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rain window

beyond the pale, shades of grey

Posted on 2012.05.06 at 13:30


bobby1933 at 2012-05-06 20:11 (UTC) (Lien)
Many of my antiabortion friends see their opponents as part of a "culture of death." And they are probably correct in their assessment. Ours is a culture of death. What they do not realize is that they and other fundamentalists/conservatives are even more into that culture than those they criticize. The actual scent of death surrounds them and it carries through the media without the aid of "smellavision." The local Catholic newspaper had a big picture of the Pope and our local Bishop. Putting my nose against the newsprint i could clearly detect the corruption.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2012-05-06 22:21 (UTC) (Lien)
that is so very true

great comment!

in AZ, they want to eliminate abortions

so i guess they then intend to arrest the babies for being illegal immigrants

fundamentalism inevitably comes right back up against itself as cognitive dissonance and violence
bobby1933 at 2012-05-06 22:37 (UTC) (Lien)
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