someone from a titanic site got mad at her for direct linking pics and was kinda a jerk about it, they even had a pic they posted saying "i am stealing bandwidth from *insert site name here*" it was stupid. i stuck up for her and everything and she didnt even say bye...

oh well... maybe she will come back, who knows...
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-02-09 00:23 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: ....

Heh heh heh!

I don't know what to think of that girl.

That's inetresting, your follow-up at the site.

Maybe ha ha ha maybe she was on the Titanic!
psychostalker9 at 2005-02-09 03:59 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: ....

i dont know either...

hahaha... good one. ^^
The National Front Disco
jesmy at 2005-02-07 23:22 (UTC) (Lien)
I'm glad the penguin is back.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-02-07 23:27 (UTC) (Lien)

thank you jesmy

You know I love you - but I think I brought back Pengi for chicagato.

Now, you may request a special icon for you!
The National Front Disco
jesmy at 2005-02-08 02:25 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: thank you jesmy

I love that animal one. The weird random jumping thing.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2005-02-08 20:05 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: thank you jesmy

Hmmm - I think that's the freaky horse-caterpillar. OK!

I can't find a library where I can acquire new icons though - at least right now.

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