I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

beyond the pale, shades of grey

you know - the whole thing about the folks who aren't comfortable about gays marrying each other, or women choosing abortion even if it's "morally wrong", and just about everything else, is this: to them, everything must be an extension of their own ego - and they must COMMAND and CONTROL it. that's what nether guy is like - and where does this lead? it leads to social atomism, or else great waves of popular fascist/force movements ultimately towards genocide. it leads to putting conclusions before evidence. ends before means. "guilty" before innocent. it's bad science and reduces everything around them to the same boring, violent system of fear and fundamentalism. and it becomes its own fuel. how? well, if they feal they can't command/control someone or something, i.e., it refuses to be trapped into being an extension of their ego(s), then they fear it and must destroy it. its ALL ABOUT running from, denying, fear in the first place! so, when you reduce the people around you to a dysfunctional atmosphere of... FEAR and egoism, then what does that do? It drives the need of everyone to command/control others even MORE. and then, because "might makes might," only the biggest, most forceful jerk rises to the top of this house-of-cards pyramid scheme. king of the hill. destined soon to all fall down! it frustrates me to no end that people can't see this. but i can see how it is that they can't see - it necessary to, or intrinsic, in their game. blinders. tunnel-vision. fight-or-flight. black-vs-white.


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