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Isochronal Dreams

It's Even Worse Than It Looks..

Posted on 2012.05.07 at 17:28
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Or, "Why I had to leave the human race."

Or, "All of our problems is Something Wrong With You!"

Or, "Why I hid tin-foil-wrapped cookies in our sofa."

Or, "Why I never had time for television as a fetus."

Please note that this 2-part series is not the big post I was promising a week ago, and it is not connected to any recent posts, although it may share a few important notions with these.

OK - I can start writing some shtuff... In the background is the NPR "Diane Rheem Show," which I ONLY listen to when it's good. Two authors are discussing their book, "It's Even Worse Than It Looks," and it sounds pretty good - but now the show is over. What I caught was this: A couple of Democrats were actually eloquently mouthing off about Republicans. A breath of fresh air. Contrast that to a report yesterday about Socialist Hollande invading France, "But first, here's a story about how anti-Social-Security LIBERTARIANISM is the wave of the future, yay!..." Back to the 2 Dems, and their book... A year after 2008$, we had several books coming out, explaining how 2008$ happened. Around 2010, a lot of books analyzing the deeper $ situation(s) were coming out. Now, after a lot of people have read those books, scary books with titles like, "It's Even Worse Than It Looks," are coming out. (I could look for other scary titles, but eh...) But, the thing is this, IT REALLY IS WORSE THAN IT LOOKS! It HAS been for years. I've been predicting a "double-dip" crash since 2009! There's just too much bad-derivatives-connected debts in the world to ever be paid off, and the world has to confront a massive global "austerity shock," whether it chooses this path or not, or else it must proactively reorganise the global financial system, and it really isn't interested in doing that, because it is controlled by self-interested banksters, hedgefund managers, politicians, CEO's, para-militaries, dug-in theocracies, etc. There are latent schemes to exploit taxpayers by demanding FDIC insurance, when the banks go bad, on TRILLIONS of dollars of crap derivatives illegally deposited in US banks. There are schemes to explode the post office so UPS and investors can privatise the mail and so damage US commerce-by-mail. There is CISPA, which has the potential of damaging what little robust economy and communications we have left, after, e.g., the decline of the newspapers. There was the naturally labour-destructive and DELIBERATELY OBSCURRED "free-trade" deal with Colombia, et al, a boon to the government-associated drug runners. There are massive schemes to extract personal savings, pensions, AND 401K, ETC., RETIREMENT FUNDS. They have their eye on milking and privatising (destroying) Social Security. There is the agreement of labour unions to agree to deeply lowering, in order to keep their workers working, in re-alignment with the global race-to-the-bottom of wages, caused by the PERMITTED fight of our "PEOPLE" corporations to send jobs overseas. There is the decimation of internal MANUFACTURING. There are falling home prices, continuing to force new home buyers to go underwater on THEIR mortgages. There is the MASSIVE FRAUD continuing to haunt the mortgage industry, (unresolved by this years mere $20 BILLION legislation), wherein homeowners continue to be threatened with homelessness because their OWNERSHIP has ILLICITLY been gambled out of their hands into failed derivatives - and the banks don't really own the houses, but they take them anyway. There are national budget deficits inciting conservatives to demand AUSTERITY and TAXES from citizens, even none of 2008$ was their fault - though the BULLSHIT talking point that irresponsible minorities, via Fanny/Freddy, CAUSED the mortgage crisis. There are idiots blaming students for the student debts, uninterested in correcting the system problem(s). There REMAINS unclosed WALL STREET AND INSURANCE AND BANKING DEREGULATION, AND CONTINUED GAMBLING ON DERIVATIVES, COMPLETELY BEGGING FOR A NEW BUBBLE-INTO-COLLAPSE. There continues Wall Street lobbying of Congress, WDC insider-trading, and the FLOODING of corporate money to pro-status$-quo political candidates. There is the price of oil, which will always rise to quash increased economic activity spawned by the whorish dollar printing-sprees by the Fed, about every 6-18 months, ad infinitum...

And there is this thing called "QUANTITATIVE-EASING" pouring out of the NON-GOVERNMENTAL Federal Reserve, which is a MASSIVE INSANE printing of funny money to let politicians and bankers temporarilly off the hook, and which increases the amount of PUBLIC DEBT to the banksters, and/or of TAXES TO UNDERWRITE THE BANKSTERS, and or of INFLATION and AUSTERITY to pay for the economic destruction in their wake. This hyper-printing of US dollars, based no longer on gold or silver, but on military force of global oil sales, AS WELL AS ON RAMPANT CORRUPTION, has been done both openly, (Q1, Q2, etc.), and in secret, (as seen after the Fed. audit), CONTINUOUSLY. It had been propping up Wall Street, and some residual economy, while the destractive war with Iran has been postponed, with ONE INTENTION OF GIVING THE APPEARANCE OF AN IMPROVED ECONOMY SO THAT BARACK OBAMA CAN BE REELECTED. Like it or not, that is the truth. I have also been watching other Democratic political strategies unfolding,and I have to give them credit: They have been GENIUS. But this whole Quantitative-Easing game is merely an accelerating or "improvement" of the status-quo economy of the RICH, for the rich, with a small amount of residual. Mainly, there is very little "trickle-down," and there is essentially ZERO grassroots-UP wealth. It is all a continuing extracting of wealth from the bottom to the top, by huckster pretending MAGIC. And, people go along with it, trusting in authority, out-for their own self-interest and dreams of winning the lottery, and inability to improve because they are swamped with hardships, and because their attention is diverted by the CORPORATE MEDIA, rule-by-anecdote, Rush Limbaugh Jingoism/racism/sexism - i.e., fighting-amongst-themselves. And, the common folk are ignorant of global corrupt economics - they think in terms of solid dollars and the importance of paying off set debts. They fail to see the bigger picture of what is going on. But, they are slowly reading these BOOKS$, and governments know this: There will be hell to pay from the public one day.

Printing all these trillions of dollars from thin air is pure theft, when it doesn't go towards grassroots-up stimulation of the economy, such as into infrastructure jobs or micro-loans or mortgage and student loan forgiveness. Instead, it is being poured into the coffers of the RICH, and the money-managers. Meanwhile, the bankster release scant credit into the wider economy. And we watch small businesses die, which is fine by WalMart, et al, who are running this scam. Via such mechanisms as USCOC and ALEC. They print this money from NOTHING, to pay for THEIR problems, pretending that by doing so, they shall incur no damage upon the broader economy, i.e., on the lives of the general population. BUT THIS IS A LIE. Maybe a self-delusion. Maybe a consequence of corrupt, unregulated capitalism. Maybe a result of the rich "needing" to invest more and more of their money into DESTRUCTIVE economic processes, manufacturing crises, instead of putting their money into taxes for the PUBLIC GOOD, as they WERE ONCE REQUIRED TO DO. But, for all purposes and effects, IT IS A LIE. It's very similar to the way fundamentalists DYSFUCTIONALISE when environmental stress rises, and all their end-before-means presumptions are turned more and more upon each other, so that individuals turn into VERY DESTRUCTIVE SHIT-FILLED RETARDS - bad investments! Going nowhere. Only keen on exploiting tragedy. Or, it is very similar to how, when environmental stress increases, or food decreases, mould will turn in upon itself, and its cells will transmogrify into spore-producers - going to seed, dying. It is a survival mechanism, which isn't so great for macro-economies, because whereas mould is making an investment for future mould/cells, banksters foolishly believe their investments upon the rich SHOULD one day trickle down to everyone, but of course they don't - they end up destroying the well-being of EVERYONE. And, importantly, a lot of the economic intelligencia of the elite UNDERSTAND THIS - and know EXACTLY what they are setting up. That is, they are well aware of the LIE being perpetrated.

But the real TRUTH is this: You can't extract "CAPITAL" and pretend it won't harm LABOUR. You can't pretend money comes out of thin air - it only comes out of LABOUR - (and that factors-in the processes of technological improvements, "money-creation" via bank loaning and leveraging, etc.) Despite all its variables, secondary costs, and unknowns, for the purposes of bookkeeping and of CURRENCY VALUATION, economies are CLOSED SYSTEMS. If economies were mathematically OPEN systems, there would be no set value on things, and all would spin out of control. Well, printing funny money out of thin air, then, eventually circulates through the CLOSED SYSTEM, and then fucks with the dynamics and values of LABOUR, of PRICES (inflation), of TAXES on the innocent, on real estate and savings relative wealth, and so on. It is a gross tampering with the system itself, and so, if the system can not be made to balance, at the expense of LABOUR (usually), then it careens towards being an OPEN, uncontrollable system. Thus OTHER controls are applied: ramping up social controls, like the TSA, like increased arrests and imprisonments, like invasions of privacy, like a degeneration of the justice system - and of a PERPETRATION OF PROPAGANDA OF BLAME-THY-NEIGHBOUR POLITICS. Funny money breeds social degeneration, which is precisely the DESTRUCTION that a handful of rich bastard control freaks seek to exploit for personal monetary gain - completely stupid to the fact that their very complicity has been rendering MONEY insignificant. These are the times when prophets arise to emphasize to people, "Give to Seize-Your only what already belongs to him..." or, "Do not put TRUST in earthly things or worldliness or materialism..." This rise of the prophets, in place of the profits, is one of the only brakes left for the system.


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