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I am the person who will destroy China.

mainly about birds

This is a long-term relapse I am dealing with. I want to say that I feel really bad about not being there for LJ friends when they have been going through troubles and pain. My heart really does go out to you. But I am in hell recently.

On a slightly lighter side: It has come to my attention that a few LJ friends are concerned about 2 things: Birds, and getting fat. So, here are some points in the index cards in my brain:

To not get fat, eat like a bird. Also, these things are actual fat-preventing aids: black pepper, apple cider vinegar, and chocolate, (sans extra sugar/fats). Eating sunflower sees reduces my hunger. Eating refined carbs or sugars/sweeteners increases it.

Birds: On coast-to-coast last night(?), there were two stories of Pterodactyl-like "Thunderbirds" - hitting people's windshields, etc. Birds are all acting strange lately, with all the Earth changes. brds_and_fishes. I killed a wasp the other day, (her name was Madonna), and the effort destroyed my day. While I was unfortunately quashing the wasp on my kitchen window, two birds fluttered outside, saying, "Are you going to eat that?..."

More specially: Birds are not just symbols of the supernatural in paintings, Poe, etc., they really do - like felines - portend meaning or warning sometimes. They have computer brains, but may balance this with a stronger psychic sense, not sure. Either way, they must be heeded at all times, just like in, "War of the Worlds." Remember, not all superstition is bad. We don't need permission from science to make all of our decisions, when much of superstition has helped us evolve - quiet well - in good, bizarre and downright atrocious ways...

The main part of this post concerns an earlier post about birds I made, which I can't find, and I'm not going to try. It's about Spalding Grey and etc., within a year or two ago, and I highly recommend it - if you dare want to search the archives with their dust mites and headless ghosts. Unfortunately I never tagged it. I also posted about a bird which warned me of the death of someone I knew. I also sometimes eat eggs for breakfast. When stuffing a turkey, be sure to remove your wristwatch. Meat is murder BOOGA BOOGA!
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